ATI throws a million+ in Dirt 2

Fudzilla: "According to our industry sources, the creators and publishers of Dirt 2 received quite big chunk of cash to make the game DirectX 11 capable.

Don't expect any miracles, as developers will only get some minor things enabled and knowing how desperate the gaming industry is these days, they gladly accepted the opportunity to get some free cash for exchange for a few effects in DirectX 11."

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Pandamobile3102d ago

$1,000,000+ well spent? We'll see :)

Raf1k13102d ago

Are there are comparison pics to show the difference DX11 has made in Dirt2?

Elaine Benes3102d ago

...evil genius.

DX11 is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

FantasyStar3102d ago

I put off getting Dirt 2 because I want to see how DX11 will be implemented. Although to be a technical nut, it's AMD-ATI now.

free2game3653102d ago

Nothing sells graphics cards better than late ports.

Pandamobile3102d ago

It's hardly a late port.

It's been in development for the same period the console versions have. It's just getting a DX11 overhaul.

And Codemasters' racers the only racing games I care about, so I really don't care when it comes out, cus I know it will be awesome :)

free2game3653102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

It's coming out later, and it's a port of a console game. It's a late console port. When most games today sell most of their copies in the first month or two. It seems like a waste paying for a late console port basically. It would have been smarter to rebrand the game or something of that nature so they could remarket it, but it's just the same game with maybe an added effect or two. Stuff like textures, car models, shadows, ect are likely to all look the same.

champ213102d ago


Agreed this is well spent cash.

i am definetly supporting ati.. gonnna get the 5870x2

dirt2 should be on my hit list as well.

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FLOWCity3102d ago

11?..What does it take to run that?

Pandamobile3102d ago

A DX11 capable graphics card?

EpsilonTeam3102d ago

This is a mistake. Now "we" pay devs to code for dx11? no thanks i'm not buying. Either way nVidia will come up with something better as always.

Pandamobile3102d ago

The hell are you talking about

Charmers3102d ago

Well to be fair graphic card manufacturers have been doing this for years. Well paying nice tidy sums for games that is. When ever you boot a game up and see that "lovely" "best played with Nvidia" you can bet your life that Nvidia has either paid for it or invested resources into the game. This is no different really if you think about it.

I am still sceptical about the whole Dx11 thing, it isn't like Dx10 set the world on fire and I honestly cannot see Dx11 doing any different. It is an unfortunate sign of the times but till the xbox720 (or whatever ridiculous name MS call it) comes out and uses Dx11 I am afraid us PC gamers will be held back with Dx9 games.

Perkel3102d ago

est part :

"ATI desperately need to push the sales of its heavily overpriced DirectX 11 cards"

since when hd5xxx are overpriced ?

it's 199$ for christ sake..

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