Has Need for Speed: Shift Left Its Fanbase Behind?


"As I ventured into a GameStop over the weekend, I happened to overheard a consumer come in, complaining about a game that he had bought. The game in question was Need for Speed: Shift. His complaint was that the game sucked. No other brainiac insights just that the game sucked. He wanted a refund on the title which of course, because it was opened, was not going to happen. As I listened in a bit closer, his complaints were that the title was not a Need for Speed game. Hearing that made me realize something – while most people in the press are raving about the new direction for Need for Speed: Shift, including its in-car camera, driving physics and damage modeling, it might have left its fan base in the dust."

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aaron58293253d ago

But they probably gained simulation fans...

I quit NFS games long time ago... i bought Shift because it promised sim style gameplay.

I wouldnt say it's the most realistic sim, but it's fun enough.


FordGTGuy3253d ago

they didn't gain very many simulation fans most are waiting for GT5 or Forza 3. All I hear about the game is the horrible way the cars control and feel on track. :/

RedSoakedSponge3253d ago

it shouldnt have left the arcade gameplay. it was so fun. hopefully they will see this and return to their former glory.