Microsoft: Embargumentative: The Story Of How Microsoft Bullied A Website

The blog, Thoughts on Games and That, takes a look at a recent situation where Microsoft bullied Go Gaming Giant into taking down their Halo 3: ODST review.

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TheHip143138d ago

Odd but interesting situation, I probably would have taken it down also

RememberThe3573138d ago

The guy was an asshole. Microsoft doesn't even give the site a copy to review, then punishes them for finding a copy early and not knowing the embargo date. MS has to have a better way of dealing with these type of situations. If you want journalists to respect you, you need to respect them. That was obviously not the case in this incident.

Komega3138d ago

Screw that noise, he did not sign anything with Microsoft saying they would not review a game early. If you obtain a legal copy in the wild then it's fair game. I would have left it up, Microsoft just wants to keep the reviews in the hands of websites that they can influence!

TheHip143138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

you also would have left it up? jeez, guys remember if you had left it up, MS could have very well stopped supporting your site forever

astrobrights3138d ago

In my opinion, an embargo can only be enforced when there's some kind of contract between the publisher and the site. If a game is legally obtained, who cares about an embargo? If Microsoft cared so much, they would provide more sites with review copies. If they didn't provide anything, then there's no contract.

muddy94943138d ago

I would have taken it down. Honestly, it is microsoft, who do you think is going to win? GoGaming or Microsoft.

Anyways, It is Nick from G3(I wrote the review).I honestly did purchase a copy at my local store, and Matt asked me to review it. I did, and I did not think we would get in this much trouble.

I hope Microsoft would understand but honestly, we put the review out when we were able to.

I have lost a little respect for Microsoft, but honestly I see our mistakes. I think we should have emailed Microsoft asking for the emabrgo date, but then again, that was in the past and that can not be changed. I also realize that the person emailing Matt was doing his job.

Christopher3138d ago

Yes, what a great win for the people who have done nothing wrong! Leave it up or don't take it down NOW and we'll take away any chances of attending our events in the future!

Seriously, I'd take it down, but I wouldn't have bent over backwards to take it down. Microsoft needs to go after the retailer that sold the software prior to the street date, not the people who bought a copy of their game. Especially the people who bought it, played it, and rated it a 9/10.

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LewisDenby3138d ago

Lewis here. Just spotted this. Worth pointing out: this is my personal blog and in no way affiliated with any of the publications I write for. GGG's editor spoke with me about the situation and I blogged about it, as I found it an interesting situation and wanted to know whether people thought MS were appropriate in their somewhat heavy-handed approach. The post wasn't intended to be accusative of anyone. Just wanted to clear that up before it spirals and I have a load of people on my case.

Go Gaming Giant3138d ago

lol, nice article Lewis, nothing to worry about though, this situation/article wasn't meant to start any trouble, like you said, just wanted to hear people's opinions on the situation.

Raoh3138d ago

It also goes to show that a lot of reviews are not actually recognized as press. Which is my problem with metacritic..

to boost halo review scores metacritic may add the review if its a high score..

but let it be known and understood.. legitimate and recognized press received the embargo notice and are aware it.. if your not aware of it it's because you are not recognized as a legitimate website. or you would have received the notice with everyone else.

I bet IGN, HHG, Gamespot, gamepro etc got the notice from microsoft..

with that said, seeing as how i am not a legit press site and i found an early release of the game and reviewed it, i would have not taken it down.

Go Gaming Giant3138d ago

you wouldn't have taken it down? even if it meant losing your relationship with Microsoft?

tordavis3138d ago

If you are a gaming website or blog and want to get support from Microsoft sometime in the future, it would be a smart thing to take it down. If you didn't care about getting Microsoft's support for your site, throw up your finger and move on.

Go Gaming Giant3138d ago

ye that's pretty much what I was thinking, well said

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