Hidden Treasures And Easter Eggs In The Uncharted 2 Beta

GOONL!NE writes: 'I've been playing the Uncharted 2 Beta. Obsessively. I love it, and I'm also pretty good at it, which is kind of a first. I was amazed by the wonderful gameplay, the great, fast multiplayer, and the stunning graphics. I wanted to explore every inch, every nook, every cranny, just to check if I'd missed something.

And so I did. My PSN friend BackedOut_ and I set out on a quest; we geared up, packed our stuff and grabbed hold of our AK-47s. And we adventured. Adventured for the hidden bits, sly references and easter eggs….Of The Uncharted 2 Beta. And t'was epic.'

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mistajeff3167d ago

In Plaza there's a sign for Hotel Raja :-)

That totally rhymes, too.