Xbox 360 and PS3 get security kits - Wii evidently not worth stealing

If you're a little paranoid about the £100s you've spent on your Xbox 360 or PS3, then you'll be interested to hear that a company has released a range (if two counts as a range) of console security gadgets.

It comprises of an 8-foot steel wire cable, security plate for affixing to the console, padlock and two keys. The idea is that you attach the security plate, thread the cable through, and then attach the other end to something secure nearby.

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snaz273164d ago

who in their right mind would steal an xbox360? lol dont they come with its own RROD security system? lmao

KionicWarlord2223164d ago

Xbox 360 has the easiest security system. A bigger game library . And it`s easy to mod .


Solans Scott3163d ago

because he already has one.

GameOn3163d ago

I don't think he's planning to keep it though.

monkey nuts3163d ago

It looks like something that would be on Dragons Den, until its creator was mocked and stripped of their humanity before being laughed at and sent away with nothing.