Halo 3:ODST - Is It Good Enough To Be Good

Microsoft's next entry to the Halo series was releases tomorrow, and the reviews (the real ones anyway) started hitting earlier this weekend. The game has so far received a lot of critical praise for it's grittier more desperate feel and its innovative story, and truthfully this is the best looking entry to the Halo franchise fans have seen in a long time. It's departure from it's all too colorful palette and bright sunny exteriors for more realistic darker environments give the game a visual life that hasn't really been seen in video games. Furthermore, the game brings a new gameplay mode, firefight, which has received near universal acclaim. But still, the game currently holds an 85 on metacritic, the second lowest console release in the franchise and the lowest of the first person shooters in the franchise. With all this praise--all these great things being added to the game and specifically all these fixes to common complaints with the Halo franchise, why is it stuck so low?

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FiftyFourPointTwo3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

ODST fails.

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PandemicPrawn03221d ago

"Is the point of a review to tell the reader whether or not a game is worth the money or is it simply to tell the reader how entertaining a game is."

I think a review should simply rate the game on it's own merits.

Look at any game review. Games are usually given a score in different aspects of the game. Most go something like this...

Lasting Appeal.

And then a total score and summery. The cash value of the game is unimportant for a review, as it's up to the individual customer to decide if the game has value or not.

In the case of ODST if you don't own any of the Halo3 multiplayer maps I'm sure the game is good value for money. Also taking into account the Reach beta some might argue there's more value for money than most other games.

dgroundwater3221d ago

Is it good enough to be good? That's the worst headline of the week easy.

Kyur4ThePain3221d ago

WTF is up with so called gamers caring about nothing but numbers?
Review scores. Prices. Sales figures. Financial statements.

dgroundwater3221d ago

Perhaps people are too lazy to express themselves all the time. It's much easier to say "It sells" or "GAYLO" than actually justify a point of view.