Champion Archer - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: Mankind is proud to a fault and, in Champion Archer, too darn proud to rally together while their kingdoms are ravaged by invading Orc hordes. Finally, with one King left for the remainder of mankind humanity goes to the Elven Council to plead for their assistance. The Elven Lords don't want to get their pretty elven selves (I'm taking liberties) involved in the muddy human kerfuffle as they're pretty convinced pride is going to cause humans to fall at one time or another. One slightly less snotty Elven Lord sees fit to lend a helping hand, and you play as that brave social outcast who will inevitably be ruthlessly mocked and driven away by his Elven brethren, return to the human kingdom taking up residence on a bar stool and telling the barkeep about the glory days when he took down 100 trolls and survived 80 rounds. In the meantime, slay some trolls!

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