iPhone Review: Super Shock Football | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Some games are just good ideas on paper. Electric football game on the iPhone, with the option to have your iPhone constantly vibrating like a real electric football table? Sounds cool, no? Developers Steamroller Studios seemed intent on making this. To that degree, they did a fantastic job making a beautiful 3D engine that lets you view the action from just about any angle. The problem is that they appear to have spent so much time doing this, and less time making a game with any semblance of balance."

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bgrundman3224d ago

great, another crappy football game for the iPhone.

Haly3224d ago

Exactly what I was thinking :/

roblef3224d ago

any game that makes it way to the iPhone that is creative and tries something new deserves a solid chance.

bgrundman3224d ago

just because an idea is new, doesn't make it good... sorry, FAIL

wondroushippo3224d ago

Honestly, this sounds like a game that with some tweaking, could be a lot better - it just doesn't seem to be quite ready for primetime yet.

shard1873224d ago

Got this game over the weekend and it's alot of fun. If your looking for Madden then just go get Madden. If you want a really fun casual football game with some fun splitscreen action then it well worth the measly 2 bucks. From what I hear the developers are planning to update it to make it even better. (Network play, custom teams, improved controls) I for one am glad to see a smaller developer taking a risk like this.