Skabooki - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: Ah, New Orleans, how I miss living in a city that just felt like it was propped up with some kind of magic. In The Curse of Skabooki you are thrust into battle of god and evil as old as the bayou itself, and must guide a voodoo doll, Skabooki, to safety by solving block-based puzzles. The puzzles are created to destroy Skabooki, and are all attributed to Baron Samedi, a loa of the dead in the voodoo tradition. In this story-telling he is the crooked mayor of New Orleans with a familiar love of rum, out to get the Oonaki, the Witch Doctor. Skabooki is bound to the daughter of the Witch Doctor and is meant to protect the young girl. By correctly removing sets of blocks and helping Skabooki through the puzzing levels he will find his way home. If it sounds like a lot of backstory for a puzzle game, it is, but all that effort makes for a rewarding game you may as well be playing in St. Louis Cemetery.

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