Release of the Week: Halo 3: ODST |

GrE writes, "Order of War comes out this week. The game is Square Enix's first western-developed WWII game for the PC. That's right, Square Enix is putting out a game on the PC. This should be news! This is exciting! I mean, sure, its not one of their legendary RPGs. Its being co-developed by a website ( Sadly, Order of War is being eclipsed by one of the most over-hyped franchises of all time…

Halo 3: ODST comes out this week. I will pause for the collective sigh of thousands of sheepish fanboys..."

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Haly3138d ago

Ahh the old Halo behemoth....not surprised really!

bgrundman3138d ago

but it is a killer merchandising opportunity. Did you expect them to pass it up?

bgrundman3138d ago

I cannot wait for this, but what is with all the hate in the article?

wondroushippo3138d ago

I will be buying this, regardless of what the haters say. It's Halo, what is there not to like?


charged as a full game is what i see i will get it when it hits 45 bucks used

CreepyB3138d ago

i think they mean flop of the week.

JimmyJames703138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Whoop de freakin do--Ross wrote an article about a game he doesn't care about. Why should we care about his article that doesn't say much more than anyone else's? Besides that, what he really should have wrote about was the SE game; you know, something it sounds like he could put some energy behind rather than cranking out this same-old article.