New NBA2k10 Gameplay Trailer released

GrE writes, "2k Sports have just released a new gameplay trailer for NBA2k10 which is coming out in October.

Now I may be a tea drinking Brit, but I love playing basketball games and this one's looking pretty sweet. It's the 10th anniversary of the NBA2k franchise and it looks like 2k Sports are going to pull out all of the stops for this one..."

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Haly3077d ago

Looking pretty good so far, love this series though

bgrundman3077d ago

they have made alot of improvements since the last installment.

JokesOnYou3077d ago

Looks pretty good....animations look better too.


roblef3077d ago

Makes you wish they wouldn't release a new game every year though... it tends to get a bit stale.

wondroushippo3077d ago

I totally agree, taking a year off might help these franchises a bit.

Haly3077d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, they are fun though.
And often great for achievement addicts on the 360 too ;)

Marceles3077d ago

Ugh...the trailer music reminds me of playing the NBA2K10 Combine, that song played over and over lol. I had to turn the music off, the game was still pretty fun though.

lephunk3076d ago

seriously... i like charlie 2na too...

saggyscrote3077d ago

Wanna get a basketball game. Just not sure between this and NBA Live ???
Anyone with a preference. Played the new NBA Live demo, quite enjoyed it but want to try 2K10 before i buy

Simon_Brezhnev3077d ago

i played live demo too i have to admit they did improve its just not up to 2k10 as in realism i say if you want real simulation pick 2k10

BigKev453077d ago

This trailer is a few days old.

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The story is too old to be commented.