Infinity Ward: 'No Zombies In Modern Warfare 2'

NowGamer: Why the undead won't be joining Soap McTavish in the FPS sequel...

At the recent LA event where Infinity Ward finally got around to showing off some multiplayer for Modern Warfare 2, we caught up with lead multiplayer designer Todd Alderman to ask one very simple question: 'What exactly do you think about the zombies in World At War?'

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Alcon Caper3221d ago

"No Zombies In Modern Warfare 2"

That's because all the zombies are playing ODST XD

(jk, halo will be a fun game)

Blaster_Master3221d ago

Ha! Bubbles for you man. That was hilarious.

belal3221d ago

funny one dude :D

on topic: thats actually a disapointment :( i really liked zombie mode...

WildArmed3221d ago

Amen to that :)

Originality is respected.
Lets see IW come up something as addictive :)

(although I didnt buy COD5, i loved playing Zombie mode @ friends place)

AnttiApina3221d ago

Well someone will propably create a mod for this too... On the PC of course.

Karlnag33221d ago

may have bin a bad choice of words but it sounded like you meant to say that Treyarch came up with Nazi Zombies...

SupaPlaya3221d ago

would be cool if someone does the Asian version:


Multi-Console Owner3221d ago

Apparently the Spec Ops mode in this consists of 60 second missions like Mile High Club from CoD4. Who ever play MHC more than once? Besides the people going for the veteran achievement that is. 60 second missions won't have a lot of replay value; there not much to do in 60 seconds except like infiltrate a room and who want to do the same room over and over? Even if there's 15 missions, who's gonna want to play them more than twice each?

Nazi Zombies is amazing but they need to release more than 1 map pack every 3-4 months. Each new map is outstanding for about 3-4 weeks but after that it's incredible repetitive and boring since there only one good strategy for each map. I'd like Treyarch to release a map pack with 5 or so NZ maps for $10 instead of 3 multiplayer maps and only 1 NZ map for $10.

Cenobia3221d ago

I'm pretty sure Soap won't be joining anyone anywhere. He dead. He clearly died at the end.

Unless of course he leads the zombie hoards...

rockleex3221d ago

It could just be endless waves of enemies with or without weapons.

WildArmed3221d ago

Can i take a bad choice of words xD

But I'm sure most of you got the point

DominusRebellis3221d ago

You said:

"1.5 - COD4 Spoilers
I'm pretty sure Soap won't be joining anyone anywhere. He dead. He clearly died at the end.Unless of course he leads the zombie hoards... "

I say: All Soap has to do is press the respawn button, duh! lol

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Chuck Norris KING3221d ago

wtf Zombie mode was the best thing in that sh!ty game ..

marcus j3221d ago

Zombies map pack 3 is very good due to able to upgrade all the guns and having perks.

Karlnag33221d ago

IN. MY. OPINION. Nazi zombies is overrated. I PERSONALLY found it fun for a bit, but FOR ME, it became boring pretty fast. The first few waves are so slow and boring I PERSONALLY WOULD rather just jump into a standard multiplayer session.

Once again I would just like to state that this is all MY OPINION which I am FREE TO STATE, so don't b1tch at me for it coz I'll only ignore you. Sorry but I know how butthurt people get over CoD. Oh and I think that WaW was a step backwards and re hashed set pieces from Modern Warfare which (again) IN MY OPINION is the better game made by the better developer. MW FTW!

calis3220d ago

Nazi Ninja's would be better.

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