Sega Announce TGS Line-up, Includes Yakuza 4

Shak @ writes:

"Sega has announced their full Tokyo Game Show line-up, which includes the sequel to the highly popular Yakuza franchise."

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jrsenkbe3222d ago

Hopefully we get some info on Yakuza 3 for EU/NA.

Noctis Aftermath3222d ago

They should release the game with eng subs with the asian version, so those of us interested in the game can buy it without having to wait a year for terrible dubbing which we don't want anyway.

gaffyh3222d ago

@1.1 - Yeah that would be a very good idea imo, saves them time on localisation.

shadowfox3222d ago

SCEA won't allow a game to be published without an English dub, which is probably why Sega's been dragging their feet with the title.

I actually hope they just rebrand this game altogether. Give it a new name(use Yakuza 3 as like a subtitle), market it as GTA: Japan.

gaffyh3222d ago

Would be very interesting if it got a western name like the Last Guardian.

SixTwoTwo3222d ago

There have been heavy rumors circulating that Ignition Entertainment (KoF XII, Muramasa Demon Blade, ManGod) are bringing Yakuza 3 stateside.

gaffyh3222d ago

The main credence to the rumor though is that 1up were the first to get wind of it, and the fact that Shane Bettenhausen is the big dog at Ignition is what's fuelling the rumor, because people are thinking that he tipped 1up off.

George Sears3222d ago

Play Yakuza 2 then tell me what language you hear.

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gunnerforlife3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

good on you, im proud of you for cuming out of the closet:) now go and tell ur dad and mum:) (make sure u have some cold water for your mum jst incase she faints loool(no pun intended))

TheColbertinator3222d ago

lol Finally you admit it Fork.

gaffyh3222d ago

Also get better at English :)

Gamer_Politics3222d ago

Sega fails again..where is Shenmue 3?dang let us fans finish the story.

Doton073222d ago

Sega is too busy with Yakuza

dreamcast3222d ago

You guys aren't ready for Shenmue 3

Doton073222d ago

Never ever ever?

Sega has to realest shenmue 3 some day, on any system expect the wii.

Dropthelines5253222d ago

Bummer about shenmue. 2 was too much of a cliffhanger to let go.


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