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Punch Jump Review: Demon's Souls

Atlus Inc.'s Demon's Souls for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 is a rare game title employs old-fashioned difficulty to create a great sense of reward for each accomplishment. The title is an agonizing, yet addictive role-playing game that is designed for users to learn from each battle and subsequently relish each conquering moment. (Demon's Souls, PS3) 5/5

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Gabe EatsWell  +   1826d ago
AAA without a doubt.
40cal  +   1826d ago
Wow, another great review. Its killing me, I cant wait any longer.
Pennywise  +   1826d ago
I am one that imported. At the same time I am glad I didnt wait, this game is without a doubt AAA.
Syronicus  +   1826d ago
Another great review!
Cannot wait for this title. It looks absolutely awesome.
bnaked  +   1826d ago
It's shaping up to be a GOTY contender.. Only noobs don't like the game, because of the difficulty..
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2cents  +   1826d ago
DAVID BRENT  +   1826d ago
ive officially seen the dumbest comment made by a fanboy in the open zone
next door 'freesixty' beeefing with others and defending the lack of exclusives on the 360 said...

'No games.. hum... 5 exclusives/ year against 100 multiplattform games/ year.. '

lol think about it
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Chubear  +   1826d ago
... and to think, this is only year 3... with at least 4 more to go.
Chubear  +   1826d ago
So let me get this right
How many high end exclusive games came out for the PS3 this year? Help me out if I missed any.

Killzone 2
MLB: The Show09
Ratchet & Clank
Demon Souls
God of War1&2: PS3 version
NGS 2 .. (and yes if you've seen the vids and features it's pretty much an exclusive game cause the 360 doesn't have the contents of this game graphically and other wise)

I didn't even mention the ones that were not high end but I'll make a list for that one too if need be.
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FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1826d ago
Tales of Vesperia PS3?
3D Dot Game Heroes?
OGharryjoysticks  +   1826d ago
I think you're right about the GOTY idea. It should definetely be in the running because I've read reviews that paint the picture as a true timeless classic. Technically at that point it comes down to a popularity contest for the game that beats it.
ThanatosDMC  +   1826d ago
It'll win RPG of the year but probably not GOTY since Uncharted 2 will claim that right.
Delta  +   1826d ago
WOW!! Uncharted 2 and Demon Soul's are tag teaming.
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1826d ago
NGS2 is getting very solid reviews too.
Sarcasm  +   1826d ago
9s and 10s left and right. Well deserved!
Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   1826d ago
Just wait for Ratchet and Clank to come out later this year, that and the possibility of GT5 means every GOTY nominee could be a sony one.
eagle21  +   1826d ago
Yup. :)
Don't forget The God Of War Collection on Blu-ray. :p
Morituri  +   1826d ago
Oh snap!!!
I just noticed that you were right. Two games on one team kicking all the competition to the MF'n curb.
Blaster_Master  +   1826d ago
Dont forget Ratchet!
Chubear  +   1826d ago
It's tooooo much QQ
bjornbear  +   1826d ago
totally what i was thinking xD

Damn...these two, and NGS2 will make PS3 the strongest console for exclusives this year (warming up for the next =))
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1826d ago
Demon's Souls - 90
Gaylo FlopDST - 85
:D :D :D
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Gabe EatsWell  +   1826d ago
Metacritic score
Gaylo ODSFlop: 85
Killbots 2: 91
bu-bu-but the saleszszzsz!!!!!
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Lou Ferrigno  +   1826d ago
Gaylo RRoDsT= 85
MLB 09 the Show=90

PostApocalyptic  +   1826d ago
What else?
What else do the xbots have to play but another rendition of halo?

Up next, Master Chief and the Chipmunks, Halo 3 action figures, and your very own Master Chief Pajamas!
colossi16  +   1826d ago
Wow, is this the same developer that brought us enchanted arms? They did a 180 with this and 3D Dot heroes.
raztad  +   1826d ago
It's not by chance. I read Sony Japan asked From Software to develop a spiritual sequel to Kings Fields, and they had a lot to say in the game design.

Game is preordered. Cant wait to destroy some Demons.
SaiyanFury  +   1826d ago
Yeah FROM Software knows their stuff when it comes to making dark, brooding RPGs. They have the King's Field pedigree from that. It doesn't surprise me that the similar designs and artwork would carry over from that series. If you want to try some of their earlier works, check out the King's Field series on PS1 and PS2. The controls are somewhat sluggish, but you get used to it. I'm playing through King's Field 2 right now actually.
Bumpmapping  +   1826d ago
AAA read and weep bots!
Baba1906  +   1826d ago
i need a european release date for this =(. please
peeps  +   1826d ago
yeh i was just looking for 1 but atm there isn't i don't think. i know i can import from japan but think i'll wait for a bit then if theres no news on an eu date import from the us.

looking at the gameplay etc i'm surprised they only released this in japan at first! an action rpg is surely better suited to the western audience?
RAM MAGNUMS  +   1826d ago
AAA All the way!
its just business as usual in the exclusives department!
RAM MAGNUMS  +   1826d ago
Another AAA ?!?
were the best!
peeps  +   1826d ago
"were the best! "

who are the best?
SnuggleBandit  +   1826d ago
we are!!!!!
Chubear  +   1826d ago
Who are the best?!
bnaked  +   1826d ago
Sony :-)
JonnyBigBoss  +   1826d ago
I really want this game. It crept up on me outta nowhere.
bjornbear  +   1826d ago
exact same here!

went from "cool interesting" to "holy sh!t day 1 o.O"
free3sixty  +   1826d ago
this new IP no name game will sell 500k max with bundles..

but yeah.. most AAA titels and best quality like you tards say:D..

the only think you can REALLY GREAT is to writing @ N4G

go to stores and buy sonys exclusives.... i mean inFamous? biggest flop this year in sales.. so stop talking about graphics/ quality/ and so on and keep buying some games.
The-Warranty  +   1826d ago
Awww can only talk sales cuz no games =(
Pennywise  +   1826d ago
You, sir are not allowed to call anyone "tards" when every single sentence you just typed is illegible.
weazel  +   1826d ago
English for the slow
lets all give a big hand for the plucky free3sixty for getting up in front of the class, and at least giving it a go. Even though thinking rationally is a challenge, bless his little mittens, he's tried his best. Well done little man, and don't choke on the lollipop.
DarK-SilV  +   1826d ago
@weazel hahahahahahah
how did you come up with this
BldyShdw  +   1826d ago
I'm going to be REALLY poor during the next few months...

But it will totally be worth it :)
Unicron  +   1826d ago
Sleeper hit? Cult classic in the making?
free3sixty  +   1826d ago
And you have all games and you dont even buy one.. lol
The-Warranty  +   1826d ago
I buy them and I have a choice lmfao
Shane Kim  +   1826d ago
Neither do bots. You only buy Halo.
Syronicus  +   1826d ago
Shane Kim using the term Bots is just pure comedy!
Kudos Shane for knowing the crowd following that Xbox 3-fix-me.
free3sixty  +   1826d ago
No games.. hum... 5 exclusives/ year against 100 multiplattform games/ year..

you are right gamers have no choice!

lol, what an idiot :D
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1826d ago
Cry moar. We love it!
The-Warranty  +   1826d ago
Out of the 2 of Us I'm the idiot? lol
ReviewsArePolitics  +   1826d ago
free3sixty thinks multiplatform = exclusive to 360 lmao
I don't know why I was playing Batman AA just yesterday on my PS3
DAVID BRENT  +   1826d ago
feesixty you just completely owned yourself
i have to save this thread,i am going to copy and paste your comment everytime i see you on here

'No games.. hum... 5 exclusives/ year against 100 multiplattform games/ year..' i cant stop laughing
CernaML  +   1826d ago
That's because Batman AA is better on the PS3. Duh.
Shane Kim  +   1826d ago
Do you know what that means freesixty or should I learn you some basic english and maths?

Multiplat means that they are on both PS3 and flop60.
Exclusive means that they are either on PS3 or flop60.

5 exclusives vs 100 multiplats means...
105 PS3 games/year vs 100 flop60 games/year.

I hope this helped you.
Kain81  +   1826d ago
Syronicus  +   1826d ago
@ free3sixty
Butt-hurt much?
cyberwaffles  +   1826d ago
kid, you're embarrassing ME from just reading your comments. thats how much fail you are and i think you just need to stop lol.
Sarevok  +   1826d ago
People tell me it's best to play as the mage class...
Screw that I don't want to be some sissy spell caster I want to be a knight with a big @ss buster sword >:D
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Pennywise  +   1826d ago
I dont know who told you that... Mage gets smacked down. I think a hybrid is your best bet.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   1826d ago
hey gaming media! check out your spawn by the name of free3sixty !
you made that.

thats your burden not ours.
weazel  +   1826d ago
Whilst playing with their 30 pieces of silver, the gaming media look sullenly at free3sixty and lower their heads, letting a single tear roll down their dirty cheeks. They now knew that only hell waits for them, with all hope for salvation gone.
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MGOelite  +   1826d ago
lordkemp007  +   1826d ago
Bam! there it is.

Chalk up another AAA ps3 exclusive.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   1826d ago
Ps3 fans are the most blessed.
its a great feeling to be be a avid ps3 user.

saving money, playing innovative games for the first time, being part of new franchises, watching the best quality bluray movies, utilizing your p$p, using your browser to the best of its ability, having a conversation in home, great servers, free online and expanding and enjoying fresh games on psn and psp. All for a great price.

its the feeling of being blessed and not being jerked around like some lab rat with a atm strapped to its back.

Thank you.
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2cents   1826d ago | Spam
2cents  +   1826d ago
wow, feel like i've gate crashed a fanatic ceremony.

Am I the only one who thinks this comment is a little disturbia?

10 disagrees and not 1 comment. Ah well humor is lost and so are my bubbles.
divideby0  +   1826d ago
I so wish it was not touted as being so hard.....
besides....so many games to buy..UC2, RnC, GT,
almost glad to hear ODST bombed so I wont have to think about buying that one...
Sikct9a  +   1826d ago
I can't wait for this game.
foreverflame  +   1826d ago
Can anyone say flop??? PS3bots were hyping this game to get a 6/5
The-Warranty  +   1826d ago
Cry Moar Plz
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1826d ago
foreverflame you should change your name to foreverbot.
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2cents  +   1826d ago
Wow and not a single neg comment
shame 360 games dont get the same respect.

Im getting this game no doubt.
NewScratch  +   1826d ago
im gonna pick this up
anyone with experience, are there any overarching strategies or ways to think and go about things to make the initial ramp-up a bit smooother?

i'll take the above comment about hybrids as a good starting point.

there's a bubble in it for ya. thanks, in advance.
DonCorneo  +   1826d ago
buy the deluxe edition to get the strategy guide
or just check videos in youtube

there's also a wiki for it


KILL Yurt. otherwise, he'll kill other NPCs
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Chuck Norris KING  +   1826d ago
Ravage27  +   1826d ago
like i said, DS is the most unique game this gen and is definitely one of my top 3
I predict at least 5 more 10/10 reviews, and i'm very confident that it will end up around 91-93 metacritic average.
ico92  +   1826d ago
DonCorneo  +   1826d ago
a perfect score
failo odlc did not get one, except from G4tv. every games gets a 5/5 from g4tv

Crayola  +   1826d ago
15 more days.
FlipMode  +   1826d ago
Haha XDF can't take it when we get AAAs.
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