MAG Beta Invites Going Out In Europe

Moments ago we received (another) MAG beta invite, but this time on our European PlayStation Network Account. If you happen to live in Europe, check your inbox to see if you have been lucky enough to have received a code. The beta in Europe will run until October 9th 2009 from 17:00 to 20:00 BST and 00:00 and 03:00 BST.

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MGOelite3250d ago

i didnt get one ffs. i sent my psn in after about 25 mins of it being put up on the ps blog. and it said it had accepted my application

Lucreto3250d ago

I entered before there were 3 comments on the page and I got nothing.

hakis863250d ago

How do we get invites if not via Qore? I signed up at the EU playstation site... do you get an e-mail, a message in your inbox at the Playstation page or a message in your inbox on your ps3?

jkoz3250d ago

I have extra USA codes. PM me if interested.

Redempteur3250d ago

i registered quite early ..
and i didn't get a code . i can't believe 16000 places were gone so fast ( not even 10 minutes )

St03250d ago

I'm still waiting for a code aswell, but there's been a problem with the first few beta entries aparantly & are looking into it tomorow

Quote from the EU PS forums

"Okay, for the record and as one poster has already said, I am going to talk to the Ops group tomorrow and see what happened. Looks like there was a communication breakdown somewhere.

It'll get sorted, that's my promise."


divideby03250d ago

I also did it the same day....been at the original forum for a long time, than registered for the new the acceptance letter, but never got a code.....fingers X/d

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LukaX233250d ago

Now all Qore subscribers in the US need is the MAG beta codes they've been waiting for all weekend (me included).

Delive3250d ago

I renewed my Qore before the MAG beta was announced. No codes yet. Guess they blew a server when the first set went out. They should at least let us download it now while they fix the servers.

iceman063249d ago

They are aware of the problem with the second phase of invites from Qore and they should have started rolling out as of Monday. A friend just got his after the close of last nights beta session, which was 11pm central time. So, be patient...Zipper has been pretty good at delivering what they promised thus far. Good luck!!!

S_C3250d ago

If Any1 Has Got A Code And Dosent Want It Could I Have It
Nt Long Come Out Of Hospital Nd Cant Play Sports For 6 Weeks So It will Give Me Sumthing To Do ?

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The story is too old to be commented.