Do you hate Bobby Kotick??

If so, then your not alone. Lets take a look at what Activisions CEO has been up to lately.

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WildArmed3250d ago

Yes, coz I have all the spare time in the world to hate someone that I dont know personally /sarcasm

Reibooi3250d ago

Do I hate him? No hate is a strong word for someone you don't know personally.

Do I dislike him? Very much so. The things he says and the way he runs things are horrible.

StanLee3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

He runs one of the most successful, publicly traded companies in America and regardless of how gamers may feel about his influence and decision making, he had no loyalty to gamers. His loyalty is to his shareholders. The billions generated by the Blizzard franchises, Call of Duty and Guitar Hero franchises allows him the liberty he has to say whatever he wants.

@ below

Great for you. The millions of gamers enjoying those franchises prove you're a very small minority.

ReviewsArePolitics3250d ago

I can live without all of activision's games, including MW2, Diablo, WoW, Starcraft 2, Guitar Hero and... what else do they have anyway?

sunil3250d ago

For a person I have never meet... cant believe how much I hate him !

weazel3250d ago

As a provider of goods, do you not think that he also has an obligation to his customers? Ignorance of protocol or the industry doesn't mean that the consumer base should be regarded purely as an asset to be exploited. This business practice was shown to be flawed in the 80's, and Activision need to make hay while the sun shines. If they continue with this level of disdain for the gaming public, then its not if, but when will the winter come for them.

Reibooi3250d ago


If he to some degree doesn't show support and concern for the community then said community will cease to support his company and then neither he nor his share holders will be happy at all.

There are plenty of other company's out there that are just as successful and they don't treat the fans and community like crap.

mastiffchild3250d ago

I don't hate him-I don't know him. I find some of the things he says very distasteful, however, and think he's a very crass and thoughtless speaker.

It comes over as arrogant becaise he only says these things as he knows gamers in general won't ever hear them-most gamers DON'T read the gaming media at all . It's this that gives him the freedom to spout the way he does and most other businesses wouldn't get away with someone acting like he does.

The threat to Sony is pretty umprofessional as even if it were serious it's the kind of thing that should be said behind closed doors and in person. His justifications of wanting to raise the price of MW2(and everything else)while we're in recession, losing our jobs and most other luxuries in the UK are going down in price were very out of touch with UK/EU financial reality it's untrue. Some times his comments are really odious and border on the insulting.

Yes, we realise pretty much every CEO is a greedy PoS but Kotick winds us up with his double standards(like it's fine for him to ask for huigher prices but Sony should sell PS3 for nothing!)and coming out with his statements of greedy intent just feels like he's wiping our noses in it as if we gamers owe him and Activision something!

So, yeah, he's annoying but I don't think hating someone who you don't personally know is a fair option.

Syronicus3250d ago

Plain and simple. Sorry, bt he is testing the gaming population and one day he will find that it is with our wallets that he survives.

Baka-akaB3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I dont have to be PC about it nor should others , of course i hate him .

Yes sure i dont have to buy his games , and learning my lessons i wont indeed . There is however a big problem with his actions , hence my hatred ... it's their impact and consequences .

What many of the "blabla if you dont like it dont buy" parrots (and sheeps ) dont get , is that despite our boycott , the obvious and inevitable success of his shady endeavours will impact all the other games we wont actually boycott .

When enough people will validates his shenanigans and price raises , the other devs and publishers will follow suit . They would be fools not to rush through the opened doors .

Just like , as an example , the famous "horse armor" incident , led people like me who boycotted the very idea , to discover , that every fighting games of 2009 so far , tried to sell us colors , costumes or characters unlocks .

In the end , you'll excuse us grumpy people for moaning and complaining , when even when we didnt partake in those unholy and despicable scams , we still get bitten in the back , like everyone else

Boody-Bandit3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I think hate is a waste of time because the odds are the person you feel this way about either doesn't know or if they do don't give a sh!t. So all you are doing is wasting your time and energy and Bobby isn't worth either.

So hate Kotick? No.
Do I think he is an ignorant arrogant bunghole? Yes.

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D4RkNIKON3250d ago

"I hate Bobby Kotick petition" Where do I sign up! He want's to raise the price of video games in the industry, who the hell wants that? (other than the devs) but who here is a dev?

Afreelunch3250d ago

I can't stand any of the games they make anyway, so I have no problem not purchasing or playing any of them. What a prick.

ZBlacktt3250d ago

Agree, COD is so much hype it's not even funny, lol. I mean small maps, extremely repetitive game play, Aim assist, random nade toss deaths, meaningless ranking over and over to gain the same perks/levels 10 times? I mean, it's just so monotonous. The game is fine, online total hype.

I'll be investing my time in MAG. The real online war. With 10 times bigger maps, way more perks and gaining rank actually means giving orders. Just so much more of a game, 3 sides to fight on, etc, 256 player's pre game! Customizes your player,etc.

evrfighter3250d ago

"Agree, COD is so much hype it's not even funny, lol. I mean small maps, extremely repetitive game play, Aim assist, random nade toss deaths, meaningless ranking over and over to gain the same perks/levels 10 times? I mean, it's just so monotonous. The game is fine, online total hype."

sounds like you invested hundreds of hours on cod...

ZBlacktt3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )


Went through the ranks 5 times. But it doesn't take even that many to figure out that every single game is the same thing again. Player's run to the same spots, throw the nades in the same direction near the start of the game. Your running through the same small maps. You know where everyone is, is going to be and were to expect them to come from. I'm not sitting here saying it sucks or anything. Just saying it's well played out. But it's nice to hear the glitches and code users have been fixed with that latest update. But even a game as small as COD, it lags. We all know this ( ground war more so and that's only 18 darn player's ).

MAG is COD x 10 in every way. But sure you've seen this if you've researched all it's features.

TheHater3250d ago

that why I am not buying any games from Activision new or used.

StanLee3250d ago

The amount of these complaints I see on gaming websites amuse me. You say this like your choice makes a difference. Like the thousands saying they wouldn't buy World at War before it went on to sell 10 million units. You guys are the minority, a very small, small minority.

weazel3250d ago

He's a ruthless money grabbing c**t, but I gather that that's par for the course in business.

Baka-akaB3250d ago

Well like i say all the time , we already know it's a minority . hell even if all of n4g united it would still be pissing at the wind .

Doesnt mean it's a pre requisite to "sell your soul" or blindling follow the herd .

If i am to be a cliché , i'd rather be that one : the pseudo rebel with a very few principles , who'd rather support smaller games most dont care or hear about , but i do care a lot about .

The kind that said " oh yeah i want it " when infos and the first videos appeared about Demon souls , while most would call it crap . But enough auto and self patting on the shoulder ^_^

Sarcasm3250d ago

Robert Kotick gives the devil nightmares.

Robert Kotick counter-attacked a Chuck Norris round house.

Robert Kotick made Kanye West interrupt Taylor.

Robert Kotick makes the term "Evil" irrelevant. You don't say "Wow, that bad guy is Evil!" You say "Wow, that bad guy is like Robert Kotick!"

creeping judas3250d ago

here is a quote from the 1st draft of The Usual Suspects

Verbal "Keaton always said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Robbie Kotick."