The Reticule on Games for Windows Live

Chris Evans from The Reticule takes a look at Games for Windows Live in light of the recent PC releases of Batman, Red Faction and Resident Evil, all of which use the service.

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Pandamobile3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )


It's an outlet for lazy developers to throw together a crappy online service.

One of the staples of PC gaming is NOT using P2P servers. Live is taking a step in the wrong direction, and I don't like it.

Major_Tom3169d ago

I see waht they did there, giving you warnings that you can't save your game unless you play online.

Chris Evans3169d ago

@Pandmobile - Using P2P as they do with GFWL is just an absolutely apalling way of having an online system work. I know people who have had to buy new routers just so they can plan online games using GFWL.

@Major_Tom - The point is that you shouldn't have to rely on using an online account to save your games, why we can't just save the games locally on our PCs and use GFWL for Achievements/Stat tracking I don't know. Multiplayer wise, there are much better systems, just look at what Valve have, it isn't perfect, but it is better than what GFWL provides.

Pandamobile3169d ago

I love what Valve is doing with Steam Cloud. Having the ability of saving your save files and config files locally, as well as to a server.

And Live doesn't even do its job properly. I lost my saved game files for GTA IV when I reinstalled it.

evrfighter3169d ago

I bought RE 5 on steam and had to install that crap. How I hate un-necessary software on my pc.

Chris Evans3169d ago

@Panda - yes! Steamcloud is exactly how this kind of system should be used, give us the choice of both saving our information online and locally.

@everfighter - I installed Batman, Resident Evil and Red Faction today through Steam. All three use GFWL, none of them would let me log in to Live on the first try, it was on the third or fourth try each time before I was able to get signed into Live and get the game key registered.

TABSF3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Same panda, vista screwed up and I had to reinstall it, even thou my steam drive never got wiped I had to start again.

I could see my save file that I backed up but could not play on it, given up on GTA IV unless they release DLC for the PC

GFWL has just been left 2 death lol

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Chris Evans3169d ago

Yeah it is one of the most annoying things about PC gaming at the moment, constantly throwing up some new problem of one sort or another.

M337ING3169d ago

A lot of the issues with LIVE signing in can be fixed by temporarily disabling Xfire, just so you can sign into your account for the first time.

free2game3653169d ago

From a publisher perspective it probably looks like a way to make the PC versions of games be more even with the console versions. As they have a bizarre obsession with platform parity. Even though PC gamers don't really like it that much compared to stuff like Steam. Though tbh it's better than a barebones online system. Thought it appears it's also a good excuse for developers to drop support for things like dedicated servers.

Chris Evans3167d ago

I dunno if we need Steam/GFWL for multiplayer, just look at the success Battlefield 2 and the Call of Duty games had with simple online systems.

Dedicated servers are a key part of online PC gaming, get rid of them and where do all the clans go? They'll have nowhere fixed to play which would ruin many gaming communities.

Ziriux3167d ago

Live works just fine for Xbox 360, I haven't tried the Windows Live, but it's no different I wouldn't think and it should handle lag better.