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Nick @ PS3Center writes:

ModNation Racers may have slipped under the radar for a few gamers because it isn't a bloody action game or frantic first person shooter. ModNation Racers is a casual kart racer targeted at players of all ages, much like LittleBigPlanet, it's Play, Create, Share predecessor. However, don't let that innocent facade fool you, ModNation racers will push the PS3 to it's limits, just like Killzone 2 or Uncharted.

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WildArmed3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

The demo at E3 had alot going for it.
The processing is definitely put under alot of pressure for the physics engine etc.

I just want a feature list of what you can do in this game :)

They went for a different art style so it might be a tad hard to believe it uses up 100% of the ps3. But I'll take their word for it.

PLAYINB3YOND3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I doubt they're pushing the PS3 to the limit, i know the physics involved in that type of a game require alot of processing power but i think the PS3 has a few years at least before we can truly say it has been "maxed out", especially when the art style is the way it is, it's not exactly photo reaslistic and a million polygons and counting.

Christopher3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Yeah, not sure about what they mean by 'limit', but the game is hopefully pushing the limit on options it will give us players. I've got this idea of a race track that is completely suspended and spirals from wide ovals at the bottom to really small ones at top... the goal? Go up and back down without dying.

Also, would love to see someone come up with a TPS like concept with the Player, Create, Share concept. Imagine giving people the ability to quickly mod together not only an capture the flag level, but also give them the ability to determine the type of weapons (magic, mundane melee/bow, modern, future) as well as everything else in the terrain. Add in some platforming capabilities and puzzle solving, you've got yourself a mini-Uncharted game maker.

Syronicus3169d ago

They are pushing the PS3 to the limit at THEIR current code. Later, when they have leaned out their code, they will push the PS3 even further. The code is just not fine tuned and so it is expected that devs will say this type of thing.

rockleex3169d ago

As much, or more, than Little Big Planet did.

gaffyh3169d ago

I think by "max" they mean that at some points during the game (maybe in the creation process), all processors are running at max speed. Same way when you encode a video on PC, all the processors will run at 100% etc.

I wouldn't doubt them though, because their on-the-fly level creation actually seems more advanced that LBP in terms of the amount of time you can create a level in. LBP requires hours in order to make a great level, whilst Modnation may only require a few minutes.


yeah it may be quicker to create a level in Modnation but you will undoubtedly end up with more shovelware levels as a result of its ease of use. I agree LBP creation is not easy and it is precisley that that prevents people taking 2 seconds to make garbage. because of the time it takes to create a masterpiece people are forced to think first about what they're gunna make, which can only be a good thing as it results in more high quality levels for us to play through. So it being quick and easy to create something does not always mean it results in better products. I mean look at the Wii and the amount of shovelware on that platform because of the how easy it is to code for.

Jaces3169d ago

I really get tired of hearing that...

Erotic Sheep3169d ago

This is a joke right? This game?
Was I looking at the same demo at E3?

Next up: Pixeljunk Dev: "We did it, the PS3 has been maxed". >.>

gaffyh3169d ago

@1.8 - Tired of what? LOL?


@1.6 - True, first thing I'm sure is going to happen is a penis level. You know it, and then hopefully we'll get the more serious levels e.g. Nurburgring, Laguna Seca etc.

militant073169d ago

Im not sure about the power but they both run at 3.2 Ghz

WildArmed3169d ago

@1.7 wow havent seen you in awhile! wb

Redempteur3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Well Lbp is already going even further ..with water physics ..

Maybe next year they will add even more ?

Play .create.share games have a lot of potential and we can expect devs to improve them if they have time . And i don't doubt they will

D4RkNIKON3169d ago

I hate when they say this! It is one thing to promote your game, but to claim that the system can't handle anything more than you are providing is not only BS but it sounds more like you are ripping the system than hyping your game....

shadow27973168d ago

Ignoring the flamebait...

This was actually an interesting article that got me more interested in this game. I'd love to see some of the battle tracks that people will make. That was always my favorite part of Mario Kart. This game doesn't get enough credit for how much fun it'll be.

cmrbe3168d ago

I always want devs to push my console to the limit. This is what consoles exclusives are suppose to do.

DaTruth3168d ago

Hope this is like an advanced MarioKart Editor. The original MarioKart was one of my favourite games!

DaTruth3168d ago

One of my LBP levels was so cool, it maxed the PS3's power!

TheReaper423168d ago

actually u can push the ps3 to its near limit on LBP. Just spam a whole bunch of bubbles and rocket into them. You'll get that lag if you know what i mean.

@modnation.. what a load of crap.

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IcyJoker1873169d ago

PS3 Games Pushing Limits
360 Games Falling Below Limits (640p)

HighDefinition3169d ago

OF COURSE you are.

Just sayin.

Leathersoup3169d ago

But don't mention Ghostbusters on the PS3.. (540p)

ReviewsArePolitics3169d ago

Oh wait, it's made by Atari, which was supposed to deliver a AAA last year and gave us a piece of trash

TotalPS3Fanboy3169d ago

Multiplatform games doesn't count.

FlipMode3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Funny how resolution matters when we talk about Ghostbusters on PS3 but when people bring up Halos Bad resolution stones are thrown at you.

EDIT............Haha Seems to be a a lot of 360 fans in here. ^_^
Shouldnt you guys bee in ODST Articles? And not invading PS3 articles?

I did not murder him3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Yes some 360 only developers choose to do low rez games on the 360.

You're missing the point, when devs try to push their games and tap into the console's hardware to bring those games to new levels the PS3 versions always have lower resolution or sub HD when the 360 does not lol.

LOL you try to paint a fictional picture about resolution when the 360 produces superior multi platform games no matter what console is the lead and the PS3 falls short being lead platform or not.

The-Warranty3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

B-B-B-B-B We don't troll!!!!
lol So many 360 fans butthurt at the amount of good Exclusives we get.

I shouldn't be mad at you guys though.

I mean Halo got Killzowned
Metal Gear Solidowned

it even got owned by Flower

Bad day to be a 360 fan =(

TotalPS3Fanboy3169d ago

360 exclusives can't push HD resolution while PS3 exclusives can. Meaning 3rd parties are lazy while at the same time, 360 is inferior.

I did not murder him3169d ago

I wonder how PS3 is going to handle the most graphically advanced games to have ever set foot on consoles? lol games like: RAGE, CRYSIS 2 and BRINK.

The-Warranty3169d ago

We Praise Exclusives
You rely on Multiplats

That's the difference between us.

TotalPS3Fanboy3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

"I wonder how PS3 is going to handle the most graphically advanced games to have ever set foot on consoles? lol games like: RAGE, CRYSIS 2 and BRINK."

The PS3 can handle Rage and them fine. It's the 360 that will need 4 DVDs.

LCF3169d ago

"I wonder how PS3 is going to handle the most graphically advanced games to have ever set foot on consoles? lol games like: RAGE, CRYSIS 2 and BRINK."

Your argument fails because of DVD9 and lack of mandatory HDD in a particular console and a slow CPU.

TheBand1t3168d ago

You apparently missed the memo. 720p was mandated on the 360, something Sony never enforced. With that now gone, expect your so-called 'superior multiplats' to run in Sub-HD.

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shadowfox3169d ago

I think what needs to be clarified is that it may not push the GRAPHICS to the max like Uncharted or Killzone, but the hardware to the max. There's a lot of physics and stuff going on here.

navyguy213169d ago

ModNation racers??? Seriously?? Those devs should be shot on sight.

LCF3169d ago

Agreed. This game looks more Cell intensive, than Cell/RSX intensive. This game (like LBP) is heavy in the physics category. Max could mean they managed to run all 6 SPEs. Looks like a fun custom-build arcade racer and a nice addition to the new play, create, share genre for consoles.

LordMarius3169d ago

If I do an infinite loop
I can push the PS3 to the max

sunil3169d ago

Every developer seems to have been pushing it to the max nowadays.

Redempteur3169d ago

and each time the boundaries are crushed .

One game crushes it with physics ..
Another crushes it with graphics ..