IncGamers: Fairytale Fights Preview

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani gets hands on with the twisted fairytale action title. From the preview:

"There's something inspiringly sadistic about Fairytale Fights. Not only do you get to revisit the wonderful tales of your youth - which were generally laced with some moral or another for you to learn from - but you can see the darker side; the more sadistic side; the side which is hinted at and insinuated but never revealed or seen as a child."

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Leord3133d ago

Some child's stories are truly horrific...

Fyzzu3133d ago

Y'know what? This interests me. I dunno if I'd buy it without a first-hand look but I'd definitely try a demo.

Dorjan3133d ago

The designers of this was on LSD I bet!