MS screwed-up ODST marketing says Fallout 3 director

Bethesda Production Director Ashley Cheng has defended the length of the Halo 3: ODST campaign, but believes Microsoft has itself to blame for the reviewer/consumer backlash.

Cheng, whose credits include Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, said on his blog:

"Give me a break. First off, most games - especially first person shooters - are anywhere from 5-10 hours. Tops. What makes Halo different from others? You can't just ping Halo ODST for it."

And he firmly believes this is a situation that could have been avoided.

"Microsoft and/or Bungie totally bungled the marketing on this," wrote Cheng.

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Omega43219d ago

Yeah MS should never of said it was going to be cheaper in the first place if they said it was going to be a full game from the beginning it would have gained scores which rivaled Halo 3, cause most FPS are as long as ODST.

Simon_Brezhnev3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

wow i actually agree with you for once except for long as ODST

IcyJoker1873219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Its A Little Shorter than most

KionicWarlord2223219d ago

I seriously dont think it would have got a better score then halo 3. Most reviewers dislike the games because :

Graphics were old
Single player was short
Rehashed multiplayer

Halo Reach will nullify to halo 3 odst . Because it will not be a expansion .

IdleLeeSiuLung3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

You guys though are free to discuss how it is NOT worth it. I will be enjoying it with at least a 1.35 million other people soon!

However, I agree with Bethesda.

IzKyD13313219d ago

You're forgetting one thing. While a 6 hour story mode seems to be normal for shooters nowadays, repackaging Halo 3's multiplayer and adding a horde mode DOES NOT warrant a $60 game (im talking about the standards of a big budget game, not the crapware). You essentially pay for a 6 hour story mode and a horde mode(which both could have easily been added as expansions/DLC). The new maps apply to this as well.

4Sh0w3219d ago

I think it did great in scores for what it is.

Its basicly Halo3 with different charachters and a new multiplayer mode, and its selling for $60= expansion, scores are lower than Halo3 for that reason but their still pretty good at the end of the day. Really did anybody expect an expansion to compete with a full blown Halo sequel?

peeps3219d ago

i doubt it would have got similar scores tbh. i mean it still is using halo 3's mp rather than it's own... considering how big mp is to halo this is a big let down imo

Christopher3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

If you're only looking at an FPS' single-player mode, I might agree. But the problem isn't just the shortness of the SP, which is made even shorter by the hub concept, it's that the only other thing they're getting is co-op, a single multiplayer mode, and 3 map packs. Otherwise, a lot of Halo gamers are buying a lot of what they already own. They should have come out with two versions, one with just the new Halo items, one with everything there is currently. I'm sure most Halo fans wouldn't have minded paying $20 less for maps and features they already own rather than having to pay for them all over again.

But, I can see Microsoft now touting the 'new' numbers for people who have purchased the Halo 3 map packs considering they'll count each new ODST sale as a new customer even though most will likely already own most of what's on the disc in regards to multiplayer items. It's a smart business move, but that's about the only place where I'd say that.

@Double Toasted (below): The hub forced you to retrace steps and spends time walking around rather than doing what the focus of the game is on, which is being an First Person Shooter. The Hub only serves to pad the time in gameplay and introduce a flash back for one of your team members that leads to actual gameplay.

Sure, you could love it and call it exploration, but it's extremely weak and I'm fairly certain most would have rather of seen an extra half hour to an hour of FPS gameplay rather than that time spent walking around.

Double Toasted3219d ago

make the game shorter when the Hub presents the exploration aspect of the game!?!? Correct me if I'm wrong...

pshizle3218d ago

but i think this how microsoft and bungie planned it out

$20 for singleplayer
$20 for multiplayer
$20 for Reach Beta

this package is definitely worth it if it was $40.

SuperM3218d ago

lol this is retarded. fact of the matter is ODST is hardly getting knocked at by reviewers for being short while other games are. I honestly cant believe that this guy is trying to say that ODST is getting extra punishment when in reality its getting a free pass by most reviewers.

This guy is basically saying that since other games are also short (and get knocked for it) ODST should get a free pass. Totally retarded and ridiculous. The IQ of so many people in this buisness is just way way to low, and though its usually affecting journalists its obviously also affecting developers.

Halo ODST should get the same treatment as if it was Halo 4. I can guarantee you that if this game was called Halo 4 it would get way lower scores. Ofcourse some sites would still praise it since its called halo.

StanLee3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Check my comments; I've said this all along. If Microsoft hadn't first announced the game as a discounted expansion, there would be no complaints about value because the game packs more value than most retail games.

Poopface the 2nd3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )


Edit- most games that come out dont have as much content, and alot of crap gams come out for 60$. ODST is a good game that comes with more content than most, period.

Look at COD 4. It had a 5-10 hour single player and a multiplayer mode. It had no co-op, no fire fight like mode, no beta access, no theater, no forge like thing. No online splitscreen for multiple players on one console/account.

Also almost no games allow you to play SPLITSCREEN ONLINE with 4 people in co-op or matchmaking. That means I can sign in with 3 other people as guests and we can play splitscreen online against other people with just one console/account.

If you already have all the maps then It may not be worth it, but to people who dont have halo 3 or never bought the maps this can be a great value.

Bottome line, with all the content in ODST, your more likely to get more play time out of it than 90% of the games taht are released for 60$. Just look at how many people still play halo 3. New campaign thats as short as alot of other games, all the maps, firefight, and the reach beta. Those are all things halo fans will enjoy.

I doubt they care what abunc of fanboys who dont have a 360 think about it.

BRG90003218d ago

This game is not long by any means, but it seems to have an amount of content that is decidedly average for a first-person shooter these days. And the quality we expect from Bungie is clearly there. If Microsoft had kept its mouth shut originally instead of suggesting that this was an "expansion" and would cost below $60, they could have avoided this PR mess.

vhero3218d ago

Bethesda are bang on they buggered up marketing they should never have said it was gonna be an expansion in the first place it will forever be known as an expansion. No expansion should be the price of a full game SIMPLES.

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I am Legend3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

True Dat !

The Meerkat3219d ago

Why do people keep saying its over priced?
Its £29 in the UK.
Most new games are £37 or more.

Redempteur3219d ago

because the rest of the world doesn't live in the uk perhaps ?

Panthers3218d ago

In the US it is $60. But since ODST is better than a lot of crappy games released for $60, I cant complain. Sometimes the price is not worth it, and sometimes it is a steal (like with UC2)

The Obvious3219d ago

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers have not ventured into the world of Fallout 3.

cervantes993218d ago

That would be an interesting concept :)

chidori6663219d ago

gaylo sdtv the most disapoint game of 2009....


IDetonation3219d ago

"most disapoint"

I lol'd @ this.

N4XBOXG3219d ago

you've been doing alot of damage control lately, feeling bad because you're gonna pay 60$ for something you already own and a little bit of dlc.

IDetonation3218d ago

Im not getting this sh!t.
Are you kidding?
I cant stand Halo.

-MD-3218d ago

You assume everyone bought Halo 3 dlc? ODST would be an amazing deal for someone like me that owns Halo 3 and zero of it's DLC.

11 360s and counting3218d ago

How is spending 120$ total, a good deal for you?

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