Looks Like Last Ranker Is Going International

From Siliconera - "Imageepoch and Capcom's tournament fighting RPG, Last Ranker, may be ranking on NPD sales charts.

Why? Capcom filed a trademark for Last Ranker in the U.S., a pretty good sign that Capcom is planning an international release. Unlike other publishers, Capcom doesn't haphazardly register trademarks.

Zig is the main character of Last Ranker. He's a fighter in a world of combatants aiming to be the top ranker in the world. The game is based on shounen tournaments which emphasize the relationships of the characters during combat."

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SpoonyRedMage3136d ago

Cool but Capcom why release this but not make a new Breath of Fire?:(

Baka-akaB3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Bof 1-4 were already niche enough , but "Breath of fire V : dragon Quarter" screwed things up immensely .

Bof 3 sold well but hardly had concurrence on psx at it's release . it's psp re-release did only ok . Like the gba re release of Bof 1 and 2 .

The even more excellent and best BOF title yet , breath of fire IV performed admirably at it's time . And it should have been the new standard for the franchise ... yet notice or be it on DS or psp i doesnt even get a remake .

For the franchise's sake , and even if i loved Quarter (it was truly a gem) , it should have been a non BOF related game , or a distant enough spinoff .
It turned a decently performing niche serie , into oblivion .

Capcom probably dont believe it currently got enough fanbase and fan power to revive . It's not as big as disgaea , suikoden or tales , even in japan .

And with the exception of the oddity and piece of art that was BofV we havent seen one since the ps1 .

GameGambits3136d ago

Glad to see other people miss Breath of Fire as much as I do. I have the PSP port imported and BoF4 is still one of my personal favorite games of all time. I wasn't a fan of Dragon Quarter it just lacked that BoF feel as well making everything feel clostraphobic.

A revival to the series wouldn't be that big of a risk though in my opinion. The world is currently RPG deprived all around, so why not take this time to get your foot in the door with Breath of Fire.

Either way Last Ranker is loooking pretty solid and I'm glad Capcom is going to roll out a RPG for us here in the west. Hopefully it's better than what's happened for the most part this console gen.

Baka-akaB3136d ago

Well that's the thing , if the market is deprived of jrpg , they might as well try a new ip in a dry market ... rather than an old forgotten one that already failed the last decade it appeared (dont worry i'm kicking myself when writing that , given my love for the franchise)

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sinncross3136d ago

Weren't Capcom working on a new Monster Hunter for PSP? Would be insanely cool if they showed that off at TGS (maybe Sony's conference?)

But I am excited for this RPG. Looks like ti could be good!


will be announced after the american release so probably e 3...or even tgs next year and it will b on ps3...maybe 306 wich i would love on both