Sega announces Warpath Campaign Expansion for Empire: Total War

SEGA has officially announced the Warpath Campaign Expansion for Empire: Total War, which will only be available to purchase from Steam. The expansion contains a new campaign and 5 new American Indian factions. These factions can be played in single player and multiplayer games.

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Pumbli3252d ago

I'm so happy I won't be able to play the expansion to a game I love that's a part of my favorite franchise because I live in Iceland, and hey guess what... Steam doesn't allow us to buy here, isn't that just swell?

Man, I'm so happy I could punch the idiot at Sega who decided this. :D

sovietsoldier3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

is it just me or does it seem like you should be able to play as a faction that was already in the game. as i recall the Indians are in the game from the very start of the united states campaign so why do we have to pay to play something we already own? to me it looks like a company who wants to pick your pocket for something you already payed for!

p.s don't be surprised if they come out with a pirate pack.