GT5 blow-out begins with Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz comes to Gran Turismo 5 as the game's blow-out starts before the Tokyo Games Show.

The engines are revving behind Polyphony Digital's PlayStation 3 racer Gran Turismo 5, as they launch the game's new website and get ready for another grande unveiling at the Tokyo Games Show later this week.

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Turn 10 Studios3226d ago

Finally a decent GT game


3226d ago
FlipMode3226d ago

Boom? Behold The Almighty Damage Of Forzaa!!!

Turn 10 Studios3226d ago

lol i guess you didn't know that vid was a debug build just to show the RollOver

BTW love the Physics and damage in GT5

leeger3226d ago

what I really like about Forza is its sleek customization. Some people might say that it's not important but for me it's a really cool feature, besides you don't have to use in Forza if you don't want to, but nevertheless is always available for those who are interested.
My prediction is that Forza 3 will receive better reviews than GT5 (i'm not saying that GT5 will have bad reviews, it will still have good reviews) but GT5 will sell more.

Omega43226d ago

Lots of disagrees guess everyone thinks GT5 will be bad.

Thats quite sad, i dont think it looks that bad, but im obviously in the minority

FlipMode3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Just to show the rollover? So What happened to the almighty Damage?

Oh and thanks for showing how great the damage is coming along in GT5, and that's not even the Final Build :D

techie3226d ago

Myself and others are taking issue with the "finally" as if GT1-GT4 weren't good games, Omega4.

MNicholas3226d ago

The real story should have been GT's producer recording best of the year lap-time (for that kind of car) at the 'ring.

Omega43226d ago

Who said Turn 10 Studios isnt taking into account the fact that every new GT game has scored worse and worse. Starting with GT4 not even being AAA with an average of 89, GT5:P at 80, and the PSP GT at 79. So i think that finally is well justified.

Microsoft Xbox 3603226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Turn 10, you just owned yourself with that pic of Forza 3. That doesn't even look better than GT5P, a 2 year old racer now.


Nice one FlipMode. Arcadey physics at its finest all in that gif.

MNicholas3226d ago

You're making the studio look bad. They have purposely avoided comparisons with GT5 for visuals and here you are trying to force one.

When asked how they can claim to have the best graphics in a racing game when GT5 Prologue has been available they said that GT5 Prologue was not a full game and hence did not qualify for the comparison.

Go look up the interview videos. Even Turn 10 knows they can't compete on visuals.

Maybe Forza 3 will finally have realistic physics and tracks (Forza 1 & 2 certainly did not) and maybe it will have gameplay aspects that might make it a lot of fun to play but as far as visuals ... it's not in the same league as GT5. Turn 10 knows it, every review who's played both has said it, so now it's just you and the other fanboys who need to come to terms with it.

techie3226d ago

Wait Omega...did I hear that right.

They are dropping from GT4 to GTPSP? Did I really hear you say that?

GT5P - a game with 5 tracks and 70 8/10. That's bad? GT5, which has 800 cars and 40 going to score less than its "demo"? Are you off your rocker?

GTPSP is included in the full-game roster of GT titles? What?

That Turn 10 are concerned about a demo and a PSP game...well that says something?

The last GT game received 89/100. Not bad IMO. Lets see what its sequel GT5 gets.

ReviewsArePolitics3226d ago

Forza is a game for rednecks. LMAO

thor3226d ago

Stop arguing about damage.

Fact is, that both games will have appalling damage for simulations.

You will be able to crash into a barrier at high speed and survive pretty much unscathed in both games.

In real life, if I'm taking a bend at 30mph and I hit into the side, it's going to damage the car considerably. If I'm going at 70 or above and I so much as clip the barrier on the side, I'll wreck my car and risk my life.

All we can hope is that people online are sensible and try to win by driving properly rather than scraping off the sides. The penalty system in GT addresses this.

I also think that GT will have higher sales, but Forza will be the better game. By a long shot. Customisation features FAR beyond GT5's, online modes FAR more advanced than what's been mentioned for GT5, and roughly the same number of tracks, maybe even more in Forza. Rewind feature as well (take it or leave it).

There's not going to be any miracle with GT5. Why would they keep stuff like advanced customisation and amazing online features under wraps? They wouldn't. Forza 3's going to wipe the floor with GT5's feature list. GT5 will have better graphics (don't come back at me with poly counts when the lighting in Forza 3 isn't close to GT5) and maybe better physics but won't be the better game.

Microsoft Xbox 3603226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

If customizing your cars with decals turn you on, maybe you should buy Forza 3. We really don't need the "ricer" mentality gamers on Gran Turismo.

Omega43226d ago

A GT is a GT game, for the price GT5:P was it should have scored better but it didnt, and if i remember right reviewers didnt complain about the lack of content but the fact its exactly the same as every other GT game which could also be GT5 downfall. Adding more cars doesnt make it a better game.

Plus when i said Turn 10 Studios i was referring to the OP not the actual dev team

FlipMode3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Actually you can't compare, Gt is on a Handheld and the big gripe reviewers had was no Career mode GT5 Will.

Below: Nope I was talking about how 360 fanboys act when GT is mentioned


@ FlipMode

are you sure you are not thinking of ps3 fanbabies and what happens when the word Halo is whispered...I mean they just can't contain themselves !

See anyone can be a fanboy, I am sure there is a better place for comments like yours to the right, to the right...

On topic.

Looks awesome, but I don't know if it's just me but I don't actually like the shape of the new Merc that much.

can't wait to drive the Citron GT concept though. I love that car!

whoelse3226d ago

They are building hype for the game in preparation for a massive announcement at TGS. **Fingers-crossed**

Sitdown3226d ago

It sort of looks bad when you are the first to post in a topic about your competition, speaks volumes when you are watching to closely...not to mention there was really no need to bring Forza 3 in here.

stardusk3226d ago

You do know that "full damage" was toggled off in that video right? Obviously you never played a Forza game. Typical delusional fan boy.

TotalPS3Fanboy3226d ago

It's going to have a really hard time competing with GT5.

It's funny because even GT PSP will sell more than Forza 3.

techie3226d ago sound like an utter retard.

A GT game is a GT game?

There's GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, and then GT5.

GT5P is a demo for GT5. and GTPSP is a handheld game.

If there were proper, full GT games, they would be called GT5 and GT6 respectively, with this game being called GT7.

And with GT5P priced as it was, it should have scored less NOT more. It was overpriced.

Get a grip dude.

SoapShoes3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

They haven't really announced anything for GT5 yet aside from what we have seen from trailers(Nascar, WRC, and damage) and that is ALL. We have had confirmation of some features in interviews, but not official announcements and we have not had a media blowout for GT5 yet like with GTPSP.

Are you foolish enough to believe that what we know now is all we are going to know because you have some weird concept that if they haven't revealed it yet then they must not have it? Get some common sense dude.

ROFL, you think that price effects a game? So if I made the most bare bones boring game out there and priced it for under a dollar, it should be getting a 10/10 huh? Because it offers so much for the money.. :| Thinking about using the ignore on both of you.

Syronicus3225d ago

We all know that what makes a game great are its sales and by that way of thinking, GT games are the best around!


Heck, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that even without the high sales numbers, GT5 will still be the best racing game released this year. Yeah, I am hoping for this year.

bjornbear3225d ago

seriously, get a life, it's just videogames.


On topic:

very sweet =)

Greywulf3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Thats literally it. Online for games is standard in the year 2009. Forza fans just like forza because they cant play Gran Turismo. Or, are just plain looking for some other type of game.

Gran turismo has NEVER been about exotics. Which is what Forza fans just simply dont grasp. The reason every significant make and model of a vehicle is in the game, is because users love to tune their own vehicle. Mainly to represent a setup for their current vehicle, or their dream car setup. Who do you think started "full racing modifications" with bodykits? In the enthusiasm community, the real die hard enthusiasm community, Exotics aren't the end all be all. They take no skill or tuning to produce. Slap a v12 in any 1900lb chassis, and bobs your uncle.

Theres some sort of delusional race to obtain exotics. Which there is none, Need for speed has them covered, as do most games. Which is one of the main reason its always been odd that GT didn't include them, yet has enjoyed 50 million units pass through polyphony's shipping department.

The game is damn near meditation. Car porn, Education & Driving experience at its best. Which is what the franchise has always stood for. Pretending that a game thats only new features are rewind and a covkpit view is some how a better experience, is a joke.

I agree with what someone said about damage. Both games do a halfa** job at it. Especially in that F3 video with the flying lamborghini. Damage isn't key to driving. Knowing how to maintain traction is, and its up to you to decide which one feels more natural to you.

GT5prologue has Forza3 beat in visuals and performance, and I'd imagine GT5 will be just as good of a beating. Just like GTHD looked better than Forza2, Which none of you can disagree with now with F3 using a modern lighting model. F2 looked terrible.

If you keep trying to justify your Forza Purchase against Gran Turismo, you'll never get there. Turn10 doesn't have the hardware to produce what GT5 can produce.

Elvfam5113225d ago

the day/night cycles

the 1000 cars the realistic graphics 1080p they all suck booooo

I need 540p graphics and a wannabe spartan with a grunt on the side
Yes I need more of this i be set for life

Knightrid8083225d ago

I can't believe Turn 10 Studios hasn't been banned to the open zone yet.

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Lucreto3226d ago

Oh Sony, wont you give me a mercedes benz ?
Forza has porsches, I must make amends.
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
So Sony, wont you give me a mercedes benz ?

techie3226d ago

I don't whether to laugh or cry...

Maybe a slow clap will suffice

Lucreto3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

I couldn't help it. :)

A slow clap is better than nothing.

I heard a better one but I can't remember it.

cRaZyLeGs 933226d ago

I've started to question myself, what does GT5 actually have that blows the competition away? To those who disagree, I want a good reply.

Perkel3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

@ crazylegs

for start 1000 cars ? :>

Sarcasm3226d ago

"what does GT5 actually have that blows the competition away?"

One headlight has more polygons than a full car in GT4.
Each car is made up of about 200,000 polygons. For starters, Forza 2 is about 70,000 each. Don't know what Forza 3 is, maybe around 120,000. And Vegeta's power level is over 9000!

Sorry had to put that in there. Couldn't help it.

Sitdown3225d ago

Hahahah....the Vegeta comment was great.

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FlipMode3226d ago

Nice Fail?
lol @ 360 Fanboys.

Turn 10 Studios3226d ago

My bad

they just look Similar

I really couldn't tell :)

cRaZyLeGs 933226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

Cars still bounce off barriers in GT5. Those who disagree, prove they don't.

Ok fanboys, where's the proof? The disagrees as the fanboys panic. *Expects even more disagrees now.

Perkel3226d ago

@ crazy legs

so do in every game (yes even in forza)

find me a proof ?:>

SoapShoes3225d ago

Shut up! What a tard, trying to prove that GT5 will be so outdated before you know anything about it, before ANYTHING is revealed about it. Ignore for you.

cRaZyLeGs 933225d ago

Forza isn't out either, yet it is abused too.

DaTruth3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I only own a PS3; And that was hilarious! I have toast crumbs in my nose now! LMAO!!!

@Crazylegs: Ya, but we know who started bashing what first; In fact, we know who started this whole console war thing last gen, and we know who's still bitter now, because their console was put out to pasture early last gen!

cRaZyLeGs 933225d ago

This thread cost me 2 bubbles, lol.

beardpapa3225d ago

That's funny Turn 10, but people have been doing that in Forza 2 for a long time too.

I wonder if I can make a car fly off Camino Viejo and outta the track in Forza 3.

DaTruth3225d ago

"This thread cost me 2 bubbles, lol."

Wasn't me!

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Microsoft Xbox 3603226d ago

I present you the new physics for Forza 3:

LOL. Grid is more realistic than that.

Lord_Ranos3226d ago

Is that really Flopza 3?? lol Looks like forza 2.1.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3225d ago

...James Bond couldn't do that!!! ;-D

Shane Kim3225d ago

Lol, racing sim my @ss. Is this Boreza 3 or GTA Vice City?

maverick11913225d ago

if thats forza 3 then thats awful there was no damage what so ever GT5 will destroy forza 3 as soon as it hits shelves

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ReviewsArePolitics3226d ago

You'd have credibility if you had another username.

Saying this makes me captain obvious. But then again, people are morons, so I just had to get this out of the way.

DaTruth3225d ago

360 fanboys have an account for every game they troll. He probably has a God of Wack account and a Unfarted account!