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Jens writes: Darkest of Days may be the FPS that ruined all FPSs for me. The game sends you through time to participate in history's greatest battles, but the bland graphics, the cretinous AI, the dull, dull action reduce every scene to the same muddy, floaty, frustrating shoot-out; if you squint, there's nothing to distinguish one level from the last. The tedium is pervasive. It makes killing people such a struggle that I began to question whether it is fun to kill people at all. Probably because I played this just after slogging through that epitome of mediocrity, Wolfenstein, but I was rocked to the core by this existential doubt: if I don't enjoy killing people, then what is there to modern gaming? Suddenly I was deeply bored, frustrated, even annoyed by the entire FPS genre. I never wanted to kill a virtual person again. Darkest of Days did this to me.

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CreepyB3222d ago

and i thought halo 3: nothd was a super flop.

Mu5afir3222d ago

This game HAD potential.. too bad.

Alcon Caper3222d ago

I dunno, time travel in an FPS doesn't seem to work well...I'm reminded of that Time Shift debacle.

SRU96003222d ago

I had a lot of fun with Time Shift.

Darkest of Days, however, is pure garbage.

ReviewsArePolitics3222d ago

That game was alright. Not all games can be as good as the almighty Halo ODST. :)

peeps3222d ago

timesplitters? although that game was just a great way to have loads of diff environments and weapons rather than this whole thing about taking modern machine guns back to the cival war :|

Montrealien3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

This is what pisses me off about the N4G community or communities like it. There are people creating multiple accounts and trolling games like Halo ODST or Uncharted 2 or Forza 3 or GT5 praying for them to either fail or succeed saying one or the other sucks or what not yet true crap like this is forgotten about and left to rot. We to speak out against releasing this kind of crap, not against Bungie, turn 10, Polyphony or Naughty Dog they are actually doing it right.

It comes down to the age old rule of fame, whether is good or bad, as long as people talk about it. This is a bad game, it deserves a 2/10 yet the larger chunk of the communitie all over the internet are comparing 2 great games somewhere saying one sucks and the other one is teh bomb! its sad I tell ya, sad!!!!!

Sorry for the rant, I am pissed, stuck at work and I want to go play aion so bad!

Edit: Timeplitters was the Goldeneye Multiplayer on crack. Man I loved that franchise.

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Pennywise3222d ago

This game's title fits well with the whole xbox 360 aura lately.

Midgard2283222d ago

i like checkin the reviews for this game lol i think its funny its so low, poor companies, i feel bad if they tried, if they didnt then they deserve it

Troll_Police3222d ago

Only on Xbox

Xbox 360 Elite

Now $100 off

Jump in!

Midgard2283222d ago

one of the many bad exclusives to come out on 360, velvet assassin was the last one i think.

i guess only, fable, gears and halo can sell ;p

ZeroTolerance3222d ago

Actually the game is also on PC, which is always an argument for the fanboys when a good game comes out on Xbox 360. Funny how it is forgotten when a game sucks. Seriously a crappy game is a crappy game, all systems have them. Just because it is only on 360 console-wise doesn't mean squat. How about Ninjabread man on Wii, or Haze on PS3? Seriously people just enjoy the games you like and stop worrying about what the consoles you don't have are doing.

peeps3222d ago

exactly zerotolerance but unfortunatly N4G is full of ppl who'd rather argue who owns the 'better' system, than just enjoying their system and discussing the games

Midgard2283222d ago

haha ninjabread man

well u see when haze came out everyone knew it sucked, its like that with every bad game.
it just happens to be this games turn, i mean haze was what 2007-early 2008?

thing is people wanna know if a game sux before they pay 60 for crap, if a person enjoys it than good, but fact is most wont

and pc games, lol pc has so much crap but also so much good, no one mentions pc games, its just the way it is

Montrealien3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Well said Zero, now go ask the admins to shut down the open zone and crack down on all that nonsense in the gamer zone. Having that place and recognizing it is not helping us stop that kind of fanboy stupidity. You got the power man, stop it!

JsonHenry3222d ago

The fanboys on this site crack me up! The game sucks regardless of the platform!

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