NHL 10 - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: This year has been one of the most impressive for EA Sports. NHL 09 is regarded as one of, if not the best hockey game ever created. The developers were wise with this year's iteration spending most of their time tweaking the sore spots from the previous game, while still adding enough to make NHL 10 worthy of shelling out the dough once again this year. It may be a bold statement, and even a bit cliché, but the team has delivered yet again. NHL 10 is the best hockey game currently available on any console, and quite possibly the best sports game of 2009. If you are even remotely interested in the sport, you need to own this game.

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JackBNimble3221d ago

I need this game being Canadian and all.

JD_Shadow3221d ago

...and that alone makes me want this.

The ease of how you shoot the puck towards the net in the direction you want it to go, and how you can set up different things on the fly really got me. Takes a but of learning to get used to it, but it shouldn't take too long to get.