RedOctane says Natal support is "likely" for Guitar Hero

President and co-founder Kai Huang said that the motion-sensing technology, including Natal, is currently being looked into for a variety of possibilities with Guitar Hero. He also responds to a recent report that music game sales are down year-over-year.

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N4G king3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

isnt that @ss hole said something about a new console or what ever for Guitar Hero only
plug and play or something

and now this Kai Huang comes out and says something about motion controls for Guitar Hero

so he knows better than Activision's CEO ??
RedOctane is owned by Activision

any way this dose NOT sounds right
i mean wtf an air Guitar

if someone did something like this in the past
he is crazy

but now a days
its a way of playing a game

no thanks i'll stick to my controllers thank you