Why Video Game Fans are the Best and Worst of all types of Fans – Part 2 "Video game movies could be some of the best movies ever made, and this is both a reason why video game fans are the best and worst types of fans. Whether it's Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, or Resident Evil, it's all pretty bad and amusing at the same time."

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Peter North3135d ago

Finally, we can all agree that RRODbots are a waste of life.

RedDragan3134d ago


What a botched up job. If ever there was an example of Hollywood of taking a fantastic opportunity and completely messing it up... it is Doom.

I was looking forward to seeing the cliched bleeding walls, the demons, hell being let loose and all non-gamers getting a real shock at how much immersion there is... but to replace Hell with a Chromosome?

Bad move Hollywood, you took the potential 18+ Cert film that would have made healdines left right and center and turned the film into a complete farce, while the appointment of Karl Urban was great... the appointment of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was pure fail.

Doom could have been special with amazing sequels, but once again Hollywood assumes they know what the mass market wants. I would confidently say that in this instance, the mass market would have been extremely happy having a film based exactly on what Doom 3 and the add-ons gave us gamers... a ride straight to Hell and back!!

There were many things in that game that movie fans had never seen... the bloodied footsteps of that ghost mother, hearing her cry and then the baby screaming! That would have worked perfectly! The babies with wings and blood coming out of thier mouths! Hell itself!!

KeenanTheSavage3134d ago

Sh!t, I should have added that to the list. Good write-up though, completely agree. Really all of the movies that are based off of video games are good opportunities (except for Super Mario bros, that was doomed from the start), but they just F it up.