CVG: Alpha Protocol Preview

You could accuse Alpha Protocol's hero Michael Thornton of being bland. After all, he's a spectacularly generic caucasian 20-something with short hair - the 'go to' character design for every action game in the world. But this is entirely intentional, because Michael Thornton is you. He's been specifically designed as a blank canvas; a host for your own personality and playing style.

And you can be anything in Alpha Protocol. A by-the-book professional, a ruthless assassin, an aggressive psychopath, a smooth-talking ladykiller. How you approach situations is entirely up to you, which means Thornton is as interesting as you make him. You can even get rid of the crew-cut and give him a giant, unkempt tramp's beard.

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JL3253d ago

This is sounding to be really good. I think this is probably a tie for my third most wanted game for the rest of this year. Right behind UC2 and Demon's Souls and tied with Operation Flashpoint. Unless of course GT5 gets announced for this year. Then this drops to a tie for fourth.

RadientFlux3253d ago

At the moment Alpha Protocol is tied with Dragon's Age as my most wanted game in 2009.