Gran Turismo PSP - HQ Opening movie

Polyphony Digital published an high quality opening movie from Gran Turismo for PSP. Enjoy.

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Supercalifragili2772d ago

Abolutely amazing, they´re genious on making this CG movies.

hakis862772d ago

and the music is really accelerating!
I'm looking forward to getting a PSP and this game, and then sync my cars to GT5 on my PS3 ^^

Greywulf2772d ago

1. Raytracing.

- No vehicles reflect eachother.

2. Shadows

- Cars are all using shadow cards on the ground.

Its a gran turismo engine. The only thing that throws me off, thats probably CGI is the Spark shots. But they could be reflected easily, if they are the only thing in that scene.. which it appears they are.

cryymoar2772d ago

just footage of GT5 :D

also, i LOVE that song.
I'm a real big Drum & Bass head.
Props to PD for using an awesome song for the intro.

Peter North2772d ago

GTPSP looks better than Snorza 3, no denying it.

freeman292772d ago

Impressive intro :). Sad the game sucks allot.

rockleex2772d ago

Its just not targeted at the regular GT fans.

Its more geared towards handheld gamers who don't really have much time to spend on their games. They like their games in bitesizes.

But Polyphony should have still kept a career mode along with the bitesized gameplay too.

SoapShoes2772d ago

HMMMMM??? A solid B game is bad to you? Retard, is all you do is look at the IGN review? Maybe you should have waited for more reviews before coming to a conclusion of how good it was?

Aquarius2772d ago

The game looks amazing for a 5 year-old handheld :)

Isaahc2772d ago

Thats was awesome D'n'B is a perfect match for every racing game. Does anybody knows the song?

peeps2772d ago

it's Stigma by Noisia

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