PlayStation Home - Details of new Audi space arriving in December

Mini-game available in the upcoming Audi space, due to release in December.
Details of the racing game "Vertical Run" and rewards available.

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GrandDragon3253d ago

Better than Flopza

"...its a joke retards"

Cwalat3253d ago

TGS is just 3 days away, and another step closer to GT5 09 release date announcement.

Pretty clear that they are sending secret messages through this stuff... "Audi Home space"





Home Space Audi


09 December release for GT5

Pretty farfetched i guess, but that'll be proven right or terribly wrong. :P

Pain3253d ago

cant wait! but i want the pirate ship space more :P

labaronx3253d ago

first red bull and now other non gaming companies are starting to create home spaces, come on nike make a streetball space using avatars winning nike gear....

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3253d ago

I haven't logged in HOME for a month good to see new spaces.