Martyrdom perk 'treated differently' in MW2

Infinity Ward has remained cagey on how whether the much-maligned Martyrdom perk from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will be returning for the hotly anticipated Modern Warfare 2, but has teased that it will be "treated differently".

Speaking to, Joel Emslie, lead character artist on Modern Warfare 2, refused to be drawn on Infinity Ward's plans for the perk, but did offer a titbit of information.

"It's not in the beta... I can't talk about it!," he said.

"We are very, very aware of the community and what they like and don't like, and Martyrdom has caught our attention. I'm happy with how the game is.

"It's [Martyrdom] treated differently. And I will say this - it fits in perfectly."

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Delta2925d ago

"But how will i get kills now?" -Noobs of CoD

Panthers2925d ago

I know. I mean if I cant get a kill by dying then all hope is lost.

kwicksandz2925d ago

Martyrdom 2.0

Instead of a grenade going off C4 attached to your chest detonates!

mal_tez922925d ago

It should just be removed or DRASTICALLY changed

Defectiv3_Detectiv32925d ago

I'm sorry, but if you let someone with martyrdom kill you then its your own fault. I just run away instead of standing there like a fool. And if you are actually equipping martyrdom, then that's just a waste of a perk.

Personally, I don't think you should be able to use martydom unless you still have a nade left.

StanLee2925d ago

If you're frequently killed by martyrdom in Call of Duty 4, you're the noob.

AssassinHD2925d ago

I think at the very least the dying person should have to do a QTE with a very small amount of time to simulate grabbing a grenade and pulling the pin.

NegativeCreepWA2925d ago

Tony that's great idea, I hope that's what they did.

CyberCam2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I'm not even going to bother with MW2 multi-player this time around. I'll most likely get the game around Jan. to March 2010 sometime... getting it from (for $40 or less), only for the single-player & co-op. I've had my fair share of arcade FPS "run 'n' gun" shootem ups, their getting very stale to me these days, plus I'll be too busy playing Operation Flashpoint 2 DR.

I'm drawn in by the concept of shooting your opponent before they shoot you and not having to worry if you happened to be in close quarters and some random grenade going off while trying to get away, only to get stuck on some object. Also, the teammate killing an opponent thing with me running around a corner at the wrong time... this scenario happened quite often to me as well as the team killing in hardcore. To me, it takes the fun out of the game.

Any game that rewards players for dying, is not a game for me. Just my personal opinion. The good news is that there is a large audience of players that love this kind of gameplay and will eat it up, so IW will sell MW2 by the truck loads!

Sarcasm2925d ago

Martyrdom doesn't bother me. I might get killed by it once or twice. But that's why you should never run into the direction of the person you just killed. Chances are, there could be the martyrdom or back up from the other team. Staying back 3-4 seconds gives you time to reload safely anyway. So the real noobs are the ones who complain about it. Change your strategy every round!!!

mfwahwah2925d ago


That sounds like a fair enough compromise in my opinion.

People also need to learn how to "run away." It doesn't ALWAYS let you live, but I suck at FPS and I never had any trouble with martyrdom. Unless I was in a heated fight and didn't have time to run. In that case, I accept defeat.

OgTheClever2925d ago

I too are hoping it depends on having a grenade remaining in your inventory.

DominusRebellis2924d ago

It's the most useless perk in the game. Nobody wants it! I though they were going to take the reccomendations of their fans seriously. Remember when they asked which perks the fans wanted to see? Wow, this proves that more noobs play this game than anyone!

Kleptic2924d ago

no...martyrdom was completely broken in cod4 for certain game modes...

the standard excuse on the forums for that perk was 'if you don't like it, play hardcore'...well, some of us loved couldn't play hardcore HQ until 6 months after the game released...and anyone that played HQ somewhat competitively probably loved having an opposing team camping an HQ, purposely not taking it, and waiting for your team to get close...only to rush it all at once and guarantee to wipe out most of your team simply by that perk...and not killing one of their teammates...

that game mode was based on close quarters action...and that is where the perk was completely broken...

other than that...yeah, it wasn't a big'd die from it occasionally just because of bad luck...but whatever...

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crillyconlig2925d ago

is the worst thing ever to put in a mp game, can only justify it if you have to press a button to use it just before you die, ie having to time it right

Solidestchimp2925d ago

i hate this perk so much i kill 4 guys about to get my air strike and 1 of the people i killed has martydom on and i cant run away in time =/

tripewire2925d ago

grow a pair! I wasnt even good at the game and martydom was easily avoided. Just dont run and gun. I actually wish it was a common feature to every player as it makes you use some skill.

Solidestchimp2925d ago

its hard to run sometimes in closed spaces but yeah i do lack skill but w/e :P also i dont run and gun its just hard to avoid on some maps

retrofly2925d ago

Don't run and gun? What do you want us to do, camp in the corner? Give me a break.

Martyrdom is a pain in the ass, I've killed a few guys with it before, and died trying to dodge the 3 or 4 nades dropped.

Its also a massive pain in the ass if someone has died round a corner or something and you step round to see the nade marker just as it goes off.

Dont reward people because they suck, at least give them something where they have to use skill.

Any ideas on how it will work? Nade on the belt that if you shoot they blow up? That would be cool :D

They need to sort out last stand as well, like no iron sights when in last stand, and if you shoot them on the way down it kills them.


well, as pointed out at the end of the day it just depends on your play style..

If you run and gun, then thats the risk you take. If you want to camp then that has it's risks too. most of the time when i get killed by Martyrdom it's because a team mate has killed someone in front of me that i didn't see in time and they drop one. I don't like running and gunning like some spray noobs ( there is no skill in that either ) and i don't exactly camp ( makes you an easy target ), i go for mid ranged weapons and try to balance the two. 90% of the time when i kill someone they are not close enough so it does not matter..

when someone is running at me, trust me they wont get anywhere near close enough to drop anything before i put them down.

gta_cb2925d ago

when you will run around the corner where your team has just killed someone with this perk, and as soon as the icon appears on your screen it blows up so literally there is NO chance to avoid it, and you didnt even kill the guy with the perk.

i never used this perk so i would prefer to have it removed / changed

SuperM2925d ago

You know, not everyone is a boring camper like you, some of us like to run and gun. Martyrdom is and always will be a retarded perk because it awards the player kills without skills. If i killed someone with martyrdom i wouldnt feel the acomplishment of a normal kill, but the player i killed would most likely be more pissed off then a normal kill. Which means martyrdom dont create a feeling of acomplishment, it only creates massive frustration. Why add something that is purely negative to your game?

tripewire2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

you dont have to camp. You move slow and methodical, cover yourself. Act as if you dont want to die and your characters life means something.

EDIT: Probably why I like Killzone 2 more :)

retrofly2925d ago

What if you run and gun with a rifle?

I don't like spray weapons, I normally used the single shot rifles or M16, but I still would run and gun. I hate P90/PPSh spray noobs.

kwicksandz2925d ago

i like martyrdom purely because it punishes run and gunners. The only time you ever should be killed by it is if you are stun grenaded and cant run away in time.

If you frequently die from it you need to L2P

tylar12925d ago

isnt the reason good ppl die die from martyrdom. The ways i die from martyrdom is when i face 2 or more people at once and 1 has martyrdom, i have 2 kill thm all b4 running or i'll get shot. And the occasional team mate kill gets me martyrdomed. & dont talk about skill when ur obviously a camper.

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Skynetone2925d ago

i wanted a perk to drop two live grenades

DanSolo2925d ago

Nah only 2 grendades is for wimps, I want a fvck off great big satchel bomb strapped to my back so that when I get killed I take out about a fifth of the map and then can boast about what a great player I am cos I killed so many other players without using skill or ability...