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Submitted by jtorry 2331d ago | news

Martyrdom perk 'treated differently' in MW2

Infinity Ward has remained cagey on how whether the much-maligned Martyrdom perk from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will be returning for the hotly anticipated Modern Warfare 2, but has teased that it will be "treated differently".

Speaking to, Joel Emslie, lead character artist on Modern Warfare 2, refused to be drawn on Infinity Ward's plans for the perk, but did offer a titbit of information.

"It's not in the beta... I can't talk about it!," he said.

"We are very, very aware of the community and what they like and don't like, and Martyrdom has caught our attention. I'm happy with how the game is.

"It's [Martyrdom] treated differently. And I will say this - it fits in perfectly." (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Delta  +   2331d ago
"But how will i get kills now?" -Noobs of CoD
Panthers  +   2331d ago
I know. I mean if I cant get a kill by dying then all hope is lost.
kwicksandz  +   2331d ago
Martyrdom 2.0

Instead of a grenade going off C4 attached to your chest detonates!
mal_tez92  +   2331d ago
It was a terrible idea to begin with
It should just be removed or DRASTICALLY changed
Defectiv3_Detectiv3  +   2331d ago
I'm sorry, but if you let someone with martyrdom kill you then its your own fault. I just run away instead of standing there like a fool. And if you are actually equipping martyrdom, then that's just a waste of a perk.

Personally, I don't think you should be able to use martydom unless you still have a nade left.
StanLee  +   2331d ago
If you're frequently killed by martyrdom in Call of Duty 4, you're the noob.
AssassinHD  +   2331d ago
I think at the very least the dying person should have to do a QTE with a very small amount of time to simulate grabbing a grenade and pulling the pin.
NegativeCreepWA  +   2331d ago
Tony that's great idea, I hope that's what they did.
CyberCam  +   2331d ago
It's no big deal to me!
I'm not even going to bother with MW2 multi-player this time around. I'll most likely get the game around Jan. to March 2010 sometime... getting it from (for $40 or less), only for the single-player & co-op. I've had my fair share of arcade FPS "run 'n' gun" shootem ups, their getting very stale to me these days, plus I'll be too busy playing Operation Flashpoint 2 DR.

I'm drawn in by the concept of shooting your opponent before they shoot you and not having to worry if you happened to be in close quarters and some random grenade going off while trying to get away, only to get stuck on some object. Also, the teammate killing an opponent thing with me running around a corner at the wrong time... this scenario happened quite often to me as well as the team killing in hardcore. To me, it takes the fun out of the game.

Any game that rewards players for dying, is not a game for me. Just my personal opinion. The good news is that there is a large audience of players that love this kind of gameplay and will eat it up, so IW will sell MW2 by the truck loads!
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Sarcasm  +   2331d ago
Martyrdom doesn't bother me. I might get killed by it once or twice. But that's why you should never run into the direction of the person you just killed. Chances are, there could be the martyrdom or back up from the other team. Staying back 3-4 seconds gives you time to reload safely anyway. So the real noobs are the ones who complain about it. Change your strategy every round!!!
mfwahwah  +   2331d ago

That sounds like a fair enough compromise in my opinion.

People also need to learn how to "run away." It doesn't ALWAYS let you live, but I suck at FPS and I never had any trouble with martyrdom. Unless I was in a heated fight and didn't have time to run. In that case, I accept defeat.
OgTheClever  +   2331d ago
I too are hoping it depends on having a grenade remaining in your inventory.
DominusRebellis  +   2331d ago
It's the most useless perk in the game. Nobody wants it! I though they were going to take the reccomendations of their fans seriously. Remember when they asked which perks the fans wanted to see? Wow, this proves that more noobs play this game than anyone!
Kleptic  +   2331d ago
no...martyrdom was completely broken in cod4 for certain game modes...

the standard excuse on the forums for that perk was 'if you don't like it, play hardcore'...well, some of us loved couldn't play hardcore HQ until 6 months after the game released...and anyone that played HQ somewhat competitively probably loved having an opposing team camping an HQ, purposely not taking it, and waiting for your team to get close...only to rush it all at once and guarantee to wipe out most of your team simply by that perk...and not killing one of their teammates...

that game mode was based on close quarters action...and that is where the perk was completely broken...

other than that...yeah, it wasn't a big'd die from it occasionally just because of bad luck...but whatever...
crillyconlig  +   2331d ago
is the worst thing ever to put in a mp game, can only justify it if you have to press a button to use it just before you die, ie having to time it right
Solidestchimp  +   2331d ago
i hate this perk so much i kill 4 guys about to get my air strike and 1 of the people i killed has martydom on and i cant run away in time =/
tripewire  +   2331d ago
grow a pair! I wasnt even good at the game and martydom was easily avoided. Just dont run and gun. I actually wish it was a common feature to every player as it makes you use some skill.
Solidestchimp  +   2331d ago
its hard to run sometimes in closed spaces but yeah i do lack skill but w/e :P also i dont run and gun its just hard to avoid on some maps
retrofly  +   2331d ago
Don't run and gun? What do you want us to do, camp in the corner? Give me a break.

Martyrdom is a pain in the ass, I've killed a few guys with it before, and died trying to dodge the 3 or 4 nades dropped.

Its also a massive pain in the ass if someone has died round a corner or something and you step round to see the nade marker just as it goes off.

Dont reward people because they suck, at least give them something where they have to use skill.

Any ideas on how it will work? Nade on the belt that if you shoot they blow up? That would be cool :D

They need to sort out last stand as well, like no iron sights when in last stand, and if you shoot them on the way down it kills them.
DARK WITNESS  +   2331d ago
well, as pointed out at the end of the day it just depends on your play style..

If you run and gun, then thats the risk you take. If you want to camp then that has it's risks too. most of the time when i get killed by Martyrdom it's because a team mate has killed someone in front of me that i didn't see in time and they drop one. I don't like running and gunning like some spray noobs ( there is no skill in that either ) and i don't exactly camp ( makes you an easy target ), i go for mid ranged weapons and try to balance the two. 90% of the time when i kill someone they are not close enough so it does not matter..

when someone is running at me, trust me they wont get anywhere near close enough to drop anything before i put them down.
gta_cb  +   2331d ago
what i found most annoying is
when you will run around the corner where your team has just killed someone with this perk, and as soon as the icon appears on your screen it blows up so literally there is NO chance to avoid it, and you didnt even kill the guy with the perk.

i never used this perk so i would prefer to have it removed / changed
SuperM  +   2331d ago
dont run and gun?
You know, not everyone is a boring camper like you, some of us like to run and gun. Martyrdom is and always will be a retarded perk because it awards the player kills without skills. If i killed someone with martyrdom i wouldnt feel the acomplishment of a normal kill, but the player i killed would most likely be more pissed off then a normal kill. Which means martyrdom dont create a feeling of acomplishment, it only creates massive frustration. Why add something that is purely negative to your game?
tripewire  +   2331d ago
you dont have to camp. You move slow and methodical, cover yourself. Act as if you dont want to die and your characters life means something.

EDIT: Probably why I like Killzone 2 more :)
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retrofly  +   2331d ago
What if you run and gun with a rifle?

I don't like spray weapons, I normally used the single shot rifles or M16, but I still would run and gun. I hate P90/PPSh spray noobs.
kwicksandz  +   2331d ago
i like martyrdom purely because it punishes run and gunners. The only time you ever should be killed by it is if you are stun grenaded and cant run away in time.

If you frequently die from it you need to L2P
tylar1  +   2331d ago
run & gun
isnt the reason good ppl die die from martyrdom. The ways i die from martyrdom is when i face 2 or more people at once and 1 has martyrdom, i have 2 kill thm all b4 running or i'll get shot. And the occasional team mate kill gets me martyrdomed. & dont talk about skill when ur obviously a camper.
Skynetone  +   2331d ago
i wanted a perk to drop two live grenades
DanSolo  +   2331d ago
Nah only 2 grendades is for wimps, I want a fvck off great big satchel bomb strapped to my back so that when I get killed I take out about a fifth of the map and then can boast about what a great player I am cos I killed so many other players without using skill or ability...
Solidestchimp  +   2331d ago
martydom should only work if you still have grenades left in your inv cos most people use 3 then spray the building then run at you and use martydom
Chuck Norris KING  +   2331d ago
but chuck norris love martyrdom !!
peeps  +   2331d ago
it's filth tbh. the fact that a player can run around firing at the sky and get kills because they drop a grenade out their ass isn't right. not too sure about this whole 'death streak' thing as well.

anyway if they keep it in the best thing they could do is have some sort of button qte as you die and you have to have a grenade left over. never got how you'd use up all your grenades but magically have 1 for when you die lol
DARK WITNESS  +   2331d ago
ya, i think your idea is quite good and would work well.
retrofly  +   2331d ago
At least the new death streaks require some skill, and are more aimed at survival than killing people.
peeps  +   2331d ago
they're more aimed at helping ppl who arn't good at the game. i didn't realise this was needed tbh. surely ppl just need to get good at the game? you know like in every other game that's ever been released.

i just hope it's balanced. i mean dieing 4 times in a row gives you 10 secs of invulnerability. imagine spawning just as the enemy team plats a bomb in sabo, 10 secs is a long time, could prob diffuse the bomb without the enemy being able to do anything about it lol
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Solidestchimp  +   2331d ago
chuck norris cant die so he cant use martydom
Odin777  +   2331d ago
I hate martyrdom! I hate grenades in general in CoD4. Hopefully MW2 fixes some of the problems MW had.
Solidestchimp  +   2331d ago
knifes baby all the way :D
DARK WITNESS  +   2331d ago
what exactly is the problem with the nades ? you throw them, they blow up...
Odin777  +   2331d ago
The problem with the nades is that they can be thrown across the map...I hate random-ass kills (thats what my friends call it)
jeseth  +   2331d ago
Yeah kind of like real life...
...where soldiers can throw random grenades in the "vacinity" of their enemies.

Deal with it, grenades are in real warfare and they can be thrown as randomly in real life as they are in MW. Same thing with Martyrdom. I don't have a problem with martyrdom...its part of real warfare.

The only thing they should change about Martyrdom is that if you have thrown all your 'nades, you shouldn't let off a Martyrdom grenade,

The only people who complain about Martyrdom are the people not smart enough to avoid it.

What are real soldiers supposed to say? "You can throw grenades there, thats noobish...or...WTF Man, that Martyrdom nade was crap, totally screwed up my kill streak".

Its part fo real life and should stay part of the game.
Hymons  +   2331d ago
Knifes and Nades haha...
My friends and I normally refer to those random grenades as "tard-nades." Those things are annoying, look up and chuck one, turn 5 degrees and chuck another.. lol. But it's part of the game, so I don't complain to much.
Odin777  +   2331d ago
Really? Soldiers can throw grenades like a damn cannon? Well I'm very impressed then.

I'm not saying they should be taken out...Just maybe give a more realistic weight like Killzone 2 or something.

But I would not agree Martyrdom is realistic...especially when most people use all their grenades as soon as they spawn.
Hudahudahuda  +   2331d ago
I agree that Killzone handled grenades really well.

They didn't even have a warning and I still died less from them compared to Cod4.

Also, big LOL to anyone that thinks Cod4 is realistic.

Yeah, a wooden shack is perfectly viable cover against an airstrike :D
jeseth  +   2331d ago
I agree Killzone has had one of the better grenades in recent memory...
...and the fact that you don't get a convenient grenade warning , like in COD , makes them harder to run away from.

However, the principle of Martyrdom is still realistic. As is the distance you can throw them. In COD if you really think about how far the grenades are being really would be no more than 100ft. And I think any adult male (and females for that matter) are perfectly capable of basically throwing a baseball 100ft. In most cases I'm sure there are plenty of people who can throw a grenaded 200ft (60 yards) or better.

Many other aspects of COD are very unrealistic, like the previously mentioned "hiding in a wooden shack to avoid an air strike" and putting 3 bullets of any gun into an enemy just to watch them hide behind cover to regain health.

COD has more flaws than people want to admit but Grenade throwing distance and Martyrdom aren't two of them. The only thing they should change about Martyrdom is that if you have used all your 'nades, then you shouldn't drop a Martyrdom when you die.
Chuck Norris KING  +   2331d ago
chuck norris doesn't dodge bullets , Bullets Dodge chuck norris ..
Solidestchimp  +   2331d ago
ahh chuck norris jokes never get old and make me smile bubbles for you :)
jeseth  +   2331d ago
Bubbles for Chuck Norris...
I always thought Chuck Norris deflected bullets with his robust and burly full beard!

Now I know it is much more than that . . . . the bullets avoid him altogether! Amazing.
BYAAHHH  +   2331d ago
Bullets CAN'T dodge Chuck Norris.
DARK WITNESS  +   2331d ago
lol, true, but it was good fun listening to the so called " pro's " cry and moan about running into them.
Decerto  +   2331d ago
The "pros" doesnt play public. They stick with customs/scrims.

Decerto rules > public and MLG warriors.
Solidestchimp  +   2331d ago
most people cry and moan about everything on cod like no way i shot him lag or he has a turbo pad thats why i lost or the 1 i love the most dam noob not ruining around and pickin his shots :)
DARK WITNESS  +   2331d ago
@ Decerto

note I said " so called pro's " in other words, people who think they are pro but really are not.

@ Solidestchimp

totally agree with you. people just cry and moan about everything ( myself included, although most of the time when I moan it's when I am getting to much lag ) I can take people using the turbo pads, breaking out the maps etc. As long as the connection is good I can say I still stand a good chance ( and if the team you are on plays well ) but once I start getting lag it really does put me off.

I have no problem with noob tubes, spray and pray, campers, juganoobs... we all have access to the same weapons and perks and I have my set up's to deal with each style of game play. Thats why i don't understand people who cry so much.
bubs78  +   2331d ago
I hope
They fix the problems where people can just run around like headless chickens never using cover never looking around corners or checking entry points to see if its clear to enter a building in case there is a grenade laying on the ground.

Then i hope they fix the problem where people jump and run in circles and dive on the ground and miraclously seem to avoid the hail of bullets.

But instead of working on those problems they work on the only perk that actually punishes bad tactics, Martyrdom.
SuperM  +   2331d ago
its not a bad tactic when you get tons of kills doing it. I usually get the best score when i keep moving alot running fast and cornering people. but there is a high risk of running into martyrdom grenades. But since you dont like that kinda tactic i guess that makes it a bad tactic.

And im happy to tell you that Infinity Wards development team is actually big enough to fix more then 1 thing about the fist game. Im sure fixing martyrdom wont take away more then a couple of months of their development schedule /end sarcasm
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bubs78  +   2331d ago
Its not that i think its a bad tactic (running isnt really a tactic)
Its just that if you took a real war situation who would survive the longest? the guy in cover checking the area is clear before moving or the guy running and jumping down the middle of the road shooting all around him ala rambo style and tossing grenades wildly into the air.

The game aims to be realistic so it should play realistic it should naturally punish people like that but it doesnt it actually encourages it.
dredgewalker  +   2331d ago
i hate martyrdom to the core, im not even good at MW but i prefer my kills by the way of the gun or by stabbing and in no way that i will ever consider a kill made by martyrdom to be fair. I can take live with those that use juggernaut cause it they can still be killed with a fair shot but to be killed by someone that died is plain nonsense. I hope they get rid of it completely.
Rifle-Man  +   2331d ago
It'll be like Last Stand – after you're shot you'll have a few seconds to throw a grenade.
RedSoakedSponge  +   2331d ago
i can imagine the change is you can only use it when u have a spare grenade left when you die. i found it stupid b4 how even when u didnt have a grenade your body would magically drop one from nowhere lol.
goflyakite  +   2331d ago
I don't even mind martyrdom, I rarely get killed by it. Juggernaut is worse.
RedSoakedSponge  +   2331d ago
i think they should change juggernaut so it lets u heal faster, rather than giving u a sh*t load more health. that would be far less annoying imo
IDetonation  +   2331d ago
I agree with StanLee and Tony Scarboni.
Martyrdom doesn't bother me.
Let the noobs have their perk.
If you cant escape a martyrdom, your pretty bad.
You dont even hafta see the grenade indicator. If i just hear the grenade hit the ground, im out. Lolll.

Juggy is 10x worse.
Especially when you hit someone with a snipe and they survive. >.<
Anyone wanna 1v1 or something?
Im bored.
360: IDetonation
Psn: lnsurrection
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dredgewalker  +   2331d ago
Im not that bad but sometimes you can avoid it especially when u kill someone close in an enclosed space and sometimes they just seem to explode faster before you can even run. Dont tell me you've never been killed by Martyrdom even once? Im just saying i prefer my deaths in a much more fair manner by being outskilled or by making a bad judgement because i learn something from that to make me a better player and not by getting killed by someone i just shot down. I just treat Juggernaut as a tank that i have to shoot a lot to kill so no biggie because i never take my sights off an enemy who hasnt fallen.
tylar1  +   2331d ago
u dnt always have time 2 dodge martyrdom -_- & i h8 jugg but people survive sniper shots without jugg so idk.
PSN: detroit2cali 1v1 kiiNg
dredgewalker  +   2331d ago
i still would like it to be removed.....too many newbs use it and it doesnt make a player any better.
Thoreau  +   2331d ago
fix the gratuitous
auto aim!!!!!!!!!!

sometimes i scan an area looking down the iron sights and the target reticule will pull itself in the direction of an enemy.
crillyconlig  +   2331d ago
when you cant even see anyone the gun moves, just fire, you get kills, its far too strong
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jpod  +   2331d ago
i <3 martyrdom for protecting my precious HQ! <.<
tylar1  +   2331d ago
Tip 4 jpod
dont camp in the hq, use c4s or claymores to stop people. If you have 2 camp, do it outside the hq & wait 4 the indicator 2 blink. Martyrdom isnt necessary & is for noobs.
dredgewalker  +   2331d ago
Chuck Norris doesnt need guns or knives to kill you. I wish they can make him a COD game like COD: Martial Warfare.
jeseth  +   2331d ago
I have more of a problem with Juggernaut and the Sniping system...
Juggernaut : for obvious reasons is annoying and pathetic as hell.

Sniping : I don't snipe, but, when you shoot someone with a sniper rifle they should stumble to the ground or die right away...not just continue to run around like they were shot in the arm by a 9mm. Whenever I use a sniper rifle (trying to max out some weapons), I can't believe how resilient soldiers are to sniper rifles in this game.

Martyrdom is at least realistic. The only thing they should change is that if you are out of 'nades you shouldn't be allowed to drop a martyrdom grenade.
UNCLEFESTER  +   2331d ago
Ya no kidding juggernaut is a wimp perk its generally used by the biggest whiners and cryers.Martyrdom take it or leave it serves ya right for running into a grenade all kinds of players use this perk not just noobs you're dead on about the sniping thing I hate it when guys don't even aim and get a kill from across the map usually the M40A3 guys. Too make it fair with martyrdom if you don't have a grenade in inventory the perk should cancel out
Chuck Norris KING  +   2331d ago
chuck norris doesn't play nooby friendly games like cod and gaylo
he only plays Killzone 2 ..
Double Toasted  +   2331d ago
In other words its going to be gimped...
just like what Cliff B did with Active Reload in Gears 2...
Chuck Norris KING  +   2331d ago
chuck norris kicked bruce lee as@ ..
DiLeCtioN  +   2331d ago
err noo
chuck got his ass wooped along with his chest hair taken off XD
LevDog  +   2331d ago
I love how peeps say your a noob from drying from martydrom.. But heres the thing with that cheap perk..

1.. You run over a dead body someone else killed.. If you didnt see that person die, how you suppose to know run away from THAT dead body..

2.. Ive ran away from Martydrom before and Ill run around the corner or through a door way.. It sucks you all the way back and even though on your screen your in a different area.. when you die and it shows your body.. It shows you on the corner or in the door way.. Like the Nade sucked you back in like a vortex

3. If everyone has it on shipment.. I dont care where you run.. You are dying from it..
jpod  +   2331d ago
it doesn't suck you in, it's lag. so while you escaped on your screen, you didn't escape on their side, so you die. i've had many times where some guy gets to unload unto me before my guy did anything on kill cam, even though i was shooting at him on my side.
Ninjamonkey  +   2331d ago
Martydom was incredibly annoying.

Especially if you were a close quaters person. So many times Ive knifed someobody only to find that im now in a small room, facing away from the door, with martydom.

Its cheap. Last stand is ok as you still have to have some skill or luck but martydom plain sucks.

If you want to kill yourself and someone else with a grenade. Theres a brilliant challenge whenre you hold onto a grenade and kill yourself and someone else with it. Brilliant. And then that guy gets to watch your awesome kill on the killcam XD.

If you ever find an annoying camper, just do that, its definately worth the death imo XD
finbars75  +   2331d ago
They should be getting rid of juggernaut.Thats what kills the game.IM tired of unloading a double tap ak47 head shot into someone and them not dying.You dont have that in real life so why the hell would you put something like that in a game.Everyone uses it which shows there a bunch of pu$$ys un like myself who uses the real perks the way there suppose to be used.If there are any real cod players in here who know how to play let me know love to play some legit games with you anytime.Oh martyrdom is your own damm fault serves you right
tylar1  +   2331d ago
is wac just like martyrdom. double tap is useless unless theres a good host cuz it seems less than half the bullets do damage most of the time.
oldsnayke  +   2331d ago
Because video games games resemble reality so much eh?
BYAAHHH  +   2331d ago
Realistic video games
are an oxymoron. I don't understand why people complain about how a game is "so unrealistic". If you want realism, join the military.
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