VGChartz Review: Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls is a strange experiment of community based action RPG gaming which makes for an experience that everyone should try out for themselves. You may shout swear words after your third death in a specific area or lament your lot in life when you are invaded while just trying to beat a level, but it makes the sense of satisfaction upon success that much more sweet. It has surprising value, a unique atmosphere, and fun gameplay, all of which help to offset the lack of polish in the presentation. It won't be for everyone, but if you are willing to put up with some heart rending moments of frustration, you can get a great gaming experience out of Demon's Souls.

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Homicide2954d ago

Pre-ordered the deluxe version at Amazon. The release-date shipping is cheaper than 1 day shipping which was pretty weird.

PostApocalyptic2954d ago

91.23% on gameranking
90 on metacritic

Not bad for such a difficult action-rpg.

Vicodin2954d ago

This has got to be a joke.

An Xbox fansite that puts out fake sales numbers is 'reviewing' PS3 exclusive games?

Are the idiots from vgchartz that delusional that anyone in the gaming world cares at all about what they have to say?

SiteNblog Defender2954d ago

VGChartz are not pro-xbox. You only think that because the numbers don't favor your console. Please kill yourself.

Double Toasted2954d ago

Anyway I'm sure their word holds more weight in the gaming world than yours.

On topic...

This looks like my kind of game...will be purchasing.

Duke_Silver2954d ago

how is it an x-box fansite?

ATY2954d ago

vgchartz is the site of 20 year old Xbox fan who use to post fake sales numbers on the neogaf forums. He was perma-banned for making up sales numbers to try to make it look like the Xbox 360 was selling much better than it really was.

The site is the laughing stock of the gaming world. No one gives a crap what they have to say about games, let alone actually reviewing them.

leeger2954d ago

vgchartz is not an xbox site it just so happen that their estimated life to date sales of the PS3 is just like a million units behind.

PostApocalyptic2954d ago

Presentation - 7.5
Gameplay - 9.0
Value - 10

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Ichiryoka2954d ago

I mean... It actually made in the low 90's on metacritic...

and I know I've said this before but seriously how [email protected]$$ is it that

you can stalk people invade into their world and kill them. CRAZY...

Check this out.

GrandTheftZamboni2954d ago

I'm getting:

"The URL contained a malformed video ID. "

Ichiryoka2954d ago didnt work.. well there was a video that a guy stalked this

party for 10 minutes, waited until they were in a bad situation with

some enemies invaded their world and killed them all.

It was hilarious to watch this guy stalk them for ten minutes.

The Great Melon2954d ago

I remember right when this was announced people were bad mouthing FROM Software saying they were a 3rd rate studio. Whether those claims were true back I don't know, but the games that they are putting out now are creative and really good. Their name is now something that if I see a game with their name on it, I will take a second glance if I didn't give it a good look.

ThanatosDMC2954d ago

I remember that video. He used a dagger to kill them. Probably a Fatal Secret Dagger +5.

There were two summons (Blue Phantoms) protecting and killing for the Human Host at 1-4 and he stalked them till they got near the end of the level where the boss was Penetrator and three red eyed knights were the main guards plus some other soldiers with two crossbowmen. During the confusion the Black Phantom killed both Blue Phantoms and slaughtered the Human Host.

It was a great kill.

Sarcasm2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

"I remember right when this was announced people were bad mouthing FROM Software saying they were a 3rd rate studio."

I think Ninja Blade had something to do with it. Also because the first reveal video from TGS '08 showed it had an extremely poor frame rate, boring looking fights and odd enemy characters and just looked downright generic.

Obviously it's more than what it seemed to be, which is a damn good thing. This game is garnering respect from gamers and the media alike. And in turn, From Software can sit proud knowing they made something that everyone likes.

I don't expect the sales to do all that well though, but I hope it sells enough to make From Software's return on investment.

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mrpotter2954d ago

Good review from the site as always. Not sure about the top ten lists though.

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