Update: Xbox 360 More Popular Than PS3 and Wii

Original story: "According to Google the Xbox 360 is the most popular gaming console ahead of both the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii consoles.

Google statistics have shown that Xbox 360 is searched for on Google more than twice as much as the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii."


Update: Sorry to hijack your news posts Predator, but I believe the source story is forgetting one important detail. I have seen many similar reports from websites using search engine data to compare the popularity of the PlayStation 3 to the Xbox 360. They all seem to forget that when people search for PlayStation 3, 2 out of 3 people will use the key word PS3.

So if we combine the searches done for PS3, PlayStation 3 and Playstation3, and compare these numbers to Xbox 360 and Xbox360 (without the space), we should get a different result.

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The Xbox 360 still seem to win but not by the huge margin suggested in the original report. This is not an attack on, I have seen many sites do similar search engine data comparison and they all seemed to do the same mistake.

But the real winner is actually the Nintendo Wii


Note: The data I presented is only meant as an example of how search engine data can give different results depending on how they are read. These reports do not represent the actual popularity of each brand.

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MaximusPrime4171d ago

Popular huh?

Yea Xbox 360 is very old now. Loads of games are available. Both PS3 and Wii and quite new.

Once more games come in for PS3 and once HOME and littlebigplanet is up and running, then google will say that PS3 is popular. Just wait and see.

Black Republican4171d ago

yeah xbox360 is old the hype has passed and it is still searched more then ps3 and wii on google

once ps3 has more games, well the x360 will also have more games lol
home and little big planet are not system sellers, after all of this wait and see - the x360 will still be more popular

Firewire4171d ago

Um people searching the 360 on google!
Those are people searching for fixes to their
bricked up 360's.

socomnick4171d ago

Little big planet is retarded
Folding at home is a waste of electricity

Black Republican4171d ago

hey man I wouln't call it retarted - (little big planet) - good ideas

[email protected] is very beneficial for alot of ppl and it is for a good cause

the only problem is that some ps3 owners think that these 2 will move units for the ps3 - they just need to understand that these 2 will not sell ps3's

PS3 Owns All4170d ago

Nintendo and SONY have been having consoles out way before MS has. They can say popular ''Now'' But its not going to last long. PlayStation has the most popularity and STILL til this day, unbeaten. Especially PS2 with 7 times the sale of the original X Box.

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EDF 20174171d ago

All of my college friends are getting 360's not PS3's, 99% of the guys at my college are getting 360's when Halo 3 drops. It is the most popular game in America and the 360 sales are gonna kill the competition this holiday season. You'll See.

xfrgtr4171d ago

I don't think so,FF 13,KILLZONE,.....will kill the competition this holiday season

fenderputty4171d ago

buying PS3's. What's your point?

PS3 Owns All4170d ago

I bet u there are people in ur college that own a PS3 so stop ur lying. You are acting like noone likes the PS3. This world is not perfect. Which means not EVERYONE are on the same boat. Everyone has different decisions, opinions, reasons etc etc. Tell me, if noone likes the PS3 then why did PS2 pwned X Box 7 TIMES the sales? Ok thats what I thought.

Texas GMR4170d ago

Both those games won't even be out this holiday season. Might want to start planning your holiday shopping for next year.

It will be a sad year for the PS3 as far as first party developing goes.

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nix4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

he he he.... sorry guys just kiddin' q:

EDIT: ok... whoever disagreed, i was not kidding... anyway, the whole news has been "UPDATED" so better go back to whatever i was doing...

predator4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

to be honest lads the ps3 and wii should have more interest since they are new, 360 is nearly two years old, just shows the leap ms have done since the old xbox to the 360, kudos for that

EnforcerOfTheTruth4171d ago

It's surely because it has more problems. They sum up everything when somebody uses xbox 360 etc in their searches. For example xbox 360 overheated. Xbox 360 broke down. Xbox 360 red lights of dead.

candystop4171d ago (Edited 4171d ago )

read down below

PS3 Owns All4170d ago

I guarentee u there are people at ur college that owns a PS3. Ask then, if they say they don't its because they are'nt honest. I'll say I own a PS3 infront of all the X Box fanboys. What can u x box fanboys do about it? nothing. I'll just say to all fanboys, I own 360 and a PS3 shut both groups up. Thats the end of it.