PlayStation 3: Sony May Post Biggest Loss In 4 Years

Sony Corp., the world's second-largest consumer electronics maker, may report its biggest quarterly loss in four years after the PlayStation 3 game console failed to spur as much demand as Nintendo Co.'s Wii player.

The net loss at Tokyo-based Sony may have widened to 75.8 billion yen ($630 million) in the fiscal fourth quarter ended March 31, from 66.5 billion yen a year earlier, according to the median estimate of 11 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. Sales probably rose 9.5 percent to 2.02 trillion yen, the survey showed.

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THWIP4231d ago

I think it may be time for Sony to use more agressive sales tactics: SALE! SALE! SALE! BUY 2, GET 1 FREE! WE MUST MOVE INVENTORY....BUY AT $1 OVER INVOICE!!!! NO REASONABLE OFFERS REFUSED!!

QuackPot4230d ago

9.3 years to go. Enough said.

MaximusPrime4231d ago

TheMart loves posting negative news about PS3. I DONT CARE.

PS3 will last for a long time. Still in my opinion PS3 is the best console i ever had. Xbox 360 is the worst. i sold it after just 2 months.

TheMART4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

First off:

I didn't write the news, its from another website. And yes, it isn't positive for Sony. Probably you do care otherwise you wouldn't mention it.

You have not had a XBOX 360, and we see constantly Sony droids saying they own or owned a 360 and don't like it. That's bull

I know a some people though that really own a 360, PS3 and Wii. And they all think the Wii is fun for a short time, they love the 360 and play on it the most time and are really dissapointed in the PS3 and only play BluRay movies on it.

And that's reality


BTW I love all your 'bashing' Sony droids, you let me know I need to bring this kind of Sony news every time again!

And yes it's all investment. Only difference is: there is good investing and having over 40 billion dollars in bank (MS) and there is bad investments, where a company needed to get a multimillion dollar bankloan for last year (Sony with its PS3).

The situation has never been as bad as now for Sony. Anyone who can deny this with facts, step up and speak


@ Nix

I wasn't talking why you wouldn't buy a 360, I was talking about facts to show that this isn't a bad situation as shown for Sony.

But well then I'll get down to your points:

1. RINGS OF DEATH! --> Sony fanboys mostly saying they own a 360. Right. Ofcourse there are, but with all of my friends offline and online that have a 360 I know about one had a problem. Then we have 2 years full warranty overhere in Europe. I know two people that have or played a PS3, with one of them the PS3 cooked itself to death within two days. So what's the point? Hardware craps out, especially bleeding edge technology.

2. No HD-drive (don't want to spend 200 extra) --> If you don't want to spend 200 extra, then why do you buy a console that is exactly that amount more expensive? Don't get that one. And, if you don't need a next gen drive, you have the option not to get it. Plus, I can get a HD-DVD add-on already for 160.

3. NO motion-controlled joystick --> first off, how many games on the PS3 work like a charm with it? Right... Then: missing rumble is a bigger deal. Want real great motion controlled stuff, get a Wii with the 360 and spend even less then the PS3. Plus, there are now motion addons for the 360 for sale to put on the controller. Works like a charm

4. DON'T want to keep upgrading (MS might come out with Elite 2.0 within six months with HD-drive and motion controlled joystick) --> you don't have to. I have the white premium 360 and don't even want to upgrade to a black elite. Don't need HDMI and don't need 120 GB. My games look just as pretty as the same on the Elite or the core

5. i DON'T WANT TO DO MS-TYPE [email protected] (just saw the video of towels folded around 360. --> I don't want to be folding @ home on the PS3, while cooking eggs on the freakin hot thing, or grilling the meat and besides that HAVING NO GAMES TO PLAY

@ masterg (below)

I find that strange. So you do play your PS3? Uhm. What then exactly? Only Resistance and Motorstorm are playworthy. The rest of the multiplatformgames look better on the 360. Plus the online on the 360 is better.

I really don't believe if you have a PS3 and a 360 standing besides each other that the PS3 will get more playtime. There isn't anything simple to do. Other then folding @ home

chelcho4231d ago

You are overwhelmed by strange, bitter hatred: did Sony kill your family or hurt you? Start enjoy your xbox360. I'm happy with my PS3.
Have a nice day :)

nix4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

as for your retarded comment:
"You have not had a XBOX 360, and we see constantly Sony droids saying they own or owned a 360 and don't like it. That's bull"

i don't even own a 360 and will probably never buy it because:
2. No HD-drive (don't want to spend 200 extra)
3. NO motion-controlled joystick
4. DON'T want to keep upgrading (MS might come out with Elite 2.0 within six months with HD-drive and motion controlled joystick)
5. i DON'T WANT TO DO MS-TYPE [email protected] (just saw the video of towels folded around 360.

you can say sony fanboys just hates 360 but i think there are VALID REASONS why. DON'T TELL ME WHATEVER I LISTED IS A BULLSHIT!! and don't get into 360s got more games.. blah blah blah...


EDIT: @MART (above)

i gave you the reasons because you accused that it's bullshit that people say they don't like 360. anyway, i knew you were a fool but you NEVER FAIL TO SHOCK ME!! let me point it out for you... again!

1. i know you live in a Fart-land where you have 30 friends who own 360 (you gave us the number last time) and two friends who owns PS3 and one of PS3 crapped out! well.. i think you better stop living in your planet and pay a visit to a planet called - Earth! things are different here.

2. well... HD-drive was only the tip of the ice-berg... i still prefer PS3 because if i bought 360 and wanted to match it with PS3 i will end up paying $700

$399 360 Premium (because you don't like "black" Elite)
$ 50 Live (don't say it spreads for one year...)
$199 HD-DVD
$99 (Wireless adapter because PS3 comes with one)

3. oh.. you mean to say that motion-control made by 3rd party... the one where i sway the controller and after three seconds the car moves left? and please... don't bring in the Wii...

4. maybe you like premium... but i want a system which i know will last atleast 5 years... after MS' statement that they want to take "ipod" approach to 360 (that means a new upgraded console every year)... i am skeptical.

5. tell me honestly Mart, which one sounds better? using PS3 for [email protected] or using blankets for [email protected]?

@DODGEFATE (below):

no dude... he's got a 360. here's a video of him playing.. q:

masterg4231d ago


I actually own both a PS3 and a 360.

The only time the 360 gets turned on is when there is a new demo or when I play Gears of War.
The problem is that it takes about 10 minutes to get the crap to accept any of my discs. So it gets played a couple of hours a month.

dodgefate4231d ago

I don't know who or how you can contribute when all you do is talk sh!t an have never... seen more then 1 bubble you have never! had anything good to say.

An it's funny when you talk so much about xbox when I bet you don't even own one your self you know you have to go buy it an experience it yourself to be a true fanboy not read up on it online an preach.

Merovee4231d ago

No offense but this article is a big "DUH" statement I've ever seen.
Sony has been making money for years on PS2 and it is the first year with their new console. They always lose money on it their first year (2 for PS2). However unlike their competitors they've made huge PROFIT for the last 4 years.

sabbath4204231d ago

How could you possibly say that crap? You sold your xbox after 2 months? I dought u ever had one, if you would have had one you would still be playing all the great games it has. What does your precious ps3 have so far after 7 months? motostorm is pretty flat after a short time and resistance was not that great. That cell processor sure is neat though. Oh and how about those nifty card slots, those are handy i am sure, since you can't stream content from the pc. Jack of all trades master of nothing.

razer4231d ago

Sony people do the same thing when it comes to 360 articles and even more so. I have to disagree with you, the 360 has been the best console I ever owned and the PS3 is the worst, although I haven't sold it yet.

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Toolman4231d ago

So if its the biggest loss in four years, does that mean that they took a bigger hit with the launch of the PS2

nix4231d ago

does it mean sony posted a bigger loss when they launched PS2?

plus... it's the investment for the future. if Blu-ray wins the HD battle, Sony will earn enough money from the royalties.

anyway, sony already said they'll be losing money big time for the next two years specially in the game division.

gotta give credit to Mart though for finding this news piece... i am sure he'll sleep peacefully tonight! q:

uHuRu4231d ago

how does this affet me or playstation 3?

Keyser4231d ago

I think Sony already posted that they would be losing money on the PS3 when it launched some time ago. They just launched a system at a loss similar to MS when they launched the 360. Its an investment in the future for both companies.

fenderputty4231d ago

It takes a rational man to realize that a Launch in Europe with losses on each console has helped this. Mart plays on the less rational though since, his logic is at a 3rd grade level. Negative spin FTW!

God ...I remember last year, people were making fun of the 360 for crappy sales and games. It's like he wants revenge. OOO and BTW MARTY boy. I've owned and sold my old 360.

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