Details on Square Enix's New RPG The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant is an upcoming game from Square Enix that the company is viewing as a new pillar of its role-playing game business for the new generation of consoles. This is a wholly original game that the publisher believes will be the start of a new franchise targeted at Japanese and US audiences. Though The Last Remnant is still a ways off from release, it was shown at a recent press conference held by the Japanese studio. While still in an early stage of development, the game showed a promising mix of Square's familiar bag of tricks and some interesting new ideas.

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nice_cuppa4205d ago

360 too !

well done square !

i think i will get ff13 for ps3 and this for 360 !

freeza4205d ago

square has done this before an it didnt work so we will see how it turns out this time