Retail Scoop: New Releases Week of September 22, 2009

In affiliation with, TripleChat is happy to bring you the new releases each week for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable.

Along with new game releases they will also highlight the top five bluray releases each week that they feel will best suite movie and TV show fans alike. This is region specific to North America.

This week TripleChat notices there is a slight drought this week in quality titles, perhaps from the release of a particular game...rhymes with J-Lo. Nonetheless the selection is decent depending on what you want to buy. Namco is releasing (they hope) the new Katamari game this week, after pushing it up a week last week and now setting it back to its original release date. Rock Band has a new track pack and Persona comes to the PSP!

On the bluray side of things, it's a good week to be a Trekkie as the second season and "The Next Generation" make their blu debut at some excellent pricepoints. Other releases include a couple of Simon Pegg hits, as well as the latest (and final) season of Terminator.

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