NBA 08 First Official Trailer

IGN has the first official trailer for Sony's NBA '08.

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THWIP4204d ago

This is Sony first-party stuff? Please tell me this is just a glossy PS2 port, and not PS3 exclusive; that looks worse than the launch 360 games. :o

Genki4203d ago

There's no reason we should be seeing first-party titles looking like this when games with the way 3rd party games such as Ratchet, Uncharted, and Final Fantasy are looking, period.

tony4203d ago

only the animation moves look good. the rest looks baaaaad.

Grown Folks Talk4203d ago

was garbage. despite claims of it's "awesome" graphics, and it being the "best" basketball game last year in certain publications. the characters look like wet, shiny, & angry mud. the gameplay was rotten. nba 2k all the way.

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