Massive Review: Majesty 2

MassiveDamage Writes : Have you ever been playing an MMO and wished that, just once, you could play as some sort of Ultra Quest Giver? Honestly, it's more fun than it sounds, and it's a lot like the experience I had playing Majesty 2. The Majesty series is billed as a series of fantasy kingdom simulations, which is an apt description. Despite what the screenshot above might suggest, this is not an RTS and doesn't play like one. It plays something like an odd cross between World of Warcraft and The Sims. If that sounds at least vaguely interesting, read on to see what the whole thing is about...

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LBPLover3349d ago

Some interesting points. I might buy it though, I was a huge fan of Majesty 1

Bilzac3349d ago

The game doesnt seem to stand a chance against the competition these days. You know why people complain when a game is less then 8, because we want to spend our hard earned money on something worthwhile, not a die hard fan of this game so i will prob just rent it.

Panthers3348d ago

Where can you rent PC games?

dribbles3349d ago

Great review. Looks like you touched on pretty much all the points. Game looks interesting but man it's gonna be tough for me to find time to play this with all the other big releases coming out soon.

Gamingshouldbefun3348d ago

playing it now and its pretty awesome. not a standard rts shiit.
its like you play with wow characters but dont have direct cotrol over them.

napplegate3348d ago

unfortunately this appears to be another pc game i will not be purchasing.