PS3 Anticipated Titles of 07

The PlayStation 3 may have had a rough start in the console race because of the lack of launch titles in comparison to other systems. Well we are now in the year of 2007 and soon to hit 08, but the PlayStation 3 is about to break the drought of hit titles.

Hit the jump for a detailed list of upcoming titles complete with trailers.

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dodgefate3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

change MGS (2008) for ninja gaiden an you set but nice list

an missing:
- Assassin's creed
- Home (if you can call it a game)

Sevir043965d ago

said the the same thing

wildcat3965d ago

still got my fingers crossed for '07 :)

Sevir043965d ago

especially that title... because ninja Gainden is more anticipated than that game. even though it's a new Ip from EA it's an EA game which most of the time is well utter rubbish... it's nice to see a more accurate list of hotly anticipated list of games from the ps3. lair. MGS4, R&C future, UNCHARTED, HS, KILZONE, wow.. impressive.. add NGS and that list is sealed. and DMC4, dark sector.

techie3965d ago

2007? FFXIII? The Getaway and 8 Days please.

Satanas3965d ago

FFXIII is set for '08, isn't it?

If I'm wrong, then that is GREAT. The sooner I get my hands on it, the better.

Firewire3965d ago

Deep we will never get any info on Eight Days'
unless you do some snooping around for us!
I've been waiting patiently!

techie3965d ago

Wait until Thursday...

wildcat3965d ago

whad'ya have up your sleeves?

techie3965d ago

Thursday you'll be seeing some new games...and most likely 8 Days and The Getaway, plus more

gta_cb3964d ago

why thursday? oh come on deep tell us your secret... pretty pwease =D

gta_cb3964d ago

<double post sorry guys>

techie3964d ago

Well it's SOny gamer's day(s) from today until thursday. Information and media is only released on Thursday. Lots of media, and new projects announced

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BitbyDeath3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

More importantly it's missing "Eight Days", also i think a few of those titles aren't to be released til 08

gta_cb3964d ago

well deeps saying wait till thursday so maybe he knows something we dont

Honeal2g3965d ago

thought it was gonna be a ps3 exclusive list oh well and it also said 2007 metal gear is 08 but other than sick list

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The story is too old to be commented.