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Submitted by Anon1974 2333d ago | article

Uncharted 2: Start the sales bashing

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is less than a month away and game journalists are happily reviewing their copies now, lost in the rich and graphically amazing world of Nathan Drake. Early previews had been extremely positive and now as the first reviews leak to the web it sounds as if the initial response the game received was well warranted. IGN declared "With stunning visuals (that still rank amongst the best in gaming today), a fantastically told story, great puzzles and high-octane gunplay, it's easily one of the best titles of this console generation," and GamesRadar gushed "Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. It looks amazing, plays like a dream and the voice-acting/story-telling will hook you in right from the off. PS3 officially has its killer-app."

By all accounts, Uncharted 2 is a masterpiece.

So it's time to cue the journalistic hate. (Industry, PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

Update IGN's quote was indeed from the first Uncharted which made it's way into the Uncharted 2 review. Thanks to kalel114, callahan09 and Scelestus for pointing this out to me. Article has now been amended with appropriate quote.

IGN declared “It's easily one of the best games on the system, blending fantastic presentation and visuals with gameplay that is practically second to none.”

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Peter North  +   2333d ago
I don't play sales, I play games.
Anon1974  +   2333d ago
As should we all.
How many great games have you played over your lifetime that didn't sell all that well?

When sites can't bash a game for it's quality on the PS3, they're just target sales like that means something's wrong with the game. It happens over and over again.
Why Dat  +   2333d ago
Nicely said, sir!
Belasco  +   2333d ago
Seeing you on here in the history quite a bit, where do you find the time to play games?
Genesis5  +   2333d ago
Some of the best games I ever played were not really big sellers(just as this authour stated). That being said I have a feeling that this one will sell massively and probably move a few PS3's while it's at it.

I think Sony is coming around with their advertising now and with some proper promoting this game is destined to be huge.
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Anon1974  +   2333d ago
That was a point made in the article. Somehow, in this console generation some gamers have convinced themselves that if a game doesn't sell a million units day one that there must be something wrong, and many game sites are quick to pick up on that, set unrealistic expectations for sales and then sit back smugly when they don't hit those imaginary targets.

Not every game is going to sell like a Mario Kart or a Halo 3, but that in no way reflects the worth of the game as much as it's a reflection of the games marketability.

And like you said, some of the best games we've all played weren't big sellers.
G3TDOWN  +   2333d ago
KIA sells more than Mercedes benz
so what ? which one is better ? doesn't mean mercedes sucks
Dragun619  +   2333d ago
I totally agree with this guy, Most games especially good games don't just instantly sell a million a week its release. Journalist's need to stop being Bolshevik about sales, and just play the games which I doubt they do, all they want is Hits.

Other than that,PS3's real battle is between the media especially those like watchdog with its BS report and Sites that just keep calling PS3 sinking titanic, too little, too late, etc. People are just blinded, They just don't really understand the value PS3 offers. *sigh*
Sarcasm  +   2333d ago
It's just annoying when they consider "Sales" = "Quality"
cmrbe  +   2333d ago
I still blame
MS and their fans for all of this. Its was a way to create hype for the x360 and to put down PS3 games and the PS3 in general.

MS is all about image this gen so selling the most games and get kids to think that they are cool if they buy a particular game and be in with the crowd.

When did we start hearing bullcrap like we sold 3 million copies first day?. Yes MS. Halo 2 to be exact. It is how most x360 fans have measured how great a game is and a way to attack PS3 games even though PS3 games this gen have sold better compare to previous gens and are generally better then x360 games. Insecurity.

Its so different from previous gens where sales is an after thought but graphics and rating rules game debates. Gone are the days where its quite cool to play a rare gem that most people didn't play.

ICO is my second best PS2 game and yet i think it didn't sell 1/2 a million. To x360 fans its impossible to look forward to any sequel of a game that only sold 1/2 a million and yet most PS3 fans are highly anticipating TLG. Notice the difference.
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el_bandito  +   2333d ago
It's really sad how websites, blogs or whatever could sometimes, if not always, blind anyone with sales. Take GTA IV and the Wii for example.
TOSgamer  +   2333d ago
I have a feeling uncharted 2 will surprise a lot of people and do very well. I'd guess 4 to 5 million when all is said and done. You can already see the reviews are having an effect on preorders. Uncharted 2 has climbed within the top 10 at Amazon almost a month before its release. I'm not sure if the original Uncharted ever got within the top 20 and it ended up selling 2.5 million copies.
Death  +   2333d ago
" KIA sells more than Mercedes benz"
If Kia's and Mercedes both cost the same and Kia still outsold Mercedes there would be a problem somewhere in Germany.

Boody-Bandit  +   2333d ago
Sarcasm beat me to it but it still needs repeating
Sales don't equal quality.

The only sale I care about is the number 1.
The 1 I purchase for myself.
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cmrbe  +   2333d ago
But seriously
who among you people played GT3 and said it was a freaking great because it sold 13 million copies?.


Played ICO and then thought it suck ass because it only sold 400k copies?.

You have to be a retard to think like that.
Death  +   2333d ago
I agree sales don't always indicate quality.
Some of my favorite games have sold very poorly. It all comes down to personal preferance. Rare is a good example on the Xbox of a developer that makes good games that sell poorly. While I also agree making fun of a game that only sells a couple million copies is ignorant, at the same time when a great PS3 game Like Valkyria Chronicles barely makes a blip on the radar, the PS3 owners that didn't buy the game are more to blame then the Xbox 360 owners that make fun of it.

sunnygrg  +   2333d ago
Kia sells better than Ferrari too, and I believe the quality of some PS3 exclusives can be compare to a Ferrari.
Sarcasm  +   2333d ago
I'm going to guess the Demon's Souls is barely going to crack 50,000 in the U.S.

But who cares? It's obviously getting good reviews for a reason.
TheBlackSmoke  +   2333d ago
Uncharted:DF has sold nearly 3 million copies to date (more than mass effect btw) so now it has become an established franchise for PS3. Everyone who bought the first game will most likely buy the sequel plus now with the slim relaunch and new price point there will be many new gamers wanting to buy it.
jetlian  +   2333d ago
well if
you count pack in as sales yea but by itself uc:df didn't move much more than 1.6 million. this one has more potental tho.

kia and mercedez don't cost the same like KZ and halo. so thats not a good comparision
ultimolu  +   2333d ago
Like I said. Sales doesn't make the game. The gameplay is what makes the game.

And I agree with you cmrbe. This AAA bullsh*t didn't come up until a certain group started using it.
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Scelestus  +   2333d ago
That IGN quote was in reference to Uncharted 1.
zeeshan  +   2333d ago
The whole Sales == Quality thing is a gift to all the gamers around the globe from M$ and their lovel boys.. errmm.. FANBOYS!
ThanatosDMC  +   2333d ago
This is quality apparently:
DaTruth  +   2333d ago
Just recently, NBA10 or whatever was given a lower score on PS3 than on 360 because of "online issues". Yet that madness that is Gears 2 online gets a pass from reviewers and 360 fanboys still hold Socom Confrontation up as a terrible mess, which also took a hit from reviewers for "online issues".
aueslander  +   2333d ago
Sales can mean quality...
....some bring up kia vs ferrari, but lets go to music, the beatles have sold like what, 100 million albums all total and no one would say that they put out low quality music as like all of their albums are usually listed in the greatest of all time.

My question is (dont flame me i have both systems and actually PLAY KZ2 and MGS4 regularly) if the games on the PS3 ARE in fact SO good, then why dont PS3 fans pick them up? I mean what, only like 9% of all PS3 owner pike up KZ2 but you look at Halo 3 and what around 35% of 360 owners have picked it up.

1 million sold is a great number and IS a hit. I think though the reason people scoff at it with like KZ2 is because SO may PS3 fanboys were going around calling KZ2 a Halo Killer and a game that would make people forget about Halo. Hell, if you go to youtube, one user, elpresador, made videos saying the 360 was done after KZ2 came out. It is fanboys like these making retarded claims that brings the hell fire of sales onto them. I mean like with Halo, how can you call a game a halo killer if it doesnt sell at the same pace as Halo?

At the end of the day, I play what I like regardless but, even I know sales can matter. Even if one says sales dont equal quality, the fact that a game sells like gangbusters SHOW that a group (sometimes a very LARGE group) of people liked a game and thought it was a quality title, to think otherwise is asinine. I will say though this argument is always brought up whenever a PS3 exclusive comes out and doesnt sell as many as a 360 exclusive (Heck, even MGS4 hasnt sold as many units as the first GEARS).

I mean if we went with the fanboy defense of sales doesnt equal quality, then you can say just because the PS2 has sold 140 mil units doesnt mean that it is and or was a good machine and that the fact it DID sale 140 mil (and growing) means nothing. Of course, we all know that the PS2 is a LEGEND in gaming but, like my example of the Beatles, the fact that it has sold what it has maeans that a ton of people think and or thought it was a great console at at least ONE point so high sales with quality is possible.

As far as uncharted 2, like many PS3 exclusives, it won't crack the 5 mil sold. Anything over 1 is great but PS3 fanboys have shown they dont buy (based on games sold vs console that are out there, which is what, considere the attach rate? I sometimes forget terms so, I am sorry) as many units of a given exclusive as 360 gamers buy for the 360 (look at say H3 vs KZ2, UC1 vs Gears 1, etc). It seems like the hardcore gamers will no doubt buy these games but the casual PS3 fan doesnt as much as a casual 360 fan does. I mean of the 10 mil H3s sold you cant tell me all 10 mil were from hardcore gamers.

Then again, PS3 games (especialy from SOny 1st party studios) are hardly ever advertised. I mean I have seen like 10 times as many Arkham Asylum commercials then Killzone 2 commercials.

Ah well, I wrote WAY too much, play what you like but don't hate on those who like the games you don't. It's childish and makes you look like a raging FANTARD.
InFAMOUS1  +   2333d ago
AHAHAH asking journalist to be non-biased is like asking Bobby Kotick to not care about money, or Gabe Newell to not like cheeseburgers! I mean seriously. Its the little thing called the internet and as long as its around we will have flamebait articles that make zero sense.
Anon1974  +   2333d ago
But it wasn't always this way.
Last gen the internet was going strong, but game journalists actually stuck to little things like...oh, I don't know...facts. Actual news. They didn't invent problems like they have been this gen.

I don't think it's too much to expect game journalists to show a little integrity, but we as gamers add to the problem every single time we get pulled in by their tabloid style reporting. It's just like racism online. It exists because we tolerate it. We're content to just mute instead of filing a report, or standing up to it and because of that it flourishes. This is no different. If we stopped visiting these sites, or started complaining, they'd change their tune the second their hits started to fall, but we don't do it.

Sadly, we're kinda an apathetic bunch.
InFAMOUS1  +   2333d ago
@ Above... BUBBLES 4 u....

I think the biggest problem is everything nowadays is so media driven.. Look at CNN. Also with sooooo many 'gaming' websites out there journalists are hungry, and they will do anything to attract hits to their sites so they can have dinner the next night. Because you are right sir, we do give into it. If we the gamers actually showed these freaks that we wanted quality unbiased journalism then it would stop. However the reality is we are allll to caught up in the console war and which game looks better then the other, and we spend most of our time on here arguing/discussing about it instead of playing video games.
Regardless of what we say, it will continue to be this way for a long time to come
Sarcasm  +   2333d ago
"Also with sooooo many 'gaming' websites out there journalists are hungry, and they will do anything to attract hits to their sites so they can have dinner the next night."

Some don't even get paid and do it anyway. HHG springs to mind.
Timesplitter14  +   2333d ago
Will they friggin stop saying "PS3 finally has its killer app"?

PS3 already has tons of killer apps, damnit. These guys are all stuck in the past with the whole "PS3 has no gaems" thing vehiculed by X360 fanboys.
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Sarcasm  +   2333d ago

"Will ____ Save the PS3?"
mastiffchild  +   2333d ago
The article is right but the pure fact is it's the demographics of each console that dictate the sales of different game on them. Yes Sony could and should advertise their best games a bit better but by and large it's all down to a different make up between the two console owner bases.

360 gamers tend to be Halo fans first and foremost-MS needs Halo as a killer app as without it they really wouldn't sell many consoles-just the way it is. Sony with an older and more varied(in tastes generally) demographic doesn't need the one or two huge sellers to sell consoles(at the right price anyway)as pretty much any exclusive of quality will end up with 2million plus sales regardless of genre and that's just as fair as having killer apps isn't it?

You see this in action when the PS3 gamers(who, remember don't even like games and only play films)buy more copies of long standing games worldwide than the larger 360 user base does(RE5, SF4, TR:U)-it shows the varied nature of gamers on the PS3. Not that there aren't non shooter players on 360 but they're a minority tbh.

So whil it would no doubt be nice for Sony to have a game selling 10million(and maybe GT5 will do)I don't see it as a big deal or part of their plan-they were happy with LBP and KZ2 doing the usual 2mmillion so it must be their projected figure for success and they should know as they've been at this long enough.
jetlian  +   2333d ago
your not totally on point!! one major problem with 360 is its pirated all to easy. Another thing a lot of series are known more by ps fans. so unless MS advertises the changes most people are unaware
DaTruth  +   2333d ago
That is the reason they have six Halo games, 5 of them being Haloless. Name a game after something that will not be in the following 5 sequels.

Should have called it Green Armour dude... Whoops, he won't be in a few of them too!
aueslander  +   2333d ago
DaTruth, you are a FLAMING idiot..
....first, officially there have only been 4 halo games released, not 6 (though the 5th is coming out in a few days) and to say 5 of them are haloless is retarded as well since, I dunno, the 3 MAIN GAMES all had the game ending up being PLAYED ON ONE OF THE HALOS. As far as Halo Wars, the COvenant were looking for artifacts that would lead them to a Halo, and we learn via Halo 1 and 2 that the covenant already knew of said Halos before Halo 1.

As far as ODST, the fight takes place during Halo 3 and we don't know yet if a halo is even in the game.

SImply put, don't make statements about something you know nothing about which you obviously dont know jack about the Halo franchise with your retarded comments that you make.
YellowLightzOfDeath  +   2333d ago
I don't doubt this game will sell, but lets be honest. This article is taking things way out of proportion. No need to overhype something. Overhypness leads to disapointment. The ps3 has witnessed this with Haze, Lair, Socom confrontation, and tons of other games. This article is just digging the grave deeper for sony. No one here has ever played and completed U2 so No one here is capable of saying its a good game. As of right now we can only judge by ScreenShots. Which i got to admit look good, but real gamers know graphics arnt everything. Majority of the best ps3 games sell 1 to 2 million at most. My prediction is Uncharted 2 will bypass this limit to 3 million. Maybe if sony were to take note from MS's advertisment team then they might be able to get U2 to sell as much as the legendary Halo3: 10million copies sold as of today. And yes i know what im talking about i own both systems.
Erotic Sheep   2333d ago | Spam
tetsuhana  +   2333d ago
If you owned both consoles you would have played Uncharted 1, and wouldn't be comparing UC2 to Haze, Lair, Socom and "tons of other games" whatever the hell those are.
swiftshot93  +   2333d ago
First of all, its hard to take you seriously with that name of yours. Regardless, I, and MANY others, believe Mass Effect is the best 360 exclusive, and that game sold under 5 million copies. Actually it hasnt surpassed 3 million copies yet.

No one is hyping the game and is saying it will sell Halo numbers, it will do fine and will still be recognized as a great game.
InFAMOUS1  +   2333d ago
Why do you feel the need to say you own both consoles? Seriously, you are almost as bad as the journalists this article is talking about. I'm going to say what I believe to be true.
The fans hype games not the media! When fans start showing huge amounts of interest in a game the media responds. Now the only games on your favorite console(360) that really get hyped are Halo, gears, and ME... There are 2 main reasons for this. 1) 360 REALLY does not have a STELLAR lineup, the games are generic and all run on Unreal engine, so what happens is 80% of xbox owners will actually buy these titles because they are the best they got. 2) I have NEVER seen a 360 game (other then halo3) get hyped like PS3 titles NONE!! This is largely due to the fact that people expect the PS3 to outshine anything the competition has to offer, and so it should, as nothing the 360 has compares to recent exclusive's sony has dropped.
Your comment about graphics aren't everything is totally right, but the problem being with this is that the average gamer does not promote, review or advertise a video game. The media does that, and when it comes to the PS3 they do a fairly poor job. I wish everyone could actually let go of numbers of consoles sold or games sold and just focus on what your suppose to be doing.... HAVING FUN AND PWNING FOOLZ
Sarcasm  +   2333d ago
"Maybe if sony were to take note from MS's advertisment team then they might be able to get U2 to sell as much as the legendary Halo3: 10million copies sold as of today."

You see, Sony spends $40mil on making games like Killzone 2 to ensure the highest quality exclusive possible.

MS spends millions on a marketing blitz.

And when Halo 3 launched, you got Halo 3 french fry holders and Halo 3 special cups.

So NOBODY, should compare any game to Halo 3 sales.
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cmrbe  +   2333d ago
Sony spend more money making the game than advertising unlike MS. I don't own stock in Sony. I rather them create a great game for me as a gamer.

Legendary Halo 3 that sold 10 million?. Dude you just prove every PS3 fans point that you believe that sales make a good game. It still amazes me that you x360 fans think Halo 3 is legendary let alone a great game.
Anon1974  +   2333d ago
YellowLightzOfDeath. You seem to have missed the point.
Did you read the article?

This article has nothing to do with hyping Uncharted 2, but it's a prediction about how some sites manufacture stories regarding sales to prey of the negativity inherent in some gamers. They'll manufacture a make believe problem, just like they did with LittleBigPlanet sales, to feed those that crave negative articles. It's just tabloid journalism that seems to infected the game biz.

The article isn't about Uncharted 2 at all. It's about how the game media has got away from reporting actual stories in favor of inventing issues for hits.

It's funny that you started making sales predictions because that's exactly the thing this article stated we need to stop doing as gamers. Unless your point was to be intentionally ironic, but I'm guessing you just didn't read or understand the article.
saimcheeda  +   2333d ago
name says it all!
ultimolu  +   2333d ago
No you don't. Unless you use proper grammar and common sense, you don't. You expect people to believe you have both systems with a name like that?
Ravage27  +   2333d ago
10 million sales for your halo3, and M$ uses the $$$ to 'reward' 360 gamers with a $60 glorified DLC with zero upgrades and a 4-5 hrs campaign.

Get this right, sales =/= quality. If anything, the sales just showed M$ that mindless halo fans will buy anything with a halo name slapped on it.
moparful99  +   2333d ago
I dont know if you just havent been paying attention or you just refuse to aknowledge quality. But, all of the glowing reviews not to mention those of us that have played the game through the online multiplayer beta know that this game is special..
DaTruth  +   2333d ago
I don't think his point was to be intentionally ironic, I think his point was to be intentionally moronic!
Neo604  +   2333d ago
bu bu bu but THE SALES!!!!!
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ThePlaystationFour  +   2333d ago
Uncharted 2 is Game Of The Year?
whothedog  +   2333d ago
Click Agree if you will play this game
Click Disagree if you are going to pass.

Vote Now!
swiftshot93  +   2333d ago
Bioshock. Mass Effect. Fallout 3. Metal Gear Solid 4. Call of Duty 4. Dead Space. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. Little Big Planet. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

All the games I listed, with the exception of Fallout 3 (if you count both the 360 and PS3 versions), CoD4, and MGS4, have all sold under 3 million copies worldwide. It goes without saying that these games are regarded as the best of this generation. All of them under 3 million copies. Again, just because you dont sell 5 million copies, doesnt mean the game shouldnt be taken as seriously as a CoD or GTA.

Uncharted sold 2.6 million, a very healthy number. Uncharted will definitely surpass this. If anyone calls it a flop, they are 100% a fanboy and not to be taken seriously.
#9 (Edited 2333d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Solotov  +   2333d ago
It will be funny if it bombs, considering all the media hype for the game.
cmrbe  +   2333d ago
Define Bomb.
Sarcasm  +   2333d ago
Yeah, it's going to bomb already. As in, blow everyone away.
LONEWOLF231  +   2333d ago
Dude you'd have to be a total tard if you actually believe that a game as epic as this one will bomb. If you have played the Multiplayer demo youll know what i am talking about. And this is just a small sample of the full product, the graphics look beautiful, the game play is smooth and fluid and the action is just plain awesome. And funny thing is that its only the demo now imagine what this game will look like once it rolls out...........POETRY in motion baby, nothing short of poetry in motion.
kalel114  +   2333d ago
The IGN qoute.
That was about the first Uncharted not Uncharted 2. Good article though.
Anon1974  +   2333d ago
Actually, that was from the IGN review of Uncharted 2 that just went up today.

I'm still glad you liked the article. :)
callahan09  +   2333d ago
Yes, it was written in the Uncharted 2 review, and it's referring to Uncharted 1. Go back and read it again. It's talking about how the first Uncharted set a new bar for visuals, and how it STILL holds up. Why would they use such language ("still") if they were talking about a game that's not even out yet?
kalel114  +   2333d ago
Did you even read the review or did you just skim through it? Be honest. If you did actually read it, I suggest improving your reading comprehension.
Anon1974  +   2333d ago
Holy crap. How'd I miss that?
You're 100% correct, that quote was regarding Uncharted 1. I even went back and re-read just to make sure, and still got it wrong! It was pretty late, I should have just saved the article and did my editing in the morning with cup of coffee.

Thanks for the catch. I've updated the original article and will post an update.
#11.4 (Edited 2333d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kalel114  +   2333d ago
You got some respect points and bubbles from me for admitting you were wrong. Not a lot of people would do that.
pabadamus1  +   2333d ago
Great Commentary
As stated above sales do not equal quality. Don't fall for the false speach and copycat journalism. Don't let industry negativity prevent you from playing great games.
moeqawama  +   2333d ago
A nicely-put article
Dellis  +   2333d ago
It won't sale like its supposed to, most people only got these games

in mind in 2009


That's it
clintagious650  +   2333d ago
Sales dont mean CRAP when it comes to defining "GREAT GAMES".
Heres a few games that prove that.
Shadow of The Colossus
Little Big Planet
Valkyria Chronicles
& many more I didnt list but these 4 are good examples.

These are good examples of games that dont sell even close to halo 3 or gta4 or call of duty 4 sales but are games that are so unique and brings alot more to the table then any of those big sellers I mentioned. These games are OVERLOOKED by the media. I think its sad that these games dont sell that well because for those who have never played these games will MISS OUT on some of THE GAMING INDUSTRIES GREATEST GAMES of all time that got OVERLOOKED by the media. In the end despite these games not selling well, im proud to be a GAMER that atleast took a chance on these titles because I would have NEVER KNOWN that there are a few "RARE GEMS" that dont get the BIG SPOTLIGHT like some of these big selling games but man do these rare gems pack a punch & DELIVER MORE THEN U WOULD EXPECT.
#15 (Edited 2333d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
aueslander  +   2332d ago
You forgot about others like...
Death  +   2333d ago
I think we are past the sales phase of bashing.
Atleast I hope we are. Uncharted 2 hasn't been overhyped by gamers and the media. The first uncharted was well received and reviewed for a new IP.

The problem with Metal Gear, LBP and even Killzone 2 was the hype generated by the legions of fans that declared the Xbox 360 dead when the game shipped. Newton said it best, "For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction."

With Uncharted 2 we see less Xbox 360 Doomsday articles which should keep the negative backlash to a minimum. Not to mention comparing Halo to Uncharted makes no sense since the genres can't be much more different.

cmrbe  +   2333d ago
What happens here on N4G and on other similar gaming sites don't normally translate to the real world.
Death  +   2333d ago
Yeah, I miss those days.
Unfortunately gaming journalism is in pretty sad shape these days. In an effort to compete with ignorance they have stepped down and lowered their standards set by fan sites.

"Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and they beat you with experience".

That pretty much sums up game journalism today.

skeletonss  +   2333d ago
i cant believe im gonna say it
im in this games beta currently...... it makes me want to go to the dark side.... :x
keysy420  +   2333d ago
you now what they say
once you go black you dont go back!
TheDeadMetalhead  +   2333d ago
Come to the dark side. We have cookies...and dedicated servers! =D
Solotov  +   2333d ago
Bomb as in game sells.
The real mainstream world is a different realm from N4G and the hardcore gaming sites.
cmrbe  +   2333d ago
Thats why i always laugh when x360 fans say hyped PS3 exclusives especially here on N4G that don't sell a million copies on day one are flops. What they forget is that 99.99 % of games on the x360 also don't sell 1 million copies on day one.

U2 will sell at the very least 2 million copies. Is this a flop?.
Sarcasm  +   2333d ago
I think it's hilarious that this article pops up, and guys like this guy proves it's point.
LCF  +   2333d ago
When you have more variety to chose from of course your sold numbers will be smaller compared to only having one game to chose from.

Console A: Game1: 1 million sold

Console B: Game1: 300,000 Game2: 300,000 Game3 300,000 sold

Not only does the PS3 have the multiplat, but over 20 game studios pumping out quality games. There is alot to chose from.

Of all the generations of gaming I've played though, this is the only generation i've seen fans boast sales = quality. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Death  +   2333d ago
Ever hear of a little studio called Polyphony Digital?
They make a game that has sold 10's of millions of copies called Gran Turismo. It's quite the phenomenon worldwide. There is another racing sim out on a competing platform called Forza Motorsports. It is easliy ranked as high, yet fans of GT can't even bring themselves to call it a sim. Since sales of GT crush it, the game is not as good even though critics seem to think otherwise. Metal Gear sells better than Splinter Cell too. Somehow Splinter Cell get's trashed for not selling as well either. Both these franchises started last gen. The sales equals quality mindset isn't new. It's gone back as far as I can remember.


p.s. of all 20 game studios working on first party games, can you name the games they released that are so good? Not picking, just curious.
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LCF  +   2333d ago
@ Death
You serious? Last gen was about who had the better quality software and that dates back to the Nintendo/Sega war. It was never about sales of a game.

As with the PD and turn 10. Well PD did something special and focused more on realism for a console, then all the arcade racers out there and gamers liked it. It wasn't till the birth of the internet you knew how much it actually sold. Gaming mags back then did not print how much a game has sold. Only on the net you find this.

P.S You need my help on what quality games are? Gamers today lol.
cmrbe  +   2333d ago
GT is superior because its more recognised and use by professionals. KY designed concept cars for crying out loud. What has Turn 10 done professionally in the automotive industry except bragging that their game is the definative racing game?.

GT is beyond gaming unlike Froza. Graphics and physics wise GT is still the king.

SC vs MGS. Graphics wise MGS beats SC, Gameplay wise perhaps equal, Story wise MGS wins by a long shot. Again it was never about sales.

As for Sony's internal studios. I am surprise you are even asking about the games they have done. Sony internal studios develope games for every type of gamers. Have you heard of Afrika, Eye pet or Eye of Judgement?. How about Uncharted, GOW, GT?.
Death  +   2333d ago
Of the games you mention, which are available for the PS3 today?
The statement was "Sony has 20 internal studios pumping out quality games". Uncharted is the only game released that I have even heard of.

I'm amazed PS3 owners claim no responsibility for the "sales equal quality" arguement. Here's the latest ignorance to hit N4G, "Uncharted 2 is PS3's killer app, will make 360 fanboys cry". Surely a headline like that won't generate any kind of arguement between the two camps. Every triple A PS3 game that has released came after the article on how the games sales and quality will crush 360 owners. It's the most hypocritical thing I have seen.

Sony fans on this site flip on every issue that comes across them. First it was the PS3 is better because it costs more just like a Ferarri. Then it was the PS3 is better because it's cheaper. The initial cries of victory were it will outsell all the competition. Then it's sales don't matter. It is honestly pathetic and a no win arguement for either camp.

I have been saying it since day 1. The better system is the one you enjoy playing the most. It's not the one with the cheapest retail ticket, the prettiest graohics, the largest HDD, coolest color. It's about games. If you enjoy the PS3 games more, then God bless you. There is no wrong answer and their is no better console. This includes the Wii. If that is where you get your kicks, then for you it's the best console.

keysy420  +   2333d ago
460 fans are the ones that make up these areguement. reason why is because this whole generation its not been if it just ben when will the ps3 pass the 360. people can say what they want but the thing sells fast and always have. It also it making xbox fans look dumb yes the ps3 make the 360 fanbase look like idiot.three quick reasons and theirs more
1. rrod size hard drives and high cost(everything cost)
3. xbox live charging for things that are free( twitter facebook, online gaming. etc
ill give you 4
4 the fact that they knowing put the 360 out defective and idiots keep buying it. ( i was a idiot too until i realized some of my systems were broke beofre i really used them, and that ps is free.
since most of these site consider the xbox the console for shooters which i dont know why because i was just playing mag and the ps3 seems to be the console for shooters. call of duty 4 resistance killzone uncharted mag the list goes on and they have more shooters with better ratings. their will be tons of negative articles about the ps3 of course. besides talking about just game sales what is blu ray doing sony racking cash from that. 360 has been a joke some of the games are good but they are failing to produce good games after their intial burst into the scene if not the game i multiplat. take gears to gears 2 halo 3 and odst it seems that xbox isnt even trying to push the evelope on their games at all. oh wait they aren't they lowers their resolution standards. take call of duty6 that sh1t is lame if this game was exclusive to the ps3 it would be 720 p and 60 fps but devs dont have to put in the work becuase they can make a game that looks good and plays good but isnt great and get tons of money from xbox fans. im ranting but im in my last semester of game devloping and from what i know its a business and its seems that m$ is getting rich off idiots.
ZBlacktt  +   2333d ago
At the end of the day. Does what other's say really matter? I mean ask any gamer who is a true gamer and not of just one system. Where the latest super graphical games have appeared and why. They'll all just simply say the Blu-ray. People are going to talk. That's just human nature and the way it is. But if people want to battle then how does one stand behind a system that fails more then 50% of the time? I mean how can we talk games if we can't even get out the gate to play them?

Just watch and read as the weeks, months, years go by on who has the GOTY, who's got some killer exclusive games, who's system updates keep adding more and more options. We'll all still be here no matter the system you own. So we'll all still be reading it. Some will still sit over there and bad mouth it regardless. So just let it go. Because at anytime over the last 3 years. We all could have bought down to the much cheaper system if it had the goods.
jack who  +   2333d ago
its good too see fanboys getting ready for yet another ps3 Exclusive too flop in sales. but hey dont worry they will kinda(by the love of god) break even in 4 to 5 years.
saimcheeda  +   2333d ago
bewakoof hai bahar nikal kai khale champoopana mat kar saalai!
Gun_Senshi  +   2333d ago
Xenogears, best JRPG, very horrible sales
SotC, Ico horrible Sales
Beyond Good and Evil, horrible Sales

are they crap games? no, they are classics
otherZinc  +   2333d ago
Stop Trippin!
You & everyone else know Uncharted 2 is being overrated by every site rating it higher than a 9! So when the public doesn't support the overrated views of the media, expect to get killed.

Uncharted 1 wouldn't have sold 1 million copies if it were not a pack-in, that's why I only trust NPD data, because they dont count pack-ins. Pack-ins inflate the real sales numbers for marketing purposes.

Also, LBP was hyped like crazy & praised all over the world, Banjo Kazooie was hated on, all over the world & still sold 500,000 copies without being a pack-in.

Uncharted 2 will be a disappointment to you guys when it sells 250,000 copies, but I'll say I told you so. However, Uncharted 2 will sell a million because SONY will pack that discrace in with the PS3 Slim that most existing PS3 owners purchased.
cyberwaffles  +   2333d ago
well with the way the game has been received by gaming critics, it looks like the sales card is the last thing a person could do to derail uncharted 2 and even then i think it will have solid sales like the first one.
Grandreaper9999  +   2333d ago
*Breathes deep, Holds breath* (Waiting for Edge/Eurogamer)
DigitalAnalog  +   2333d ago
Enough of the sales, as long as the game makes great "profit", that's all it matters. None can deny the exclusives pumped up by Sony's first party studio, are pushing the envelope more and more. Do we really need Uncharted 2 to outsell "Halo 3" just to prove how awesome it is? Last I checked, jaws were dropped in E3 and Gamescom and guess what, SALES WEREN'T INVOLVED.

This is why Shadow of the Colossus and ICO has their names on the "top quality games this gaming history". I hope other developers follow suit.
THC CELL  +   2333d ago
uncharted 1 was 100000000% underated
Killz79  +   2333d ago
One word,WOW!!!!
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2333d ago
It's not going to bomb. Stupid article.
Anon1974  +   2333d ago
Come again?
Nowhere in the article did it say Uncharted 2 was going to bomb.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2332d ago
Lots of comments here are talking about sales. And nobody is bashing Uncharted 2 at all so this is still a juvenile article.
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