Rumor: 360 802.11n adapter spotted in GOW2 GOTY box

Joystiq: To be more specific -- and much less acronymic -- it appears that the super speedy Xbox 360 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter has been spotted on a promotional flier inside the Italian version of the Gears of War 2 Game of the Year edition. Italian gaming site (translation) posted an image of the leaflet, which you can see above. Assuming it's authentic, it seems to indicate that both the original 802.11a/b/g and 802.11n adapter will continue to exist in the same market. And that, hopefully, indicates a price drop on the ridiculously overpriced original adapter.

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Saaking3375d ago

so GeOW 2(not GOW 2) is also goty? So we have L4D, Fable II, and GeOW2 all goty? hmmmm... doesn't sound right MS. Besides, the real goty last year according to the AIAS was LBP.

KionicWarlord2223375d ago

Game of the year edtion .

Gears of war 2 won a lot of awards

Saaking3375d ago

Yea, I get that,but I really thing there should a definitive GOTY (imo the AIAS). Yes, every website is entitled to their opinion, but it's just ridiculous to have like 10 games coming out with a goty edtion.

dragonelite3375d ago

I like game of the year edition for the following reasons.

* They are like $20 cheaper
* They have almost all the dlc
* They are mostly quality games (If you take of fanboy vision mode that is)

siyrobbo3375d ago

when i first read this i thought that the actual adaptor was included with the goty edition

Pandemic3375d ago

Why was the description removed? :P

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GiantEnemyCrab3375d ago

New color, same ridiculous price.

But it is good to see MS staying up with the latest wireless protocols. This was one of the reasons they gave when they talked about why they choose to make it external and a separate item.

I just didn't expect them to come at such a high price. Oh well, I prefer wired anyway.

KionicWarlord2223375d ago

If it`s the same price...
The older one will get lower .

Sarcasm3375d ago

If the new one comes out and the older one drops in price, I might finally buy one. Next up, 120gb HDD if that ever drops in price. I'm tired of doing only 1 to 2 game installs.

Kamikaze1353375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

It's nice and all, but it's still an insanely expensive hardware....something that should've been included in the console.

cheapndirty3375d ago

Sony did include it in theirs. But now they have dated G built in. I will be very suprised if they include N in the ps3 ever.

Too bad to realize the benefits of N you can have to a N router.

LCF3375d ago

Actually the wireless in the PS3 is set to the Japanese standard of 1 gig. Japanese wireless transmits on avg. 60mb up or down stream, yes their internet connection is that good and cheap. You be lucky to get 58 mb that most routers can handle here in the States.


Standard US internet is 3 mbps. There's not much point in using 802.11n since even Fios doesn't go past the 54 mbps limit of G. And with how stagnant US internet speeds are, we're not going to truly require draft N for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Unless you plan to make your own home network or an intranet which is mainly the domain of offices.

Kushan3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

Screw internet speeds, I want to stream HD content on my network and Wireless G isn't really enough for that, especially if more than one device is streaming at once! The PS3 is an excellent media streaming device, but to really make the most of it, you currently have to plug it directly into the network.
Not sure I see the point of Wireless-N on the 360, but that's a different matter.

@LCF - I'd like some proof of that claim about "japanese" wireless standards. As far as I was aware, a was a, b was b and g was g (with a few random "high-speed" implementations from specific manufacturers, but not on a per-country basis). I've never seen anything that says the PS3's wireless is in any way better or different than regular Wireless-G.

KionicWarlord2223375d ago

I want this .

Optimum online...has changed me...has changed my life...


SupraDOHC3375d ago

@ 3.2, its not the wireless in the PS3 that is gigabit, its the wired NIC port. The x360 still has a 10/100mbps NIC

beardpapa3375d ago

Before you go bashing that the PS3 has outdated wireless, the majority of people are still stuck using 54g and it was only recently that N got finalized. Those people that are sitting around with their draft-N two-aerial routers and dongles may need to go out and get finalized N or true N gear. Go check Amazon. Tons of people complaining about those crap draft N routers that are only giving them roughly 65mbps. The only true N routers I know so far that are affordable and widely available are Linksys and Belkin models - both offering dual simultaneous 2.5ghz & 5ghz band frequencies, mimo, and generally sport 3 aerials. You also have to factor in that even though the 360 is getting a usb wifi N dongle, you still gotta go out and purchase one. It's not like it's packaged with every 360 out there for free.

cheapndirty3375d ago

It is clear you are not aware of all of the reasons for N. G is a saturated bandwidth. It is so congested that your neighbors wifi can interfere, a microwave running and even some cordless phones. Like anyone needs that for gaming. Also, to wirelessly STREAM HD content G will never suffice. I have been waiting for N to get finalized for years and will get this adapter for my 360 when it is out.

You guys are a little to quick on the trigger on opening your mouths. Why dont you research how this stuff works before firing off with the usual rhetoric?

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RockmanII73375d ago

If the old wifi adapter drops to under $50, I will definitely consider getting one

neonlight453375d ago

I think Microsoft finally did this because of the PS3 price drop. Guess they have milked the cow dry.

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