The Top 7... games so bad they had to add breasts

An overwhelming majority of gamers are male, so it makes perfect sense for every marketing team in the world to target their software at young guys. And what do all men ages 18 to one zillion love? Girls, gore and big loud machines. If they could make a game about a firefighting bikini squad that hunts down zombies in a decked-out sex/fire truck, world peace would be declared.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4235d ago

with a little T&A in vg's every now-an-then! :)

Systematrix4234d ago

I liked how you could scroll through the Pocket Pool pics via the "handsfree" option. What could you possibly need both hands free for while the pictures are slideshowing? OMG, mom's home!

PS360WII4235d ago

what's wrong with some T&A? Nothing really. Oddly #1 seems like it might be fun to try out. Cheap repetitive gameplay of hack and slash, but has a whole lot of blood AND scantly clad women! Come on that needs to get to the US shores ^.-

sumfood4u4234d ago

Most gamers are males= T&A as most soap= females= shirtless guys! Np with what they do!

alsef074234d ago

Let me just say that that game sucks major a$s, i rented, dont ask me why, well i did cuz im a huge fan from DOA series, but let me say the most boring game ever.

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