Free Arcade Game This Week

To go alongside this week's Xbox Live Arcade title Soltrio Solitaire, Microsoft have announced a free XBLA game. Aegis Wing was first shown a while ago and was made by three students during a summer internship at Carbonated Games (the team behind the mega popular UNO XBLA game.)

Now before you start shouting "Fantastic, We Love You Microsoft", there's some bad news. Aegis Wing will be available to North American Xbox Live users only. No Europe. No Asia. Just America.

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alsef074233d ago

I guess is good to be in america, i dont really have high expectations for arcade games though, anyways its free so f%ck it

gta_cb4232d ago

i dont really play Arcade games that much lol

RBlaze4233d ago

Why on earth do us Europeans never get all the theings the Americans get? We got the Ps3, wii, and 360 later (360 and wii were only a bit later i suppose, but still), and we don't get the freebies either! I don't understand it. Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't Europe the largest gaming community? Why do all the gaming companies assume they can screw us all over?

id dot entity4233d ago

Why not Europe? That sucks!

gta_cb4232d ago

people are saying that if you have made an american account then it still works! =D gonna have to try it i think

Phlapp4232d ago

..this does suck! I guess M$ want a turn at shafting Europeans. We pay more and get less i.e. we still haven't got Marketplace video like the US and so our perspective of Live should be different, and I bet we never get IP-TV!

However this game does sound a bit crappy and will only probably get minimal attention from people.

gta_cb4232d ago

dont say that please! i want IPTV!!! =( please dont jinx it!

gta_cb4232d ago

just make an american account, i heard you can still download it.

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