PSU: Skate Hands On Impressions

One of the featured games at EA Canada's Open House earlier this month was a new IP called SKATE. Developed by EA Black Box, SKATE hopes to push and shove its way to make room for one more skateboarding title in the already monopolized genre.

At first glance, SKATE is hard to tell apart from the Tony Hawk series, but Tony Hawk this certainly is not. SKATE offers a whole new experience, providing not only new controls and gameplay mechanics, but a new way to share your experience with your friends....

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BitbyDeath4235d ago

Interesting but i haven't found a decent skating game since Tony Hawk 2.

Was this reviewed on the PS3 or X360?

PS360WII4235d ago

That they probably tested both and just wrote an in general report on the game not the system it was on

PS360WII4235d ago

When is this bad boy coming out?