Xbox 360 And PS3 Feud May Be Decided With Sequels

While new IP's like Jericho, Fracture, Dark Sector and Army of Two gear up to make a grand appearance on today's next-gen consoles, it's actually the sequels that will be the shining lights for real next-gen gaming. CB Games takes readers through a quick run-down of why some sequels will be better than new intellectual properties and why some IP's are already dated.

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power of Green 4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

I doubt it. If many new IP's such as Lost Planet are marketed right Sequels wont stand a chance with the onslot of New IPs GOW, MAss EfFeCt, are just a couple examples(i mentioned these titles because they sell well and i know from everyday experiance that people have bought the 360 for two out of three of these games i mentioned.)

Satanas4229d ago

I agree. It isn't necessarily sequels. (Although Halo 3, MGS4 and FFXIII are notable exceptions.)

gta_cb4228d ago

like Satanas says its not all going to be sequals although those titles Satanas are no doubt going to play big role. even if one of those games Satanas listed does end up being rubbish, they have good name brands so there gonna help

Anego Montoya FTMFW4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

more talented devs. will make better games.
some are making new games, others are try to "out do" their last gen versions.
some games like Satanas mentioned are proof.
FF13 looks like the best game out there. why?
cause the team is amazing, that`s why.
their making the most of the hardware as they can at this point.

remember, alot of these new IP`s we haven`t played yet.
some could have control/camera issues or just not play well or suffer from too-short-i-tus.
games like HALO,MGS,FF13,GodOfWar and Ratchet, you know your gonna have a solid game w/ no really apparent issues.
causes thats what makes a game GREAT isn`t it.

Games like Army of Two,Dark Sector,Strangle Hold, Two Worlds could all suck.
they sound great, but what have these guys made before and how were those games.
don`t get me wrong some dev teams get better over time.
but some don`t.

i`m super excited for alot of the new IP`s from known dev teams like Uncharted and Mass Effect.
and alot of sequels of games that have always been creative like GOW3,FF13,Sly.

@nice cuppa (below)
The great sequels haven`t came out yet.

ThaGeNeCySt4229d ago

give me a mixture of both plz

Satanas4229d ago

Very true. New games and sequels are both required for "funness."

I think both consoles should get a decent array of both.

gta_cb4228d ago

i agree otherwise you will in the end get fed up with just the same stuff all the time.
i brought Crackdown aftet playing the demo, i brought it for crackdown and will keep it after the beta. i think the game is very cool yet there has not been any previous version, which proves to me there needs to be a wide variety

Firewire4229d ago

Actually I agree!
As a PS fan, most of the the classic series that
I played on Playstations are coming to an end.
DMC series (I loved 1&2) is no longer exciting to me,
Onimusha Series, well its dead, but I would have liked to
played another one. Alot of the driving franchises we've
played, are well on what version now? Thats why I luv new
Lair, Heavenly Sword, Eight Days, White Knight, there all
new & exciting, we don't know much about them, how they will play
& all, but thats what makes them great!

tehcellownu4229d ago

if they talkin about sequals sony have lots of it..

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The story is too old to be commented.