Metal Gear Solid Movie Exclusive

The one question that fans have consistently asked IGN ever since the news broke that Konami and Sony Pictures were teaming to turn the videogame Metal Gear Solid into a feature film is whether screenwriter-actor David Hayter would be involved with the project. Hayter voiced the game's protagonist, Solid Snake.

Now IGN can exclusively report that Hayter will not be a part of the film.

An insider who has read Hayter's treatment advised IGN that his take was "Metal Gear as the Apocalypse Now of the digital age, with Snake at the center of a swirling whirlpool of Genomic/military madness."

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snoop_dizzle3841d ago

sadly it will probably suck.

The gears of war film will probably suck as well.

too bad.

btw Wasn't there supposed to be a splinter cell movie coming out soon?

Escamotage3841d ago

Yes, there was. But it too became a foregone conclusion of suckiness.

TheGoodMART3841d ago

This is Sony Pictures, they know how to make good movies (spiderman 3)

Rooted_Dust3841d ago

I hope that was a joke...If not you have done nothing to allay my worries. Snake already has a voice and that is David Hayter, anything else is just going to be a cheap immitation

Satanas3841d ago

"Snake already has a voice and that is David Hayter, anything else is just going to be a cheap immitation"

Ultimate agreement. I cannot imagine Snake with a different voice, ever.

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Phantom_Lee3841d ago

in the same level of Dead or Alive movie or Uwe Boll....

Counter_ACT3841d ago

Yeah, I agree. I never saw that movie but it looked HORRIBLE.

Babylonian3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Why do most game movies sucks, because they were originally ment for playing. There was not much story to these games, so when making a movie about a game, the studios have to make up a story around it.

It sucks horribly because fans of the game don't see the story of their game and casual people see it as a gimmick B movie.

BUT, certain games have one hell of a story. When I first played MGS I thought it was more of a movie then a game (the gameplay was incredible btw). Now if they can adapt that story correctly into a Hollywood movie then you have a succes.

So let's hope for the best. And don't forget, Hideo is closely involved. He won't let his master creation be screwed up.

bootsielon3841d ago

And works with a talented movie director. Same thing with the god of war movie.

cdawson3841d ago

Why does anyone even report games to movies? I know it's part of the industry but since when has a game to movie EVER been good? If anything we should boycott them so they actually start producing good game/movies.

Chibs3841d ago

I would say that Silent Hill was a relatively good Game --> Movie conversion. Or atleast it's the only conversion worth watching.

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