Dreamcast Classic Confirmed for Nintendo's Wii

Cubed³ has just received official confirmation from O3 Entertainment that the arcade game Karous, or 'Crows' in English, (the last ever Dreamcast game) is in development over at Milestone. Whether or not O3 will be able to pick it up for publishing in the US is currently unknown, but this is indeed fantastic news as it seems it will be the first shooter game on Wii.

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ITR3842d ago

I miss shooting games like this.

Maybe more will follow.

PS360WII3842d ago

these games are fun.. if you don't have epilepsy ^^

I enjoy this genre as well nothing better than the games that don't let you blink

bootsielon3842d ago

On gamecube's flash memory. Small titles are well suited for the Virtual Console, but Saturn and Dreamcast games should be headed to the PS3 for download. That's the only console suited for downloads of those size.

Unless they're talking about a disc release, which is worse... gamecube 2 is getting mostly ports of PS2, Gamecube and Xbox games, the only thing left was a dreamcast title...

PS360WII3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

I'm pretty sure they aren't talking about putting it on VC. It would be a disc release. Plus why not call it Wii or Nintendo5