When Xbox Live copywriters get careless

Eagle-eyed Quarter To Three denizen "XPav" spotted some Xbox Live Marketplace demo descriptions that are either terse, strange, or just plain nonsensical. It's obvious what happened: in each case, somebody banged out a rough draft as a placeholder and didn't remember to go back and rewrite the text for public consumption.

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zonetrooper54233d ago

I've seen this, I had a new phone when I saw thsi and I filmed it because I was bored. On some of the descriptions, it had stuff like, "buy this game" or "just buy it" or "good game". I could tell they were really bored to put that stuff in lol.

iceice1234233d ago

Some nice sale pitches they have.

Drew4233d ago

Noticed this a while ago too. Ah well.

alsef074233d ago

Just buy this game and have fun...WTF!! LOL...that pretty funny

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