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Submitted by iHeretic 3123d ago | news

Xbox 360: The Red Ring of Death…Cure Found

So, in an earlier post the blogger stated that his Xbox 360 had a "Red Ring of Death." As he posted and worried in many forums, Destructoid, hell, even the official Xbox forums.
Choices were coming down to ending up selling it off used @ $150 and using the money to get a new Core system, then mention of the towel trick came up.
He remember a while ago reading about someone thinking about using the Towel Trick, a great user on DToid named Grim. At this point, he was willing to try anything (it had only been a day without my 360, and already he was getting the shakes)

Read more to find the cure... (Xbox 360)

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snoop_dizzle  +   3123d ago
i still wonder how someone came up with this idea.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   3123d ago
I've never had the red rings of death (bought my unit at launch) but i don't know how the colors work... some pictures i see 3 rings red + power led red, and in this picture I see 3 rings red, and power LED green... how does it work?
Bathyj  +   3123d ago
See that picture?
If you get that you're screwed.
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gta_cb  +   3123d ago
good point, i never noticed
snoop_dizzle  +   3123d ago
i dunno

none of my friends have had issues with theirs either.

This could be a regional thing. It would explain a lot.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   3123d ago
i think it`s regional too.
but it`s still not right.
large % of regions customers are getting screwed over.
and that`s not cool.
but i do agree.
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Nik  +   3123d ago
Users finding the cure. I don't get it. Why issit that MS couldn't fix them?
Shadow Flare  +   3123d ago
How to cure the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death
1- Put one towel down, put the 360 on top, add another towel on top, cover all sides/backs/etc. This is key, you have to have that Xbox covered. When you can’t see it, finger around to find the power button and turn it on. Wait 10-15 minutes. I started at 5:22am, and then started to do crap on the computer to kill time.

2- Then I got so into other stuff, I ended up turning the system off at 5:37am, so I did the full 15 minutes, no biggie. Now it was..

3- Cool down time. I waited 15 minutes before turning back on the system as recommended.

----------------------------- -----

Bottom line - I'm so glad i don't have an xbox 360
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Skizelli  +   3122d ago
I'm so glad you took the time to let us know that. Thanks.
IBLEEDBLU  +   3123d ago
thats amazing!
whoa xbox360 looks sooo much sexy then the PS3 - man im gonna go sell my PS3 and buy a 360 - i knew u can change the face plates to make it look sexy but i have to say that towel looks amazing - the best part is u can buy different towels to match ur face plate - WHOAA!!! thats amazing - that towel xbox360 would look sexy next to my sony 46" bravia!!

............................. ........................ya u know your system is hurting when ur wrapping it towels hahahahahahahaha

EDIT********* jason - the 360 sold 50,000 to date LOL! so whats ur point? what a dumb xbot HAHAHAHAH u go towel ur system lol

and blue screen of death hahaha are u serious what 7 people have gotten it and u guys are comparing this to the over 10% failure rate that MS is having regarding the samething hahahaa nice try xbots -
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Blackmoses  +   3123d ago
Remember when?
This remedy reminds me of the original NES system all know! The one where you had to blow in the cartridge and then gently place it inside the console. Then you had to make sure that the game cartridge was all the way forward and touching the edge when you pushed down, just to get the game to work...aww I remember the days.

But I don't think this fix will be anywhere as nostalgic as that one.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3123d ago
The PS3 only sold 1.2 million in the US.
omansteveo  +   3123d ago
I guess fans of Sony are boasting bc they are'nt used to reliable hardware (i had 2 psones and 3 ps2's)so they flood these articles heckling and laughing. Im nt going to deny that the xbox has some slight hardware issues but ive had my launch one work fine it hasnt skipped a beat at some point im getting a playstation when the game library is worth the investment
Darth Gamer  +   3122d ago
to 6-3
I also went through 2 PS1's and 3 PS2's. (But I guess thats OK, right)
Pheneus  +   3123d ago
I have never had this problem
nor do I know anyone who does but that aside, I wonder what principle this works on...
gta_cb  +   3123d ago
same here
USMChardcharger  +   3123d ago
i also have had no issues. launch day 360.
Darth Gamer  +   3122d ago
I too have never had an issue!
and have a launch day model.
Why o why  +   3122d ago
i agree. it must be regional
This doesnt seem to happen in the uk as frequent as the us it seems. Maybe its the climate. Or maybe a different manufacturing plant doing something different. None of my friends xboxs have died even after an attempted chip.
rusgreim  +   3122d ago
Same here...
... no problems with my 360 and I got it in Januray of 06.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3123d ago
Or you do what I did. You go to walmart buy a new xbox take it home, take it apart and do my lil trick with the "microsoft seal" (hello razor blade) put your broken one in the new case and your new one in your old case and VOILA Gears of War is playable! :)
gta_cb  +   3123d ago
lol nice! how dont they check the void sticker or anything? ...
Why o why  +   3122d ago
lol. That my friend has always been the way
Shadow Flare  +   3123d ago
This is the closest thing Xbox 360 will get...
to folding@home
Bathyj  +   3123d ago

Thats funny. Why dont M$ do bundle pack with a free Halo Beach Towel?
And if that doesn't work try Band-Aids.

Seriously thou, if anyone gets to this stage with their Xbox, is this a long term solution or should they just send it back?
omansteveo  +   3123d ago
you keep talking about folding while xbox owners are playing games. Seriously Folding is a non-issue in your on going debate about system supremacy. When are you guys going to get the Ps3 is a marketing tool for the Cell processor and Folding is apart of that marketing if big name companies and businesses dont adopt the cell in the future then Sony is going to look at i as a failure. Look they're commercials they dont talk about games at all they talk about hw cell is smarter than you and how cell can to billions of calculations....not one mention of games!
SmokeyMcBear  +   3123d ago
haha steve.. playing games, or folding towels over their console to rid the red rings.. for a couple of days.. too funny
razer  +   3123d ago
Are you 2 butt huggers
Gonna just keep posting over and over in these threads? Why don't you Shadow Flare and Bathyj get a room and then you can take turns jerking each other off over a PS3!

I know you both wish you had a 360, why else would you waste your lives commenting over and over again in stories that have nothing to do with the PS3. I'm embarrased for you both!

Btw - This trick works but only for a few days. It will fail again and more frequently. The hardware is junk for the most part. MS really screwed the pooch and all early adopters are paying for it.
Why o why  +   3122d ago
your honesty is kool and your right about people posting on rival consoles articles. It goes both ways though. Want proof. check out this site but that folding @ home dig was funny


@ FeralPhoenix below. This goes 4 u too. You come across as intelligent and people seem to give you positives but your taking things a little too seriously. cumon, this is n4g and is full of fanboys. just for the record the ps3grill shot was funny and i didnt take offence. i take offence from people talking about things they have never touched. thats brainless. Like i said in a previous posts 360 owners should stand up to faulty hardware. You and bathj got in v in some inteliwar but still didnt come to no concensus, my point is dont take this too seriously have a bit of fun now and again. ill give ya both bubbles because despite your seriousnes you were will to back your chat with (sometimes misleeding) data not just sling mud. I can sumerise this i think. The faliure rate is not as low as ms claim and not as high as psfans believe. kool
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Black Republican  +   3123d ago
hahahaha my friend did this with xbox1
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3123d ago
No system should have a cure. (but ps2 dvd drives craped out) I'm getting a xbox 360 elite on Friday if it caps out on me they will replace it right? 120 gb here i come...
snoop_dizzle  +   3123d ago
if you get a good warranty
you should be able to get it replaced for free.
gta_cb  +   3123d ago
and when you get it replaced/repaired you get another years warrenty =D (for free of course lol)
USMChardcharger  +   3123d ago
what ever you do...don't get the store warranty. they try and sell you a one year warranty for like $50.00. but when you open up the box your 360 is will find a form to fill out and send to Microsoft for a 2year warranty for the same price of $50.00.

so for the same price you get a extra year with M$.
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SmokeyMcBear  +   3123d ago
yeah thats true usmc.. but with the store warranty, you just walk in and get a new one. lickety split. No sending boxes in the mail, no waiting a week, just walk in and get it. I got the ps2 warranty from best buy, last february, said my ps2 was having disc reading problems (it wasnt), and bam, 150 bucks off the purhcase price of the ps3, so it does have its advantages, the store warranty that is.
WilliamRLBaker  +   3123d ago
lol i love that
he posted on numerous forums? this is why we get 50 billion reports of failing 360, cause the users sit and report bout it on like 50 different forums...
fenderputty  +   3123d ago
OOO yeah ....
That's exactly why. It's not because large numbers of them have failed or anything. You know like my old one.
WilliamRLBaker  +   3122d ago
I love
how you get your friends to come in and agree with your posts, As for that it probly is the reason, Why does or did he need to post on numerous forums? it not only inflates numbers for fanboys to use as see all these users that have problems with the 360.

I've never had a problem with mine, as well as the 9 or so million others that had no problem, Its not my fault you ran your 360 inside a lead box with no air holes or any thing, Defunct rates might be high for 360, but no where as near high as sonybots want people to believe.

It makes no sense that all these people have no problems with it, then these set amount of people seem to have every problem in the world, And its because its not alot of people that are, Its all these people that do have genuine problems, and then report it on 2 billion forums, It happend in the ps2 and xbox days, its gonna happen now.
tplarkin7  +   3123d ago
Don't do this.
Don't wrap a towel around the 360 (or any machine). It isn't designed to be baked. If you get the 3 rings, just be patient and send it to Microsoft.
gta_cb  +   3123d ago
best way, oh and if our consoles break in the fall (or later) season we could get a 65 chip back =D
THE_JUDGE  +   3123d ago
I have a cure...
Don't buy a 360. j/k but no really
gta_cb  +   3123d ago
yes we should all listen to you as you are of course "THE_JUDGE" =D .... but really why come out with comments like that?
Havince  +   3123d ago
its true
me n my best mate got release date consoles

he never had any problems with it then got the red ring of death, he did the towel thing and it worked

i couldnt believe it lol
Kastrol  +   3123d ago
What is worse

1. the red rings of death


2. the blue screen of death
SmokeyMcBear  +   3123d ago
ive seen the blue screen of death.. but the threads and post were mostly referring to the psp, havent actually seen it mentioned with the ps3, but i guess ill have to look harder.
Inasid  +   3122d ago
Are you talking about this blue screen of death??

Related image(s)
tehcellownu  +   3123d ago
Why dont microsoft give out free towels for every purchase of the 360? Even if you send it back to micrsoft to get it fixed they just goin to give you another defective one..In a way i feel bad for 360 owners they have to live in fear each day..and a lot is already emptying their wallet to get the repair. It cost them another 140 dollars.and when you get it repaired it stills dont guarantee it will work..
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razer  +   3123d ago
Whats your point?
I see you are fanboy flaming this entire post over and over? Do you really think in that pea sized brain of yours that anyone is going to change their mind that the 360 is the best console? Or for the most part going to listen to some 1 bubble loser?? Give it a rest man.. Find a new site to spread your crap..
pmx  +   3123d ago
I did it couple of months a go with all my friends death xboxs including mine (the die again)
I tried this more than 30 times and the xbox dies again, i kept trying until the video card get totally messed up, but maybe you are lucky , stop dreaming sell it for 100 or 150 bucks and get a new one or curse Microsoft for the rest of your live.

D@mn overclocked 360's, but i love what they can do,
Ban Me  +   3123d ago
Firstly, this has been known about for months now so why it's posted as news today I dont know.

Anyway, a bit of backstory...

According to some bullshit US legislation, any electrical product sold which can be used by a child must use lead-free solder, which as anyone with knowledge of electronics will tell you is not as good as standard solder.

So, onto the 360... the problem occurs when the 360 mainboard heats up and warps. This then causes the solder to crack, breaking the electrical connection and giving you the lovely ring of 3 red lights (which I have had myself on my 1st 360... just got a new one under warranty on Thursday).

What the towel trick does in super-heat the inside of the 360 causing the solder to remelt and create a good connection again. The thing is, as soon as the mainboard warps again the solder will in turn crack again.

It's far from a solution and if anything could easily catch fire so it's really not advisable when MS can repair it for free if under warranty or £85 if it isnt. If you do pay for a repair then get a 1 year warranty on it too. Also, you can find a local computer reapir shop who can fix it for about £50 (GameTech in Dunde for example).

So, if you want someone to blame go point your finger at the US government for their stupid rules :D

Lastly, you should really research you "news" articles before posting them. You'll be telling us P$3 Blu-Ray diodes fail next.
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Kuest  +   3123d ago
It seems this little towel trick is deeper than first appears (I mean I never knew about the whole US government issue). anyway, Ban Me, I pretty much agree with you. Doing this towel trick might work for a couple of days (maybe weeks) but ultimately an already damaged 360 is bound to reheat. The BEST solution is probably to call MS immediately. Put the problem in their court... Still, if, like Mikels, MS doesn't BELIEVE you (the f@ck?) then I would recomend the whole towel thingy as a last resort.
MikeIsOnFire84  +   3123d ago
I tried...
..the whole towel thing last night as a last resort.Didnt work.I was so bummed out cause I heard alot of good things about it on the internet.Its kinda funny M$ has me resorting to wrapping towels around my console.Man I feel stupid..
young7yang  +   3123d ago
confusing but working solution (( modify the fans))
i have the best solustion

got a tech who has experience with the xbox 360

get him to modify the fans inside the system to run at full speed at all times and then add another fan and us foil to make a ventalation to the core chips inside the 360.. this will keep system cool for about 9 hrs of games time… i can personaly confirm this works…..when i take my dvd out after long play times.. i never ever have a problem about hot dvds or red lights of death
ItsDubC  +   3122d ago
I did this fan mod to my original Xbox because I swapped out the HD for a bigger and faster HD (faster HD = higher operating temp). My Xbox has been sounding like a vacuum ever since but it runs flawlessly for hours on end.

Using foil to direct airflow kinda seems like a bad idea though. Personally, I'd try to find something non-metallic for that purpose.
Vip3r  +   3123d ago
It shouldn't break in the first place. I wonder how many idiots set fire to the towels. lol
Ravenator529  +   3123d ago
It will break again!
First, why is this being posted as "new news"? This temporary fix has been out there for a very long time.

Second, this will only temporarily fix the 360 for a short time. You will experience the red ring once again.

Third, I would only use this method to get your 360 in working order after you call M$ for repair. This method may get your 360 working long enough to cover the time it takes for M$ to send you a shipping box.

Last, don't blame anyone but yourself if your house burns down because you overcooked your 360! I couldn't imagine how hot that towel is going to get. Let alone if something were to spark and catch fire to the towels.

Good Luck!
BIadestarX  +   3123d ago
This is great. It's always nice to see all Sony fanboys united in bashing the 360. I mean look around... they are saying a bunch of stupid things that add no value to anything (i.e. Microsoft should add towels to the bundle)... The funny thing is that they don't have no disagree and most of them have lots of popups. This proves what I was afraid of... this site is becoming infected with brainless lemmings. Try to say anything intelligent in any of the articles posted that remotely criticize the perfect console(PS3) designed with alien technology... and you will see how you will lose bubbles and get at least 5-6 disagree.
I'm not saying that flaming PS3 articles is a good thing and should be done... but it's a big contrast between what can be said on a PS3 article and a xbox 360 article. This is why I believe it's only fair some XBox fans are entitled to go an flame PS3 articles because you fking lemmings do the same. I've tried not go into Sony fanboys and post anything unless there is something possitive about the PS3 for the past few days... Why don't you b!tches return the favor. I mean seriously, they should come up with a ban system where, idiots such as all the lemmings posting $h!t in xbox articles wouldnt be allowed to post at all on articles marked as xbox 360. Heck.. do the same for PS3 articles... Look at all these posts.... 90% of them are $h!t made by people that have $h!t for brains.

"Thats funny. Why dont M$ do bundle pack with a free Halo Beach Towel?
And if that doesn't work try Band-Aids." err.. uhahaha huhahahah haha jajaja huahahhaha... that's was kind of funny.. ahaha juhahaha..
You people are clowns.... hehe.. I mean seriously... you think that was funny? Now... what I find funny is how you manage to have so many bubbles... wait don't answer... you lemmings are all the same.. you give yourself + feedback to eachother.
Now, I am starting to understand why Some Xbox fans are so hostile against PS3 articles... you Sony fanboys are the mayority in this site.
Expect me to endup with one bubble soon... I am tired of all these morrons.
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Bathyj  +   3123d ago
Come off it Bladestar. I was just having a little fun.
I thought Shadows F@H joke was piss funny, but then I would wouldn't I? While you're getting all upset. But then you, you would, wouldn't you?

Dude, are you really going to stand there and say I shouldnt be commenting on Xbox articles? You know I have an Xbox and you know I usually have something to say when I post and bring something to the conversation. Just happens I was having a little joke this time. And even thou I have an obvious favourite you know I dont try to talk people out of the console they like or come over to "my" side. Each to his own.

As a Xbox1 and X360 owner if theres something about them or M$ I dont like then I'm going to speak my mind. Thats why I come here. And not just to see who agrees with me but who might have a different idea, as long as in good debate and doesn't just turn into name calling.

Do you really think Xbox cops it worse than Sony? Sony been copping it for 2 years solid. Look at the hotest stories right now. The PS3 stories always get the most comments and stay alive the longest. Half the people attacking it and half the people defending it. Why aren't all these Halo stories getting 100 comment each? Because the people that are actually interested in it, show up, say their piece, and leave and then that thread dies in 2 days. Call a story "Things not going Sonys way" and see what happens.

I know you've been not flaming lately, and I've praised you for it, a couple of times. I hope you read that.
I guess we both agree fanboys are annoying.
We both agree the level of flaming is uneven.
What we disagree on is which way the scales are tipped.
Yeah I've got a lot of bubbles at the moment, but I've also been working hard the last couple of weeks to not be even, but at least fair. I know I'm not even cos I'm always sticking up for PS3, but I'm rarely bashing Xbox and never without reason. The day I get like Cyber, Jasonxg1 or some of those other guys who just turn up, insult and then leave, not adding anything, is the day I will quit posting. Have a look at one of the recent threads, how proud of himself Firstknight is just for being a troll. Talk about pathetic.

And just for the record, I've never taken a bubble from you, even thou until very recently you were an avid flamer. I disagreed with you almost everytime, but at least you brought an agruement to the table and I'm not going to try and stop anyone from talking unless they're not saying anything.
Mighty Boom  +   3123d ago
Brainless lemmings! You should have been on this site when it first got started. You could post anything you want as many times as you want. Hell Im guilty of starting some of the worst banter on this site a couple years ago. It was entertaining though.
nix  +   3122d ago
Bathyj is correct....
.. only the PS3 news hits the top of the page and the highest degrees... because of too many xbox fanboys (remember i said fanboys not fans) shouting over it... Halo news hardly even crosses 1000 deg...

but shadow flares F@H joke was the best... LMFAO! q:

Why o why  +   3122d ago
its true
@bladestar its true that folding joke was funny and yes some people add bul$hi+ for bul$hi+s sake but look at ze Mart. There are trolls on both sides but what i think takes the piss is that the ps has been out for a shorter time and bots still flame. EVEN ABOUT UPDATES cumon, HOW CAN AN UPDATE BE SPUN BAD? answer: ask an xbot. Both systems nice and i hope my previous comments were intelligent enough 4 ya and check this out. Retailers in the uk have been pushing extended warrentees are for most part they are a rippoff. Electrical goods arent meant to fail (manufacturing/reccuringand if a product continually fails (even after the first year) then you can get it replaced for free but consumers dont know this over here and nobody cares to tell them neither. I hear in some parts of europe they get 3 years by LAW. Thats the way to go. I understand that some things just break but all of this coverage of xbox's brickin is your leverage to pull ms into line not make you spend more and in some cases deny its happening. Paying for warrenty on a console sounds like a joke. Not even my mates in the uk who have xbox's would consider it.
Booneral  +   3123d ago
After clicking and ignoring fanboys
Let me explain one thing. It is a known fact that three red lights with 0102 error code is caused by solder points around the gpu going loose. I have seen more than 5 systems coming back to life using the "heat-gun" method, where you need to disassemble your system and apply heat around the GPU, after covering the transistors with foil (do not try this without watching the youtube video on this subject).

It might be possible letting the system overheat, covered by towels, bring conductivity back to those stupid solder points which has like micro cracks on them. Well it is not guaranteed that your system will fail again after an hour but if it works, then it's cool.

Now about the fanboys, yeah Microsoft did a lame job on assembling 360 system, it is a fact, Microsoft fans accept that, and Sony fans just stop trying to attack whenever you see a subject like this, afterall there are many people who are enjoying their systems right now and it's not like 360 is the first known hardware having failures like these.
sak500  +   3122d ago
Thanks to high tech cheap chinese factories in which these were manufactured. It might be that one of the factories had a QA issue and that lot had problems. Since not all launch ones had problems. But mine my launch one conked off after 3 months. By the time i got a replacement i had bought a new one. The new one is still working fine for last one year. The other one after testing is packed as a backup.
Wargasm  +   3123d ago
It Slices... it dices... It can make camp fires!
Im pretty sure this is a prank, and an excellent way to burn down your apartment.

Who would honestly think of covering their console in towels to fix a heating problem?... enough said

One thing that might work however, would be to drape a dampened wash cloth over the top of the console to cool it off while it is running
StrboyM  +   3123d ago
back to you chuck
good new kathy, seem xbox fanboys have something to cheer about.

in other news, the sales of towels have seen a huge increase of 150%
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tk  +   3123d ago
Chill out...
Hey chill out you defensive XB fans. Some of the jokes are really funny. Instead of being so defensive you should take MS to task for this. Just threaten a class action suit. It does not seem to be such a difficult thing to fix. Just strange that they did not manage to fix it with the Elite. Some gross incompetence going on there.

Interesting though about the towel trick to get the soldering fixed. I would just be very careful that it does not short out or cause a fire. Just be careful with that one.
Stiffler203  +   3123d ago
This just in
Sony Fan girls get on the Xbox 360 forums b/c there is no good news to talk about when referring to the PS3. Your system is sh!t and is nothing more then an expensive dust magnet. So why don't you fold your a$$es off our forums.
#28 (Edited 3123d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bootsielon  +   3123d ago
Xbot defense force, assemble!
Satanas  +   3123d ago
Has anyone tried this yet?
Wondering if anyone else has had luck with this method.

If enough people do, then maybe we have found a temporary fix. Luckily it's not even difficult to pull off.
FeralPhoenix  +   3122d ago
Enjoy fanboys.........
Wow, I don't know or care if this works or not, but its a pretty old "trick" that somebody said worked awhile ago, but of course this would be posted as if its new info. Some keep saying you shouldn't have to wrap your console in a towel....and thats an brilliant observation because those who are resorting to this have *broken* consoles or maybe they just like that look better. -lol

What I have noticed is that, we haven't seen news or reports of large amounts of 360 failures lately, -anything near the level we saw after the launch of the fact what we do see is alot of old stuff, re-reported as if there's thousands of 360's failing today. Yeah, of course there are some 360's not associated with the launch window that WILL have defects, but that's expected for any console. It's also very convenient that so many Sonyfanboys either have had their uhm 360 console die 3, 4, times or have a cousins who's did....or they been wanting to get a 360 but don't feel comfortable since they know it will break. -lmfao, Nice.

I'm waiting to see RECENT reports from site like IGN of hundreds of 360 consoles (STILL) breaking, not one or two...its been tried recently, the one & same vid of the Elite all over the internet, every update if some cause "bricking" then suddenly its a massive amount of people affected, and stories that surface which really don't add any serious new info to the problem. IMO, I just think many Sonyfanboys don't have a clue whether or not "an alarming rate" of 360's are STILL(currently) failing, but I garuantee you in their flawed logic they "WISH", HOPE, and PRAY that the 360 does & will fail due to a "perception" that they all break, -whether its true or NOT. Why? simple they have blind loyalty to one company, which automatically makes them FEAR the success of the other console....same goes for xbox fanboys.

Now I say as I've said many times before, fortunately for Gamers, the console with the best games for the consumer will end up with the largest market share (Win). -The 360 will do just fine. That's the good and bad of the internet....anything can be spread, but sooner or later reality will take over and once the smoke clears all the guy who's decided to purchase a videogame console today, tommorrow, or a year from now will care about is: "Who has the best games?"

I know that "burns" some of you to see success of anything but your favorite console, but that's life we are after all just the few, the small hardcore, gaming enthusiasts and that's the can try your best "xbox 1.5" and "POS3" lines, but only fanboys are laughing "with" you (actually some of those jokes were really funny, but remember to be creative)...the bottom line will always be games. What you wish and hope for doesn't matter. Get over it.
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Bathyj  +   3122d ago
I'll say it again Feral.
IUf someone wanted to clear up all the confusion, all the speculation, all the denial by Xbots and all the over exageration by SonyDriods, there ONE organisation that can do it. They can wipe the slate clean and set the record straight. They could stop the Sonyfans lying just by giving some REAL solid numbers.

So how about it Microsoft? 10 million consoles? How many of them STILL work? If you dont want us offering opinion on lies give us some real facts to talk about.

The fact you wont only makes it look like the number is higher than you would like, not lower. I'd love to be proven wrong here M$. (Thats "proven" wrong fanboys, not just told I'm wrong.)

Since M$ is the only ones that know the real numbers, its about time they shared with us. Otherwise I think its about time the consumerwatch dog or whatever equivelant you have in the State should become involved. You might not like/agree with everything I say, but does anyone thing this sitution is really acceptable.

Everyone says they expect more from PS3 cos it cost more. Well I expect better quality from the riches entity in the world.
FeralPhoenix  +   3122d ago
aahhh, I see....
So if only M$ would give out the specific numbers on console failures then surely that would "stop the Sonyfans from lying" -as you put it. Forgive me but what world do you live in? As if Sonyfans wouldn't say "yeah riiight" or much worse. Yeah, you mention this idea a few times but I didn't think you seriously believed fact this is what I said in response to that idea before:

"Of course M$ isn't going to divulge exact numbers, no company ever does, honestly and it serve's no major point other than fanboy wars because releasing numbers isn't what helps those affected...fixing their problem and ultimately the root cause of the problem itself helps future consumers."

-I even gave you a link from IGN before that supports what I'm saying:

"Retailers are noticing improvement as well. We placed calls to Best Buy and EB Games and GameStop outlets around the country, and clerks reported that less consoles, in general, are being returned today than at launch."

-This statement in particular sheds some light on your question:

"To Microsoft's credit, the 3% to 5% return rate is more information than Nintendo or Sony would share and the company has always been open and forthright with IGN"

-Now IGN said alot of other helpful info in that link, but the point is while the failure rate is most likely higher than 3-5%...its still more info than any other company would admit. I understand your question but honestly I find it very, very naive, if not comical given the fact that saying its this __% does not fix one 360 or help 1 customer who has a broken unit, -NO but "FIXING" the cause of the problem for future owners, including helping those already affected, will indeed be very, VERY HELPFUL to the situation....or do you think they have their priorities mixed up on this one?

I like this statement from you:

"The fact you wont only makes it look like the number is higher than you would like, not lower. I'd love to be proven wrong here M$. (Thats "proven" wrong fanboys, not just told I'm wrong.)"

-Again where have you been, and please don't be so naive....everybody, and every gaming site around already knows its higher than what M$ admitted. Do they know the exact amount, No but So what? There's nothing to prove you wrong about, you are CORRECT its higher than they admitted and lets say they said tommorrow its 10% of all the launch consoles already sold and 3% of consoles over the last year....who gives a damm if you are the one sitting there with a broken 360? -it might as well be 100% because the guy affected just wants one of the 97, 95, or 90% that do work. So what is the real motive behind "I want to know how many?"

According to IGN (a very creditable source) and based on the actual amount of confirmed reports we see now around the internet compared to the launch its evident that M$ has indeed taken the RIGHT approach, -which is to work on FIXING the problem....fanboys will always bring it up, duh their fanboys but I do think its a legitimate question for a journalist to ask Peter Moore about the failure rate, but I don't expect to ever hear a M$, or Sony exec give a straight answer...or did Sony ever tell us the failure rate on PS2 drives? -NOPE, because they settled the class action lawsuit against them and fixed it...-doesn't look like Sony faired too bad afterward, PS2 sales are amazing. I still have a question, the same question that no fanboy has ever come close to answering:

"If we should all just "give up" on the 360 because of its early above average hardware failure rate, then why didn't you give up on the PS2 because it had an early above average hardware failure rate?"

-I would love to hear a sensible, logical, unbiased answer that will pass the laugh test.
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Bathyj  +   3122d ago
Feral you're right in that M$ coming clean wouldn't shut up Fanboys. At this point even unplugging the whole internet wouldnt do that.

I'm saying I dont buy that 3-5% at all and if they want to convince me of something different I need some real stats. If they're not willing to give real numbers, how can you blame people for speculating? I mean what else are we supposed to do but discuss it amongst ourselves?

And Dude, that IGN stories nearly a year old. If it was a problem then and theres still a percieved problem now dont you think its time we were told just how big a problem and what they're doing about it? Not just for present owners but for people who are thinking about getting XBoxes.If things are getting better dont you think they would want the comsumer to know this. Again, their silence only makes me think the worst.
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FeralPhoenix  +   3122d ago
oh boy.....
OK, now it seems that you are ignoring whats at the heart of what I'm trying to communicate.....

"And Dude, that IGN stories nearly a year old. If it was a problem then and theres still a percieved problem now dont you think its time we were told just how big a problem and what they're doing about it?"

-Wow, of course its nearly a year old, thats just after all the complaints recieved during the first 3-4 months which is the launch period for the console, M$ heard the complaints and it says that they made changes with their manufacturing process, so by the time this was reported 2 months later there were signs that the failure rate had turned around for the better. Take a wild guess, where 99% of the stories we hear about failed consoles today orginate from, then take another wild guess as to why you think we "STILL" hear so much about it on this site.....hmmm, I just checked IGN, you know the ones who reported that they had half their consoles in their office die -guess what -no reports or investigations of recent 360 failures -nothing. Oh and lets not talk about perception, perception on this site is warped by all the fanboys, it surely does not equal reality. -Hell according to the x-treme xbox fanboys the PS3 is already DEAD! back in the real world, the "war" continues.

Oh and what do you mean, "what are they doing about it?" -Did you even read what I typed....there's "creditable" evidence they took measures to fix it after launch and they are still actively working to fixing future problems. Why would they not do that? -To not put any effort in what was a growing serious problem would be total suicide. Call M$ greedy, call M$ Evil, but calling them stupid enough not at least "attempt" correcting a obvious mistake that was being reported heavily in the media at that time, well if anybody believes that then there really is no hope for them....the loyalty they suffer from would indeed put them in the "blind lemming" category. -Sorry but there's no other way to put it if somebody truly believes that.

Now I answered the questions you asked as best as I could....we may still disagree but thats OK, I believe my answers have merit....again videogame industry none of the companies have ever given exact failure percentages and nothings changed in that can you answer a some of the direct questions I asked? Like the last one in #58.2
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Bathyj  +   3122d ago
Well we're obviously not going to agree, so I'll just close with this and then I'm going to bed.

Maybe I dont explain myself well enough, or maybe you just have a low opinion of me and have lumped me in with other blind Sonyfanboys like "Bill Gates" or "IbleedBlu".

You seem to think I just want M$ to give the numbers so I can say "haha, told ya so, xbox is crap, PS rulez all."
Its not just for me. Its for the people who still are thinking of getting one and are scared away.
Like it or not, news keeps coming through about broken machines. I dont think its all true. I dont think its all lies either. The answer is somewhere in the middle and I dont know what it is. Thats why I want to know.

You sound like you want me to think its all just Sonyjerks spreading FUD and we should all just shut up about it.
I'm saying as long as no one knows the truth we are going to talk about it and come up with our own theories. M$ taking the 5th amendment just makes it look worse for them. They need to restore peoples confidence that its a quality built machine because honestly, I dont feel that way. Eveytime mine makes a funny sound I look at it and expect it just to freeze. Is that confidence? Is that encouraging new people into the market?

I dont think its to much to expect any company, let alone the richest one, to stand behind their product and vouch for its quality.

And I pose this question. I dont really like bringing Sony into this because it has nothing to do with them, but...
6 months before it even launched, all the haters were predicting PS3's would be bursting into flame and malfunctioning more than not, apparently because a couple froze in a plastic casing at a game show. If the shoe was on the other foot, and Sony had failure rates of 5%+ would the Xbots let it go, or would they be howling for blood?

As for you question in 58.2
"If we should all just "give up" on the 360 because of its early above average hardware failure rate?

I'll simply copy and paste my answer from the 1st time you asked me that which is in the link you provided.

"Feral, I wouldn't like to see M$ give up and pull out. Thats just silly if anyone feels like that. They are not gamers."

FeralPhoenix  +   3121d ago
Final reply....
First off, I don't think you are a blind Sonyfanboy like some fact I have a high opinion of you because while I can see you definitely prefer PS3 it seems you still attempt to make sensible posts, instead of mindless garbage....otherwise I wouldn't even respond or take you seriously at all. I mean its obvious I favor the 360?...Which is why I speak out alot when I see obvious attacks on it. I don't care about criticism of the 360, I think that's helpful, M$ has reacted on many occasions to "valid" criticism, so has Sony. I'm a big gaming fan which is why own a PS3, honestly I'm not impressed yet, but first and foremost I'm a Gamer, I always buy every console and I know in time there will be certain exclusives on the PS3 I want to play (MGS4), yeah sometime I feel I should have waited, but I figured what the hell, there was no doubt in my mind that I would eventually buy it anyway so I picked up one and I'm fortunate enough that the money I spend on my hobby is not really an issue for me.

Now the only reason I keep responding is not because I want you to agree, but by repeating the same theory that I've given a valid response to already, without at least adding something new in reference to my comments seems like you aren't even grasping or not listening at all. You say:

"You sound like you want me to think its all just Sonyjerks spreading FUD and we should all just shut up about it.
I'm saying as long as no one knows the truth we are going to talk about it and come up with our own theories."

-Bro, for the last time....of course its true that launch consoles had a failure rate higher than what M$ admitted....I never, EVER said that "its all just Sonyjerks spreading FUD", but what Iam saying is that in a practical sense if M$ said what the exact failure rate is, it wouldn't change much if at all....FIXING, I say again FIXING the source of the problem, HELPS consumers and RESTORES CONFIDENCE. -The fact that you think announcing anything from M$ would help build confidence is ridiculous in my opinion because everyone would still question it, in fact it would lead to more questions...if they say 10%, people will say its probably 13, 14, 15 or 20% I mean lets be honest here that would be USELESS, except of course to all the fanboys, and frankly "most" of those extreme Sonyfanboys weren't going to buy it anyway so it doesn't matter if those same fanboys want to continue to speculate, consumers will judge the hardware for themselves in the end.

The Truth is that anyone who really likes the 360's games but is indeed worried about the failure rate will do just a tad bit of research, simple stuff like, asking the local retailers how many returns or problems have they heard of lately? or going online a bit to check "creditable" sources (not forums) and most importantly getting a warranty. The vast majority of consumers are not stupid, they know what they are getting into for $300, $400, or $600...and by the bottom line is they will decide if something is worth their money. Do 360's still break?, of course they do...but its still selling because people want it....its not like the average joe is sitting around saying damm, I really, really want a 360 but OMG I'm sure it will break....hmmm, but I can show you comments from DJ that says stuff like that. -Really DJ?

And I'll keep saying it, this site is a bad indicator of what people know and think in the real world, the reality is "warped" here, -we are the few, the truly hardcore fans...but the problem "haters" on this site will always have is the average joe only cares about which consoles has and WILL have the best games (according to their tastes). All the "flaming" back and forth is just "OUR" little game, its meaningless to the end consumer. If its still a big problem they will know. -Hell going by this site alone would suggest that the Wii should be far, far behind in back in the real world the Wii is outselling both consoles month to month.
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