PlayStation Store Global Update 09/17/09

Want to see which region got what content? Look no further, as PlayStation LifeStyle has done the searching for you and compiled a list of what's new in this week's PlayStation Store Update, for all regions across the globe.

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Sev3200d ago

Final Fantasy Tactics?!?! Hell yeah! On of the best games of all time.

decimalator3200d ago

I've got the PSP remake of FF Tactics. I might have to pick this one up too though the next time I go through a PSOne playing frenzy.

cemelc3200d ago

When is lost planet 2 demo coming to psn (doesn't matter witch)?

doctorstrange3200d ago

Trine is nice for EU regions but its a shame that the US didnt get it

DoucheVader3200d ago

Trine not hitting this week is a bummer.

The Batman DLC should be pretty kewl though.

decimalator3200d ago

No Trine makes me sad. :(

ftwrthtx3200d ago

is definitely worth the download from the Japanese PSN.

dopeboimagic923200d ago

Completely forgot that it was Thursday. Thanks for the update!

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